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Word "PEDAL" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a lever that is operated with the foot
foot lever, foot pedal, treadle

Part of Speech:
a sustained bass note
pedal point

Part of Speech:
ride a bicycle
bicycle, bike, cycle, wheel

Crossword Clues for PEDAL

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Clue Source Date
Part of a stationary bike USA Today 02 Mar 2021
Gas, for one Wall Street Journal 20 Feb 2021
Soft on a piano, e.g Wall Street Journal 13 Feb 2021
Daughter impressed by 'Ring cycle'? The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Feb 2021
Part of a bike USA Today 07 Jan 2021
Bicycle part Eugene Sheffer 01 Dec 2020
Sound of a bell crossing middle of roadway -- it could be from a bike The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Oct 2020
Step on it LA Times Daily 02 Oct 2020
Propel a bicycle Universal 01 Oct 2020
Ring about daughter's cycle The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Sep 2020
Propel a bike Premier Sunday 20 Sep 2020
Foot lever Newsday 06 Sep 2020
It's made to be underfoot Newsday 03 Sep 2020
Bike part Thomas Joseph 31 Aug 2020
Piano part USA Today 27 Aug 2020
Go biking Newsday 16 Aug 2020
Something you wouldn't use your hands to touch New York Times 27 Jun 2020
Unicycle part Wall Street Journal 01 Jun 2020
Propel your bike Newsday 19 May 2020
What to put to the metal Family Time 11 Nov 2019
Accessory with a bass drum New York Times 27 Oct 2019
Bike New York Times 18 Oct 2019
Accelerator or brake Newsday 15 Oct 2019
Foot operated lever The Times Concise 12 Oct 2019
Step on it! New York Times 03 Oct 2019
Power a bike The Telegraph Quick 07 Sep 2019
Guitarist accessory Newsday 07 Sep 2019
Get a bike going Universal 04 Sep 2019
Brake or accelerator Newsday 02 Sep 2019
Piano piece? The Washington Post 01 Sep 2019
Gas in a car, e.g Wall Street Journal 02 Jul 2019
Under-18 record raised? (This is on a bike) The Telegraph Toughie 20 Jun 2019
Brake, for one Thomas Joseph 06 Jun 2019
Pipe organ part USA Today 14 May 2019
Edmondson perhaps breaking record during climb to cause a revolution in cycling? The Telegraph Toughie 21 Mar 2019
Parking deal changed — use bike The Sun Two Speed 24 Feb 2019
Foot-operated lever The Sun Two Speed 24 Feb 2019
Join the spin class Wall Street Journal 09 Feb 2019
Gas in a car, e.g.
Part of a concert harp The Washington Post Sunday 25 Nov 2018
Member of a piano trio? The Washington Post Sunday 14 Oct 2018
Live looper's tool The New Yorker 10 Sep 2018
Pianist's target Newsday 13 Jul 2018
Foot control The Telegraph Quick 22 Jun 2018
Brake part Newsday 24 May 2018
Organ part Thomas Joseph 28 Apr 2018
Propel a tandem USA Today 20 Sep 2017
"Put the ___ to the metal!" Family Time 18 Sep 2017
Bicycle feature LA Times Daily 20 Feb 2017
Sewing machine part Wall Street Journal 31 Jan 2017
Lever in gym boy pulled up The Times Cryptic 22 Dec 2016
See 67-Down New York Times 03 Aug 2016
Feature of some kitchen trash cans Wall Street Journal 19 Jul 2016
Piano piece Wall Street Journal 06 Jul 2016
Part of a bicycle or loom New York Times 23 May 2016
'On yer bike -- and ring the bell when date's collected!' The Telegraph Toughie 04 May 2016
One of two on a bike New York Times 28 Mar 2016
Gas or clutch item Universal 25 Jan 2016
Told to get rid of stolen goods? On your bike! Irish Times Crosaire 23 Jan 2016
Brake, e.g Universal 01 Nov 2015
Tricycle part Wall Street Journal 12 Oct 2015
Go by bike Eugene Sheffer 19 Sep 2015
Part of a piano or bike New York Times 18 May 2015
Organ control New York Times 16 Apr 2015
Flooring implement? USA Today 25 Mar 2015
Clutch, for one Universal 27 Jan 2015
Brake, e.g.
What a leadfoot steps on
Used with your foot
It might be pressed to the metal
Feature of some guitars
Operate an Exercycle
One of a tricycle's twosome
All about tootsies
Take a spinning class
Gas, brake or clutch, e.g.
Gas or clutch device
Accelerator, for one
Guitarist will stomp on a foot one
Go by bicycle
Apt rhyme for 'treadle'
Brass part of a Steinway
Accelerator, for example
Sewing machine lever
One of a piano trio
Gas, e.g.
Piano lever
Piano foot lever
Steinway lever
It requires some footwork
Piano or bicycle feature
Get moving, on a bike
Brake activator
It's operated by foot
Tandem mover
Put one's foot down, perhaps
It gets depressed a lot
Get around on a trike
Accelerator, e.g.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.