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Word "PATENT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
clearly revealed to the mind or the senses or judgment
apparent, evident, manifest, palpable, plain, unmistakable
patent advantages

Part of Speech:
an official document granting a right or privilege
letters patent

Part of Speech:
a document granting an inventor sole rights to an invention
patent of invention

Crossword Clues for PATENT

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Clue Source Date
George Washington signed America's first one in 1790 New York Times 29 Jan 2021
Register (an invention) The Times Concise 06 Jan 2021
Inventor's concern Jonesin 15 Dec 2020
Document granting the inventor sole rights Irish Times Simplex 09 Dec 2020
Inventor's goal New York Times 05 Oct 2020
Gizmo protector Thomas Joseph 22 Apr 2020
Inventor's protection Thomas Joseph 30 Mar 2020
Gadget protector Thomas Joseph 13 Feb 2020
Obvious The Telegraph Quick 11 Dec 2019
Inventor's acquisition Jonesin 19 Nov 2019
Protection for an idea USA Today 18 Nov 2019
Any of Edison's 1,000 USA Today 24 Sep 2019
One of Edison's 1,093 Newsday 22 Sep 2019
Obvious; licence The Times Concise 04 Sep 2019
Inventor's quest New York Times 12 Aug 2019
Very evident The Sun Two Speed 02 Jul 2019
Obvious sufferer one deserts The Sun Two Speed 02 Jul 2019
Inventor's insurance Eugene Sheffer 11 May 2019
Any of Edison's 1,000+
Entrepreneur's protection New York Times 26 Dec 2018
Inventor's document Universal 14 Dec 2018
A type of shoe leather I'll leave forgiving The Telegraph Toughie 04 Dec 2018
Copyright's cousin Wall Street Journal 13 Oct 2018
Unmistakable The Washington Post 16 Sep 2018
Exclusive license of a sort Newsday 07 Jan 2018
Obvious protection for inventor The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Dec 2017
For all to see The Guardian Speedy 19 Nov 2017
Clear area in quiet part of camp The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Sep 2017
It lasts 20 years New York Times 08 Aug 2017
Legal rights to an invention Family Time 01 May 2017
Conspicuous Newsday 28 Apr 2017
It's obvious to relative providing temporary accommodation Irish Times Crosaire 11 Mar 2017
Obvious protection for an inventive type The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Sep 2016
Licence to make product for iodine-deficient hospital inmate The Guardian Cryptic 03 Aug 2016
Conspicuous church plate on middle of altar The Telegraph Toughie 12 Jul 2016
The old man needs shelter, that's clear The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Feb 2016
Item authorized by Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution New York Times 28 Aug 2015
Flagrant licence The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Aug 2015
Perhaps mother should have time for runs? It's evident The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Jul 2015
Invention protection LA Times Daily 12 May 2015
It's obvious to father providing temporary accommodation Irish Times Crosaire 31 Jan 2015
Possibly pending protection
Plain as day
Recognition not sought by Benjamin Franklin
Inventor's award
One of Edison's 1,000-plus
Document for 1-Across
Inventor's milestone
Gadgeteer's acquisition
It may be pending
Edison accomplishment, frequently
Kind of examiner 56-Across was
Inventor's possession
Inventor's legal document
One of Edison's 1,000+
Document for Edison
Inventor's desire
Kind of lawyer
Lincoln is the only U.S. president to have one
___ leather (shoe material)
Type of lawyer
Brainchild protector
Protection authorized in 1790
___ leather
Pending item, perhaps
Inventor's paper
One of Edison's 1000+
Open to all
Kind of leather
Protect an idea
Kind of medicine
Exclusive license
Open to view
Kind of leather.
Type of leather.
Open to view.
Exclusive right.
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