Word "PEDANT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a person who pays more attention to formal rules and book learning than they merit
bookworm, scholastic

Crossword Clues for PEDANT

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Clue Source Date
Precise person (6) Puzzler 14 Apr 2024
One who parades his knowledge
Stickler and pet going out The Sun Two Speed 04 Apr 2024
Nitpicker The Sun Two Speed 04 Apr 2024
One's obsessed with tiny details The Guardian Quick 19 Mar 2024
Scholar unusually adept about a certain point (6)
Journalist involved in wheeze to reveal stickler (6) Puzzler Cryptic 21 Feb 2024
The know-all gets Dan in a temper (6)
Nitpicking scholar
Fussy person (6)
Shut up about father being such a stickler
American lawyer, inside, shut up dogmatist (6)
Nit-picker in strop about book (6)
Well-educated showoff Family Time 11 Dec 2023
One overly concerned with detail
Desperate chap bitten by dog perhaps a former teacher The Telegraph Toughie 26 Jul 2023
One concerned with trivial points of detail The Times Concise 15 May 2023
Exercise US prosecutor books? He'll still find fault with it The Guardian Quiptic 09 Jan 2023
Intellectual showoff Thomas Joseph 07 Jan 2023
Intellectual stickler Eugene Sheffer 19 Dec 2022
Hairsplitter Universal 02 Dec 2022
Perfectionist exercises Italian poet endlessly The Times Cryptic 21 Oct 2022
Mount Etna deposits somewhat academic
One's scrupulous editor under pressure with a set of books The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Aug 2022
One particular exercise poet doesn't finish
One particular exercise poet doesn't finish The Guardian Quiptic 14 Feb 2022
Bookish sort Thomas Joseph 12 Jan 2022
Quibbler The Guardian Quick 03 Nov 2021
Bookish sort Thomas Joseph 27 Oct 2021
Editor punches mostly rubbish nit-picker
Stickler in bad mood about Bible book
Person who's picky, upset and in a bad mood
Particular person in prison will be visited by US lawyer
Stickler Daniel in bad mood The Sun Two Speed 06 Nov 2020
Nitpicker The Sun Two Speed 06 Nov 2020
Intellectual nitpicker LA Times Daily 01 Nov 2020
Intellectual nitpicker The Washington Post 01 Nov 2020
Lover of minor detail The Times Concise 30 Oct 2020
Person prone to nitpicking USA Today 23 Sep 2020
One is overly-concerned with detail Irish Times Simplex 21 Aug 2020
Dogmatist and pet going out The Sun Two Speed 12 Aug 2020
Stickler The Sun Two Speed 12 Aug 2020
Stickler died in training soldier The Sun Two Speed 06 May 2020
Stickler enraged and in bad mood
Old teacher favoured pupil circumventing grade of proficiency
Quibbler longed to displace editor
Stickler for the rules gasped following editor's promotion
Nit-picker removing end of chain from necklace
Stickler The Telegraph Quick 19 Sep 2019
She picks nits and distractedly feeds goldfish, perhaps
Purist, extremely discriminating and not tolerant initially The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Jun 2019
One picking nits from pet and dancing
Stopped Anthony arresting quibbler
Nitpicky know-it-all New York Times 12 Aug 2018
Write about lawyer — model quibbler
Know-it-all LA Times Daily 13 May 2018
Know-it-all The Washington Post 13 May 2018
Perfectionist, sophist The Guardian Speedy 21 Apr 2018
Quiet worker detaining journalist is fussy sort The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Mar 2018
Nit-picker The Telegraph Quick 07 Mar 2018
Nitpicky know-it-all
Quiet editor, worker who pays attention to good grammar? The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Oct 2017
Nitpicker New York Times 13 Jul 2017
Person everyone describes as nit-picking type, for starters?
I like to pick a rabbit say and put in for boiling
Bookish sort Thomas Joseph 09 Dec 2016
Academically fussy person The Telegraph Quick 24 Nov 2016
Intellectual stickler Eugene Sheffer 22 Nov 2016
Nit-picker to kiss and cuddle, adopting fighter's standard
Educated show-off Universal 16 Aug 2016
Intellectual showoff Thomas Joseph 02 Aug 2016
Member of the grammar police, e.g New York Times 02 Apr 2016
Educated show-off
He's a know-all and goes round in a temper
Holofernes for one gets nothing out of faulty notepad The Times Cryptic 03 Dec 2015
Huff and puff about editor being a dogmatic person? The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Aug 2015
Educated show-off USA Today 13 Aug 2015
One excessively concerned with detail The Times Concise 09 Jul 2015
Show-off scholar Universal 30 May 2015
Quibbler quietly meets poet, putting final point first The Times Cryptic 25 May 2015
Stickler for accuracy training and working out before beginning of tournament
Educated show-off
Show-off scholar
Particular person long enthralling editor
Expert briefly returns books for formalist
One fussy about minor details
Grammar stickler, e.g.
Dogmatic teacher
Nit-picker takes notes in exercise books
Nitpicky know-it-all
Scholastic exhibitionist
Intellectual show-off
Intellectual nitpicker
Intellectual showoff
Nit-picking type
Educated showoff
Intellectual showoff
Nit-picking type
Book-smart person
Intellectual nitpicker
Educated show-off
One who shows off his education
Show-offish know-it-all
One who goes strictly by the book
Strict teacher
Intellectual nitpicker
Intellectual show-off
Hairsplitting scholastic
Intellectual showoff
Scholastic exhibitionist
Stickler for detail
Petty point maker
Nitpicking one
Trivia master
Bookish sort
Educated show-off
Educated show-off
Teacher that goes strictly by the book
Tyrannical teacher?
Stuffed shirt
Know-it-all type
Dogmatic teacher
Show-off scholar
Overdone egghead
Professorial showoff
Bookish one
One who goes strictly by the book
Formalist in teaching
Academic formalist
Narrow-minded teacher
Certain stickler
Pompous parader of knowledge
Petty academic
Dogmatic teacher
Bookish bore
Grandiloquent one
Tiresome scholar
He knows he knows
Academic bore
Nit-picking scholar.
Learned one.
Narrow-minded one.
Teacher of a sort.
Bluestocking's cousin.
Finical scholar.
Overly erudite one.
Petty scholar.
Precise pedagogue.
Scholarly showoff.
Learned show-off.
Intellectual snob.
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