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Crossword Clues for PENAL

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Clue Source Date
Punishment-related USA Today 13 Mar 2021
Of punishment Universal 15 Feb 2021
___ code (laws about punishment) Universal 08 Feb 2021
Correctional Newsday 14 Jan 2021
___ code New York Times 25 Dec 2020
Kind of code New York Times 06 Nov 2020
Of prisons New York Times 04 Nov 2020
Type of colony Family Time 01 Nov 2020
Punitive The Guardian Speedy 25 Oct 2020
Disciplinary New York Times 14 Oct 2020
Disciplinary board centre in recess The Telegraph Toughie 13 Aug 2020
Code type The Washington Post 05 Jun 2020
Relating to punishment Irish Times Simplex 05 May 2020
Prison-based Thomas Joseph 26 Feb 2020
Word before "code" or "colony" Family Time 15 Dec 2019
Nepal dish from one of the colonies Irish Times Crosaire 07 Dec 2019
Prison-related Thomas Joseph 23 Nov 2019
__ code The Washington Post 19 Oct 2019
__ colony The Washington Post 21 Jul 2019
Corrections-related USA Today 13 Jul 2019
Jail-related Eugene Sheffer 05 Jul 2019
Like some codes The Washington Post Sunday 16 Jun 2019
Nepal cook from one of the colonies Irish Times Crosaire 25 May 2019
Type of colony or code Universal 26 Nov 2018
Like prisons Premier Sunday 19 Aug 2018
Word before code or colony USA Today 11 Mar 2018
Colony type Universal 11 Mar 2018
Kind of colony or code Wall Street Journal 22 May 2017
Parking on country road put back as a punishment? The Telegraph Toughie 03 Mar 2016
Code descriptor Newsday 05 Dec 2015
Road up after parking -- that's punitive The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Oct 2015
Colony to avoid Universal 17 Oct 2015
Kind of colony USA Today 18 Aug 2015
Serving to punish Newsday 31 May 2015
Disciplinary panel assembled The Telegraph Cryptic 11 May 2015
Corrective pressure on the way up The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Mar 2015
Type of code USA Today 04 Jan 2015
"In the ___ Colony" (Kafka story)
___ servitude
Concerned with corrections
Code or colony leader
Prescribing punishment
___ colony
Type of colony or system
Concerning punishment
For punishment
With 12-Down, exile site
Kind of code or colony
Like Kafka's colony
Disciplinary, in a way
Designed to teach a hard lesson, maybe
Type of "colony" or "system"
Like some colonies or codes
Kind of colony in "Papillon"
Like some laws
Sort of colony
"In the ___ Colony" (Kafka short story)
Type of code or colony
Word before colony or code
Code or colony preceder
Word with code or colony
Designed to be harsh
Legally punishable
Type of colony to avoid
Pertaining to punishment
Like correctional facilities
Word with colony or code
Certain code
Related to punishment
Corrective, ideally
Kafka's "The ___ Colony"
Kafka's "In the ___ Colony"
Word with statute or suit
Word with law or servitude
Colony, sort of
Colony or law
Colony or code
Crime and punishment code
Legally punishable offense
Subject to punishment
Like some colonies
___ code (statutes dealing with crimes and their punishment)
Like the Botany Bay colony
Code or colony
Kafka's "The _____ Colony"
With 32-Down, things that send people to jail
Code or offense
Like some servitude
Code for cons
Kind of servitude
Kind of offense
Kind of farm
Type of institution
Code for the lawless
___ code.
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