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Crossword Clues for PDF

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Clue Source Date
Downloadable form, often Wall Street Journal 23 Feb 2021
Many a fillable document USA Today 23 Jan 2021
Adobe file type USA Today 20 Jan 2021
File that might be e-signed USA Today 02 Jan 2021
Resume file extension, often Universal 19 Dec 2020
E-ticket file type USA Today 05 Dec 2020
JPEG alternative, at times USA Today 06 Nov 2020
Adobe doc suffix The Washington Post 12 Sep 2020
File format created by Adobe USA Today 25 Aug 2020
Contract file type, often USA Today 23 Aug 2020
File shareable on a PC or Mac New York Times 17 Aug 2020
File that may be read-only Universal 15 Aug 2020
Document file type USA Today 09 Aug 2020
Adobe file format Eugene Sheffer 20 Jul 2020
Format for an e-ticket USA Today 25 Jun 2020
File that can be e-signed USA Today 11 Jun 2020
Many a shareable PC file Premier Sunday 07 Jun 2020
Printable file format Eugene Sheffer 01 Jun 2020
Common email attachment The Washington Post 13 May 2020
E-ticket format USA Today 23 Mar 2020
Common print file format Newsday 18 Mar 2020
Shareable PC file
Printable crossword, perhaps Wall Street Journal 10 Feb 2020
Common email attachment format Wall Street Journal 06 Feb 2020
File type for many scholarly articles USA Today 29 Dec 2019
Adobe file extension Universal 26 Sep 2019
Many an emailed form Wall Street Journal 31 Aug 2019
Adobe image file USA Today 09 Jul 2019
Shareable doc format New York Times 09 May 2019
Acrobat file The Washington Post Sunday 07 Apr 2019
Electronic document format Newsday 10 Feb 2019
Computer file format ( Arconym ) Canadiana 05 Nov 2018
Many a downloadable form Wall Street Journal 10 Oct 2018
Fictional creature whose name is Old English for 'giant' New York Times 30 Sep 2018
Adobe extension The Washington Post 13 Jul 2018
E-book format, often Wall Street Journal 11 Apr 2018
Common attached file The Washington Post 18 Feb 2018
Common download
PC file that's shareable Premier Sunday 24 Dec 2017
Sharable file format Newsday 19 Nov 2017
Adobe document suffix New York Times 21 Oct 2017
'This puzzle is relatively easy,' say New York Times 31 Aug 2017
Many an emailed document Wall Street Journal 27 Jul 2017
Adobe file-name extension The Chronicle of Higher Education 09 Jun 2017
Sharable doc format The Washington Post 21 May 2017
Attachment letters New York Times 30 Apr 2017
Sharable PC file New York Times 21 Feb 2017
Graphical file format Newsday 06 Nov 2016
Alternative to a Word file Premier Sunday 06 Nov 2016
Many an email attachment New York Times 24 Sep 2016
Email attachment LA Times Daily 26 Aug 2016
Downloaded crossword, often Wall Street Journal 18 Jun 2016
Freebie from Adobe LA Times Daily 29 Apr 2016
Email attachment, often Wall Street Journal 15 Apr 2016
JPEG alternative New York Times 05 Apr 2016
File name ending in Adobe Acrobat New York Times 03 Feb 2016
Attachment, often Wall Street Journal 17 Oct 2015
Suffix for many an email attachment
.docx alternative
Common email attachment type
13-Down filename extension
.doc alternative
Sharable file extension
Adobe file ext.
Printable-file extension
Email attachment, briefly
Email attachment format
Digital doc format
Adobe format
Suffix for some email attachments
Acrobat output
Many a sharable PC file
Certain e-mail attachment
PC viewable page format
Sharable PC or Mac file
Sharable Adobe file ext.
Alternative to a print version: Abbr.
Sharable computer file, for short
Common digital doc format
Suffix for many a computer attachment
E-mail file format: Abbr.
File suffix
Extension on many e-mail attachments
Suffix for many a sharable computer file
Adobe format (abbr.)
PC document suffix
Difficult-to-change computer file
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.