Crossword Clues for PIES

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Clue Source Date
Round holiday fare New York Times 05 Aug 2022
Desserts with crusts New York Times 01 Aug 2022
Dishes served in the final scene of 'Titus Andronicus' New York Times 29 Jul 2022
Slapstick arsenal Eugene Sheffer 20 Jul 2022
Pizza units Family Time 23 May 2022
Bakery treats Premier Sunday 23 Jan 2022
Holiday dessert lineup Wall Street Journal 05 Jan 2022
Orders at bakeries and pizzerias Universal 30 Dec 2021
Diner desserts Thomas Joseph 20 Dec 2021
Pastry dishes The Times Concise 06 Dec 2021
Dishes baked in pastry-lining Irish Times Simplex 11 Nov 2021
Picnic desserts Eugene Sheffer 10 Nov 2021
Bakery buys Eugene Sheffer 30 Oct 2021
Some blue ribbon winners Wall Street Journal 14 Oct 2021
Diner desserts Thomas Joseph 09 Oct 2021
Diner desserts Thomas Joseph 25 Sep 2021
Desserts that may have nuts and shells Universal 25 Sep 2021
Desserts with crusts USA Today 21 Sep 2021
Bakery buys Thomas Joseph 25 Aug 2021
Crusty desserts Newsday 24 Aug 2021
Dessert cart items Family Time 22 Aug 2021
Things set on windowsills to cool New York Times 17 Aug 2021
Slapstick arsenal Eugene Sheffer 11 Aug 2021
Pizzeria output Family Time 08 Aug 2021
Dishes baked in pastry-lining Irish Times Simplex 07 Aug 2021
Desserts eaten on 3/14 Universal 06 Aug 2021
Bakery output LA Times Daily 11 Jul 2021
Bakery output The Washington Post 11 Jul 2021
Some have lattice crusts Universal 08 Jul 2021
Slapstick desserts Universal 18 Jun 2021
Bake sale offerings Newsday 23 May 2021
Holiday desserts LA Times Daily 16 May 2021
Holiday desserts The Washington Post 16 May 2021
Diner desserts Thomas Joseph 04 May 2021
Desserts with pecans Newsday 14 Apr 2021
Desserts with a crust Newsday 13 Apr 2021
Some are filled with mincemeat Universal 11 Apr 2021
Whole pizzas USA Today 22 Mar 2021
Pumpkin desserts Universal 15 Mar 2021
Crusty desserts Newsday 14 Mar 2021
Traditional Thanksgiving desserts New York Times 03 Mar 2021
Diner display Thomas Joseph 20 Feb 2021
Their crusts are crimped Universal 19 Feb 2021
Baked buys Thomas Joseph 18 Feb 2021
Pizzas, e.g New York Times 17 Feb 2021
Diner counter display Newsday 07 Feb 2021
Bakery tray array Newsday 07 Jan 2021
Desserts with crusts USA Today 06 Jan 2021
Bakery buys Eugene Sheffer 22 Dec 2020
See 6-Across USA Today 12 Nov 2020
Filling desserts? Wall Street Journal 11 Nov 2020
Mrs. Smith's desserts Universal 19 Oct 2020
Bakery purchases Wall Street Journal 28 Sep 2020
Domino’s output Wall Street Journal 26 Sep 2020
Pumpkin desserts USA Today 21 Sep 2020
Crusty desserts The Washington Post 31 Aug 2020
Crusty desserts LA Times Daily 31 Aug 2020
Round desserts USA Today 27 Aug 2020
- New York Times 30 Jul 2020
Dishes with crusts USA Today 25 Jun 2020
Slapstick projectiles Jonesin 26 May 2020
Crusty creations Newsday 22 May 2020
Crusted desserts The Washington Post 18 May 2020
Crusted desserts LA Times Daily 18 May 2020
Torte from Potteries or from the bakery? Irish Times Crosaire 14 Feb 2020
Bakery buys Thomas Joseph 05 Feb 2020
Diner desserts Newsday 25 Dec 2019
Bakery array The Washington Post 22 Dec 2019
Bakery array LA Times Daily 22 Dec 2019
Holiday desserts Wall Street Journal 18 Dec 2019
Diner display Wall Street Journal 20 Nov 2019
Slapstick projectiles Wall Street Journal 07 Nov 2019
Sweet treats The Washington Post Sunday 03 Nov 2019
Diner desserts USA Today 29 Oct 2019
Oven-prepared desserts Newsday 20 Oct 2019
Pastries Canadiana 30 Sep 2019
Filling desserts, in more ways than one Universal 12 Sep 2019
Dessert options The Washington Post 11 Aug 2019
Dessert options LA Times Daily 11 Aug 2019
Safe desserts? Jonesin 23 Jul 2019
Crusty desserts USA Today 30 Jun 2019
Slapstick missiles USA Today 27 May 2019
Pastries The Telegraph Quick 20 Mar 2019
Three Stooges missiles USA Today 13 Mar 2019
Slapstick arsenal Eugene Sheffer 07 Jan 2019
Crusty desserts
Three Stooges missiles
Dessert options
Filling desserts, in more ways than one
Slapstick missiles
Diner desserts
Mincemeat-filled desserts USA Today 07 Dec 2018
Slapstick food props Universal 28 Oct 2018
Pizzeria purchases The Washington Post Sunday 15 Jul 2018
Mud or mincemeat creations USA Today 06 Apr 2018
Slapstick weapons Thomas Joseph 09 Mar 2018
Domino's deliveries USA Today 17 Feb 2018
Domino's deliveries
Slapstick food props
Mincemeat-filled desserts
Diner display
Pizzeria output Thomas Joseph 30 Dec 2017
Bake sale offerings USA Today 24 Nov 2017
Baked desserts The Washington Post 03 Oct 2017
Baked desserts LA Times Daily 03 Oct 2017
Traditional March 14 servings LA Times Daily 09 Sep 2017
Traditional March 14 servings The Washington Post 09 Sep 2017
Mince and Boston cream USA Today 16 Jul 2017
Dishes baked in pastry-lining Irish Times Simplex 20 Jun 2017
Papa John's deliveries USA Today 18 Jun 2017
Pizzeria staples LA Times Daily 20 Jan 2017
Slapstick fight missiles Premier Sunday 08 Jan 2017
Mince and Boston cream
Traditional March 14 servings
Bake sale offerings
Papa John's deliveries
Pizzeria staples
Baked desserts
Christmas dinner finales Wall Street Journal 21 Dec 2016
Facefuls in slapstick New York Times 18 Dec 2016
Pizzeria orders Newsday 06 Dec 2016
Apple and Boston cream Newsday 07 Nov 2016
Papa John's orders USA Today 06 Nov 2016
Pastry dishes Irish Times Simplex 26 Oct 2016
Some mud formations The Washington Post 11 Oct 2016
Supply for some eating contests Wall Street Journal 03 Oct 2016
Has a ball New York Times 28 Jul 2016
Coconut custard and Boston cream Newsday 27 Jun 2016
Slapstick staples Universal 06 Jun 2016
Mrs. Smith's wares USA Today 22 May 2016
Safe contents? Jonesin 03 May 2016
Pizzeria orders The Washington Post 25 Apr 2016
Ammo for Moe LA Times Daily 09 Apr 2016
Three Stooges missiles Universal 04 Apr 2016
Crusty treats USA Today 28 Mar 2016
Slapstick missiles Newsday 17 Feb 2016
Mrs. Smith's wares
Papa John's orders
Slapstick staples
Facefuls in slapstick
Fruit-filled desserts Newsday 15 Sep 2015
Slapstick props Universal 05 Aug 2015
Bakery array Newsday 14 Jun 2015
Desserts with crusts LA Times Daily 18 May 2015
Diner display Newsday 20 Mar 2015
Fruit products Newsday 29 Jan 2015
Starts and ends pieces in the bakery Irish Times Crosaire 08 Jan 2015
Apple and custard, for two USA Today 04 Jan 2015
Slapstick props
Apple and custard, for two
Bakery array
Humble desserts?
Pizzeria orders
Desserts with crusts
Fruit products
Fruit-filled desserts
Diner display
Bakery array
Coconut custard and Boston cream
Fruit-filled desserts
Bozo's props
Holiday dinner desserts
Fruit-filled desserts
Quiche relatives
Pizzeria orders
Options for showing percentages
Diner desserts
Bakery array
Rhubarb desserts
Crusty desserts
Crusty group
Pizza orders
Items thrown in Three Stooges shorts
Circlegraph shapes
Desserts with a crust
Bakery array
Wares encountered by Simple Simon
They have edible shells
Bakery array
Fruity concoctions
Pizzeria products
Baked Wiley song?
Pizzeria output
Window sill coolers
Pumpkin desserts
Bakery stock
Pumpkin desserts
Dessert cart array
Thanksgiving desserts
Patisserie products
Dessert cart array
Slapstick-movie missiles
"Sweeney Todd" props
Cherry and American
Sources of wedges
Slapstick ammo
Sara Lee specialty
See 39 Down
Slapstick arsenal
Apple and cherry desserts
Fruity desserts
Pizzeria orders
Filling desserts?
Some fruit-filled desserts
Desserts akin to cobblers
Some county fair contest entries
Apple desserts
Bakery window display
Budget graphs
Bakery array
Crusty desserts
Sales chart metaphors
Budgetary metaphors
Boston cream and Key lime
Pizzeria orders
Crusty desserts
Sales chart metaphors
Apple and cherry
Slapstick props
Pizzeria's offerings
Slapstick ammo
Some old comedy props
Quiches, e.g.
Slapstick ammo
Bakery offerings
Eating-contest fodder, sometimes
Cobblers, maybe
Missiles for Soupy Sales
Desserts with crusts
Apple and coconut custard
Dessert-cart array
Shoofly and pecan
Bakery offerings
"The Worst ___ in London" ("Sweeney Todd" song)
Chocolate cream and strawberry, e.g.
They're thrown for laughs
"Sweeney Todd" comestibles
Baker's dozen, maybe
Domino's orders
Slapstick props
Slapstick props
Humble and shoo-fly
Wares encountered by Simple Simon
Banana cream and coconut custard
Boston cream and coconut custard
Bakery display
Chiffon creations
Diner desserts
Cake alternatives
Eating contest lineup
Bake sale goodies
Some baked desserts
Pizza orders
Peach and pecan
Stooges' ammo
Pizzeria output
Dessert treats
Slapstick props
Mrs. Lovett's wares
Some takeout meals
Parts of a fair competition?
Humble and shoofly
Apple and peach
Mincemeat vehicles
Desserts with crusts
Old comedy props
Baker's creations
Slapstick missiles
Old comedy props
Burlesque props
"Chatt'ring" birds in Shakespeare
Round sweets
Humble and pot
Sales meeting symbols
Filling stations?
Sales meeting symbols
Pizzeria offerings
Baking contest entries
Fruit-filled desserts
Pizzeria purchases
Dessert items
Slapstick ammo
Pizzas, e.g.
Bakers' wares
They're cut into wedges
Slapstick missiles
Mincemeat holders
Mince meat vehicles
They have wedges
Specialty of Mrs. Smith
Dessert options
Some old comedy props
Pumpkin and pecan
Some old comedy props
Flaky desserts
Flaky desserts
Pecan and pumpkin
Some are made from mud
Filling desserts?
Slapstick ammo
Dessert pastries
Some charts
Missiles from Moe
Diner display
Bakery display
Throw them for laughs
Slapstick missiles
They have some crust
Mud concoctions
Pizza purchases
Dessert choices
Chocolate cream and strawberry
Dessert offerings
Dessert cart items
Baking contest entries
Meringue-topped treats
They have shells
More cream-filled treats
Mincemeat desserts
Bake-sale goodies
Chart shapes
Desserts for cuties?
Airborne props for the Three Stooges
Eating-contest fodder
Cherry and lemon
Slapstick projectiles
Desserts with crusts
Slapstick comedy items
Sales pitches?
See 16 Down
Apple desserts
Certain charts
Nursery-rhyme treats
Pizza portions
Pizza and pecan
They got in Soupy's face
Coconut and Key lime
Dessert offerings
Dessert options
Slapstick-movie missiles
Missiles in a slapstick fight
Comic's missiles
Some charts
Slapstick ammo
Crusty ones
Bakery purchases
Mud concoctions
Pecan and pumpkin
Bakery buys
Bakery items
Baked fruit desserts
Mud specialties
Humble and rhubarb
Bakery stock
Baker's wares
Peach and plum
Jokester's props
Mrs. Smith's wares
Sondheim's "The Worst ___ in London"
Cream and mud followers
Crusty dishes
Slapstick props
Slapstick staples
Tarts' cousins
Black-billed birds
Bakery products
Mud formations
Jays' cousins
Sectored desserts
Props for Sales
Things much desired
Londoners' tarts and flans
Jays' relatives
Quiches Lorraine
Chart segments
Pumpkin and mince
Crusty concoctions
Crusted dishes
Mince and apple
Simple Simon's desires
Bakery items
Baked goods
Slapstick basics
Slapstick missiles
Mixes up, as type
Simple Simon's quest
Mixes up, as type.
Baked dishes.
Menu specialties.
Bakery offerings.
Missiles of sorts.
Missiles in early movies.
Reduces to a state of confusion.
Bakery items.
Frozen foods.
Bakery products.
Filled layer cakes.
Eskimo ___.
Apple, peach, cherry.
Keystone props.
Breakfast food in New England.
Indian coins.
Apple, peach, blueberry.
Washington ___.
Items for an eating contest.
Apple, lemon, cherry.
Reduces to a state of confusion, as type.
Breakfast dishes in old New England.
Stand-bys of early movies.
Jumbles, as printing type.
Comic missiles
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