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Crossword Clues for PATS

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Clue Source Date
Gentle touches USA Today 06 Apr 2021
Taps gently Universal 04 Apr 2021
New England NFL team, informally Universal 20 Feb 2021
Bits of butter Eugene Sheffer 12 Feb 2021
Tender touches Thomas Joseph 08 Jan 2021
Six-time Super Bowl champs Wall Street Journal 30 Sep 2020
Portions of butter Newsday 02 Sep 2020
Encouraging touches Newsday 26 Jul 2020
Gently taps USA Today 16 Jun 2020
Light touches Newsday 22 May 2020
Butter portions Newsday 13 May 2020
Apt anagram of TAPS New York Times 28 Apr 2020
Frisks, with 'down' The Washington Post 27 Apr 2020
Frisks, with "down" LA Times Daily 27 Apr 2020
2019 Super Bowl champs Universal 16 Apr 2020
Butter portions for rolls Newsday 10 Mar 2020
Brady bunch? The New Yorker 02 Mar 2020
Positive feedback on the back USA Today 28 Feb 2020
Super Bowl LIII winners, informally
Brady’s bunch Wall Street Journal 05 Dec 2019
Bits served with bread Newsday 22 Aug 2019
Light strokes The Washington Post Sunday 14 Jul 2019
Brady's team, briefly USA Today 14 Apr 2019
Belichick's team, briefly The Washington Post Sunday 31 Mar 2019
Prepackaged diner spread Newsday 15 Mar 2019
Tom Brady's team, for short USA Today 08 Mar 2019
Brady's bunch
'Deflategate' squad Wall Street Journal 03 Nov 2018
A.F.C. East team, informally New York Times 19 Oct 2018
Touches gently Wall Street Journal 27 Aug 2018
Reassuring touches Premier Sunday 12 Aug 2018
Units of butter Universal 27 Jun 2018
Quarrel beginning to end in slaps The Telegraph Toughie 07 Jun 2018
Frisks, with ''down'' Newsday 03 Jun 2018
Butter squares Wall Street Journal 28 Apr 2018
Butter servings The Washington Post Sunday 08 Apr 2018
Touches lightly Thomas Joseph 20 Mar 2018
New England NFLers The Washington Post 06 Mar 2018
Puppy pleasers
"Deflategate" squad
Gently touches The Washington Post Sunday 24 Dec 2017
Tom Brady's team, in headlines USA Today 16 Nov 2017
Servings of butter Newsday 30 Oct 2017
Foxborough squad Wall Street Journal 16 Sep 2017
Super Bowl LI champs, informally USA Today 12 May 2017
Butter units Universal 05 May 2017
Brady's bunch, familiarly Wall Street Journal 10 Feb 2017
Tender strokes USA Today 23 Jan 2017
Some butter Jonesin 06 Dec 2016
Super Bowl XLIX champs, to their fans New York Times 14 Jun 2016
Gillette Stadium squad Wall Street Journal 02 Apr 2016
Consoling gestures New York Times 05 Mar 2016
Foxborough gridders Wall Street Journal 06 Feb 2016
Affectionate taps Universal 19 Jan 2016
New England football team, informally New York Times 13 Jan 2016
Gently strokes, as a dog New York Times 26 Nov 2015
2015 Super Bowl winners, familiarly New York Times 06 Nov 2015
Some congratulations New York Times 02 Aug 2015
New England team, for short Wall Street Journal 29 Jun 2015
Dog rewards Newsday 30 Apr 2015
Three-time Super Bowl winners, to fans
Butter dabs
Butter bits
Some dog rewards
Prepackaged butter portions
New England team, to fans
Shows of approval
Praises for pups
Gently strokes
___ down (frisks)
Touches affectionately
Squares with dinner rolls
Rewards for Fido
Breadbasket bunch
Back strokes?
Encourages, perhaps
Tom Brady's team, to fans
Tom Brady and his bunch
Reassures, in a way
Oleo squares
Back-hand compliments?
Super Bowl XXXVI champs, to fans
Spread things?
Little touches
Loving strokes
Butter slices
Three-time grid champs of the 2000s
Consoles, in a way
Squares at diner tables
They may be on the back
Congratulates, in a way
Forms of encouragement
Football team or some points they score, for short
N.E. eleven
Gillete Stadium players, familiarly
Congratulatory or consoling gestures
Congratulations of a sort
Back supports?
Brady and Moss, e.g.
Benatar and Boone
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