Crossword Clues for PEWS

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Clue Source Date
Church benches Universal 18 Apr 2024
Long seats in cathedrals
Nave-y bases? LA Times Daily 10 Mar 2024
Church furniture Eugene Sheffer 24 Feb 2024
Where those in the services are accommodated (4)
Church seating Eugene Sheffer 13 Feb 2024
Church benches USA Today 24 Dec 2023
Church benches Newsday 06 Nov 2023
Church benches Newsday 23 Oct 2023
Chapel benches LA Times Daily 16 Oct 2023
Chapel seats Thomas Joseph 20 Sep 2023
Congregants' seats New York Times 17 Sep 2023
Seats for the congregation LA Times Daily 16 Aug 2023
Church lineup New York Times 26 Jul 2023
Perches in churches LA Times Daily 27 Jun 2023
Church seating The Guardian Quick 06 May 2023
Church benches LA Times Daily 03 Apr 2023
Synagogue seating USA Today 20 Mar 2023
Church benches Newsday 20 Mar 2023
Sunday seating LA Times Daily 17 Feb 2023
Church seating USA Today 27 Jan 2023
Church furniture Eugene Sheffer 19 Jan 2023
Church seating Universal 14 Dec 2022
Sunday parking spots? New York Times 10 Dec 2022
Church seating The Guardian Quick 06 Dec 2022
Penny followed by three bridge players into church seats The Guardian Quiptic 26 Sep 2022
Chapel features Thomas Joseph 01 Sep 2022
Seats for services Wall Street Journal 16 Aug 2022
Church supporters? LA Times Daily 07 Aug 2022
Service seating Wall Street Journal 06 Aug 2022
Chapel seating Thomas Joseph 28 Jul 2022
Laser tag sounds LA Times Daily 10 Jul 2022
Seats in a chapel USA Today 05 May 2022
Seating during sermons Wall Street Journal 26 Apr 2022
Church benches LA Times Daily 11 Apr 2022
Church benches The Washington Post 11 Apr 2022
Church benches
Church supporters? The Washington Post Sunday 03 Apr 2022
Seats at a service Newsday 01 Apr 2022
Seating for a service Wall Street Journal 29 Mar 2022
Seats with kneelers The Washington Post 14 Feb 2022
Church benches Canadiana 14 Feb 2022
Seats with kneelers LA Times Daily 14 Feb 2022
Church benches Canadiana 07 Feb 2022
Where some save seats for those who want to be saved The Washington Post Sunday 06 Feb 2022
Prayer supports? LA Times Daily 30 Oct 2021
Seating for sermons Newsday 03 Oct 2021
Congregational seats LA Times Daily 06 Sep 2021
Congregational seats The Washington Post 06 Sep 2021
Church seating Eugene Sheffer 06 Jul 2021
Seats facing an altar USA Today 03 Jun 2021
Chapel seating Thomas Joseph 30 Mar 2021
Seats for the devout Wall Street Journal 22 Mar 2021
Places for congregations New York Times 03 Mar 2021
Church seats
Sunday seats Family Time 28 Sep 2020
Church furniture Eugene Sheffer 03 Sep 2020
Church seats Universal 12 Aug 2020
Church seats Eugene Sheffer 09 Jun 2020
Seats with kneelers Wall Street Journal 09 May 2020
Basilica benches New York Times 04 May 2020
During flights, we push back seats
Seats facing the altar The Washington Post 07 Feb 2020
Seats facing the altar LA Times Daily 07 Feb 2020
Church seats Premier Sunday 02 Feb 2020
Seats arranged in rows LA Times Daily 05 Jan 2020
Seats arranged in rows The Washington Post 05 Jan 2020
Church benches Newsday 31 Dec 2019
Cathedral row features Family Time 20 Oct 2019
Sanctuary seating USA Today 19 Sep 2019
Mass seating USA Today 10 Sep 2019
Flock holders Wall Street Journal 29 Aug 2019
Church benches Universal 26 Aug 2019
Benches along an aisle New York Times 23 Jul 2019
Congregation's seats Universal 23 Jul 2019
The limits of Penal Laws for those from the church taking seats Irish Times Crosaire 03 Jun 2019
Seats for parishioners New York Times 27 May 2019
Chapel seats The Washington Post 29 Apr 2019
Chapel seats LA Times Daily 29 Apr 2019
Seats almost cleaned up
Church rows The Washington Post 05 Feb 2019
Church rows LA Times Daily 05 Feb 2019
Flock holders
Chapel seats
Church rows
Church benches
Church seats
Congregation's seats
Seats for parishioners
Benches along an aisle
Mass seating
Sanctuary seating
Seats with kneelers
Places for parishioners New York Times 26 Sep 2018
Church seating Universal 25 Jul 2018
Cathedral benches Universal 18 Jul 2018
Seats at a service Newsday 18 May 2018
Seats with hymnals USA Today 30 Apr 2018
Church row fillers Universal 27 Apr 2018
Benches flanking church aisles LA Times Daily 09 Apr 2018
Benches flanking church aisles The Washington Post 09 Apr 2018
Mass parking spots? Wall Street Journal 24 Mar 2018
Bible supporters, often New York Times 03 Mar 2018
Church row makeup Universal 01 Feb 2018
Seating for the flock USA Today 25 Jan 2018
Seats with kneelers USA Today 20 Jan 2018
Cathedral benches
Benches flanking church aisles
Seats with kneelers
Bible supporters, often
Seats with hymnals
Seating for the flock
Church seating
Church row makeup
Church row fillers
Places for parishioners
Seats for the flock USA Today 22 Dec 2017
Church seating Eugene Sheffer 15 Dec 2017
Seats for the flock The Washington Post 13 Nov 2017
Seats for the flock LA Times Daily 13 Nov 2017
Church seating LA Times Daily 08 Nov 2017
Church seating The Washington Post 08 Nov 2017
Sunday benches LA Times Daily 10 Oct 2017
Sunday benches The Washington Post 10 Oct 2017
Benches Canadiana 09 Oct 2017
Cathedral seating Newsday 06 Aug 2017
Congregation holders Wall Street Journal 03 Jul 2017
They provide backing for churchgoers New York Times 14 May 2017
Church benches Irish Times Simplex 05 Apr 2017
Church seats Newsday 03 Jan 2017
Sunday benches
Seats for the flock
Church seating
They provide backing for churchgoers
Seats for the flock
Service accommodation
Westminster array Newsday 03 Jun 2016
Chapel benches Newsday 27 Apr 2016
Sermon seating Newsday 24 Apr 2016
Church lineups LA Times Daily 01 Apr 2016
Mass seating? Universal 04 Jan 2016
Mass seating?
Nave furnishings Wall Street Journal 14 Nov 2015
Cathedral seating Wall Street Journal 02 Nov 2015
Chapel seating LA Times Daily 28 Sep 2015
Church seat Newsday 09 Sep 2015
They line the aisles USA Today 27 Jun 2015
Rigid forms of worship
Worshipers' seats New York Times 16 Mar 2015
Cathedral seats Eugene Sheffer 09 Jan 2015
Nave furnishings
They line the aisles
Worshipers' seats
Church seats
Church seat
Church seats
Church furniture
Cathedral seating
Congregation location
Seats of religion
Chapel seating
Service stations?
Missal sites
Sunday seating
Spots for the flock
Tabernacle furniture
Seats that hold hymnals
Congregation seats
Sunday seats
Supporters of church supporters
Sunday seats
Church benches
Nave furniture
Worshippers' seats
Church seats
Cathedral seats
Chapel fixtures
Places for flocks
Sunday seats
Sunday seats
Hymnals' storage spots
Mass seating
Mass seating
Flock's locale
They're positioned in the church
Basilica seats
Seats with kneelers
Where hymnals are stored
Mass seating
Sunday seats
Parishioner's places
Mass seating
Seats with kneelers
Church seating
Church furniture
Sunday seats
They're filled at Easter
Church's perches
They may line the aisles
Benches, not stenches
Mass seating
Mass seating
Benches for masses
Where congregations congregate
Benches for the church softball team?
Seats for the congregation
Perches in churches
Service stations?
Flock seating
Perches in churches
Service stations?
Sunday seating
Places for prayers?
Congregation's location
Places to park it on Sundays?
Seats for services
Mass seating
They're positioned in the church
Worshippers' seats
Service stations?
Seats at a wedding, maybe
Seats at a wedding, maybe
Sunday seats
Prayers' places
Seating for the Masses
Sunday seating
Wedding seats
Seats on Sunday
They hold hymnals
Church benches
Places for prayers?
Sanctuary furniture
Congregation seats
Seats for the flock
Nave seats
Nave benches
Nave benches
Worshippers' seats
Where the church softball team gets benched?
Basilica benches
Sunday parking places?
Some benches
Service stations?
Sunday seats
Preacher's view
Preacher's view
They're seen from the pulpit
Benches, not stenches
Church benches
Church seating
Supporters of church supporters
They're lined up at St. Peter's
Seating on Sunday
Seats of religion?
Cathedral row
Church seating
Seats with kneelers
Where hymnals are stored
They support prayers
Seats in front of the pulpit
Benches for masses
Church seating
Sunday seats
Places of worship
Sunday seats
Rock holders
They're filled at Easter
Parishioners places
Church benches
Benches in churches
Basilica seats
They line the aisles
Seats for sermons
Parishioners' perches
Worshipers' seats
Chairs for prayers?
Seating in church
Sunday seats
Supporters of the congregation?
Seats with cushions
Seats for the sermon
They hold hymnals
Church seats
Church benches
Seating for the amen corner
Seats in a basilica
Church sight
Benches for the masses
Seats for the faithful
Church parts
Church accommodations
Seats in the nave
Seats for some members of the wedding
Certain seats
Worshipers' places
Church fixtures.
Seating compartments.
Church features.
Relatives of choir stalls.
Church equipment.
Church seats.
Enclosures with seats.
Sections on Sunday
Where to get down on Sunday
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