Word "PIG" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
domestic swine
grunter, hog, squealer, sus scrofa

Part of Speech:
eat greedily
devour, guttle, raven

Part of Speech:
mold consisting of a bed of sand in which pig iron is cast
pig bed

Crossword Clues for PIG

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Clue Source Date
Babe, for one New York Times 17 Jun 2022
Farm squealer Eugene Sheffer 07 Jun 2022
Bird, one sadly missing out — it can't fly! The Times Cryptic 20 May 2022
Babe in the movies, e.g Wall Street Journal 07 May 2022
Babe, for example Eugene Sheffer 26 Apr 2022
Potbellied pet USA Today 24 Apr 2022
Potbellied pet Eugene Sheffer 16 Apr 2022
Napoleon in "Animal Farm," e.g Universal 14 Apr 2022
Pen pal? Eugene Sheffer 08 Apr 2022
Oinking animal Newsday 29 Mar 2022
Sty dweller Thomas Joseph 07 Mar 2022
Main animal in "Animal Farm" Universal 05 Mar 2022
Little housebuilder in a fairy tale Universal 03 Mar 2022
Pink-nosed Halloween costume USA Today 04 Feb 2022
Glutton Eugene Sheffer 08 Jan 2022
Pot-bellied pet, perhaps Universal 29 Dec 2021
Pot-bellied pet Eugene Sheffer 01 Dec 2021
'If You Give a ___ a Pancake' (kids' book) USA Today 30 Nov 2021
Pen pal? Eugene Sheffer 11 Nov 2021
Beast in a sty Newsday 26 Oct 2021
Animal in a pen Universal 24 Oct 2021
Greedy one Thomas Joseph 23 Oct 2021
Wilbur of "Charlotte's Web," e.g LA Times Daily 22 Oct 2021
Wilbur of 'Charlotte's Web,' e.g The Washington Post 22 Oct 2021
Creature emerging occasionally in spring The Times Cryptic 05 Oct 2021
Glutton Eugene Sheffer 06 Sep 2021
Porker Premier Sunday 25 Jul 2021
One skewered at a roast? New York Times 30 Jun 2021
2019 zodiac animal USA Today 19 Jun 2021
Boar, for one Universal 14 Jun 2021
___ Latin Universal 09 Jun 2021
County fair animal USA Today 19 May 2021
Animal that oinks USA Today 02 May 2021
Inhabitant of a 43-Across USA Today 30 Apr 2021
Animal that oinks Universal 23 Mar 2021
Glutton Eugene Sheffer 06 Mar 2021
Pot-bellied pet Eugene Sheffer 24 Feb 2021
Smelter animal? Canadiana 04 Jan 2021
"Charlotte's Web" animal Universal 02 Jan 2021
Pet that might be potbellied USA Today 31 Dec 2020
Sty occupant Wall Street Journal 30 Dec 2020
Beast in a pen The Washington Post Sunday 27 Dec 2020
Sty dweller Premier Sunday 08 Nov 2020
Pua of "Moana," e.g LA Times Daily 29 Oct 2020
Pua of 'Moana,' e.g The Washington Post 29 Oct 2020
2019 Chinese zodiac animal New York Times 27 Oct 2020
Animal that rolls in mud Universal 17 Oct 2020
It's found in a pen Newsday 15 Oct 2020
Sty squealer USA Today 29 Sep 2020
Glutton The Sun Two Speed 09 Sep 2020
GP returned to nurse one animal The Sun Two Speed 09 Sep 2020
Potbellied pet Eugene Sheffer 01 Sep 2020
Friend of Goat in "Pearls Before Swine" LA Times Daily 30 Aug 2020
Friend of Goat in 'Pearls Before Swine' The Washington Post 30 Aug 2020
Oinker Wall Street Journal 24 Aug 2020
Sty creature USA Today 23 Aug 2020
Peppa or Porky USA Today 11 Aug 2020
Doctor back to nurse one glutton The Sun Two Speed 10 Jul 2020
Truffle-hunting animal Wall Street Journal 30 Jun 2020
Sow or boar Universal 01 Jun 2020
Truffle-finding animal New York Times 19 May 2020
Petunia, for example Wall Street Journal 30 Apr 2020
''Charlotte's Web'' cover depiction Newsday 18 Apr 2020
With 39-Across, eat lots of 16-, 26-, 45- and 59-Across? Universal 29 Feb 2020
Truffle hunter Wall Street Journal 01 Feb 2020
Glutton held up by Luigi Pirandello The Sun Two Speed 19 Jan 2020
Farm animal The Sun Two Speed 19 Jan 2020
Greedy creature Family Time 06 Jan 2020
Farm animal The Telegraph Quick 10 Dec 2019
& 16 Animal pen The Telegraph Quick 07 Dec 2019
Farm animal Wall Street Journal 21 Nov 2019
2019 Chinese zodiac sign New York Times 08 Nov 2019
2019 Chinese zodiac sign
Doctor back to nurse one animal The Sun Two Speed 24 Oct 2019
Greedy eater on the farm Family Time 30 Sep 2019
Orwell's Napoleon, for one LA Times Daily 22 Sep 2019
Orwell's Napoleon, for one The Washington Post 22 Sep 2019
Sty resident Wall Street Journal 10 Sep 2019
Greedy sort USA Today 15 Aug 2019
Sty resident Thomas Joseph 29 Jul 2019
Chinese zodiac creature for 2019 New York Times 23 Jul 2019
Big Bad Wolf's victim USA Today 28 Apr 2019
Big Bad Wolf victim USA Today 19 Mar 2019
Trough guy The Washington Post 31 Jan 2019
Trough guy LA Times Daily 31 Jan 2019
Hog The Times Concise 17 Jan 2019
Porky is one Family Time 07 Jan 2019
Sty occupant
Trough guy
Orwell's Napoleon, for one
Greedy sort
Chinese zodiac creature for 2019
Sty resident
Big Bad Wolf's victim
Big Bad Wolf victim
Tamworth Canadiana 10 Dec 2018
A _____ in a poke Canadiana 03 Dec 2018
Babe, for one Universal 28 Nov 2018
Pen pal? Wall Street Journal 24 Nov 2018
Boar or sow Newsday 23 Oct 2018
Sty denizen LA Times Daily 26 Sep 2018
Sty denizen The Washington Post 26 Sep 2018
Glutton is posing without son Irish Times Crosaire 08 Sep 2018
Pot-bellied pet USA Today 28 Aug 2018
Tamworth or Duroc Jersey Canadiana 13 Aug 2018
Greedy one Thomas Joseph 08 Aug 2018
Little squealer Universal 03 Jul 2018
Domestic swine Irish Times Simplex 27 Jun 2018
Barnyard animal Universal 20 Jun 2018
Swine The Telegraph Quick 30 Apr 2018
Boar, e.g LA Times Daily 26 Apr 2018
Boar, e.g The Washington Post 26 Apr 2018
Big Bad Wolf's target New York Times 23 Apr 2018
Hamton, on 'Tiny Toon Adventures' Jonesin 10 Apr 2018
Glutton The Washington Post 07 Apr 2018
Glutton LA Times Daily 07 Apr 2018
Babe, for one Wall Street Journal 03 Apr 2018
Swine The Sun Two Speed 18 Mar 2018
Even spying glutton The Sun Two Speed 18 Mar 2018
Barnyard rooter LA Times Daily 16 Mar 2018
Barnyard rooter The Washington Post 16 Mar 2018
"Animal Farm" critter Universal 18 Feb 2018
Pot-bellied pet
Babe, for one
Babe, for one
"Animal Farm" critter
Little squealer
Sty denizen
Barnyard animal
Big Bad Wolf's target
Pen pal?
Boar, e.g.
Animal that can precede the starts of 20-, 30-, 36-, 46- and 52-Across LA Times Daily 05 Dec 2017
Animal that can precede the starts of 20-, 30-, 36-, 46- and 52-Across The Washington Post 05 Dec 2017
Oinker LA Times Daily 26 Nov 2017
Oinker The Washington Post 26 Nov 2017
Truffle-seeking animal USA Today 17 Nov 2017
Sloppy sort New York Times 12 Nov 2017
Sty resident Jonesin 26 Sep 2017
Sty dweller LA Times Daily 06 Sep 2017
Sty dweller The Washington Post 06 Sep 2017
Pork source Family Time 14 Aug 2017
Barnyard beast Newsday 30 Jul 2017
"Animal Farm" creature Universal 20 Jul 2017
"Animal Farm" animal USA Today 04 Jul 2017
Farm animal The Times Concise 20 Jun 2017
Either of two victims of the Big Bad Wolf USA Today 14 Jun 2017
"Oink" producer Family Time 29 May 2017
Gorge oneself, with 'out' New York Times 23 May 2017
Orwell's Napoleon, e.g Wall Street Journal 20 May 2017
Eat, eat, eat, with 'out' New York Times 17 May 2017
Animal between dog and rat in the Chinese zodiac Wall Street Journal 22 Apr 2017
Bacon source New York Times 17 Apr 2017
"Oink" maker Family Time 16 Apr 2017
'Some ___' (inscription in Charlotte's web) The Chronicle of Higher Education 03 Feb 2017
Bacon source
Sty dweller
Animal that can precede the starts of 20-, 30-, 36-, 46- and 52-Across
"Some ___" (inscription in Charlotte's web)
Eat, eat, eat, with "out"
Gorge oneself, with "out"
Sloppy sort
"Animal Farm" creature
Truffle-seeking animal
Either of two victims of the Big Bad Wolf
"Animal Farm" animal
Sow, e.g Premier Sunday 25 Dec 2016
Glutton Thomas Joseph 26 Oct 2016
County fair animal Universal 19 Sep 2016
Baby back ribs source New York Times 12 Sep 2016
Greedy sort, animal-wise Universal 17 Aug 2016
Pot-bellied pet Jonesin 12 Jul 2016
Boar or sow Premier Sunday 26 Jun 2016
Napoleon, in ''Animal Farm'' Newsday 29 May 2016
Selfish sort Universal 08 May 2016
Porky of cartoons USA Today 09 Feb 2016
Porker Family Time 25 Jan 2016
Green character in 'Angry Birds' The Washington Post 21 Jan 2016
Olivia of kiddie lit, for one The Washington Post 14 Jan 2016
Squealer Eugene Sheffer 08 Jan 2016
County fair animal
Baby back ribs source
Porky of cartoons
Stock option Newsday 07 Nov 2015
Truffle seeker The Chronicle of Higher Education 06 Nov 2015
Sty critter Eugene Sheffer 02 Nov 2015
Fairy tale home builder LA Times Daily 26 Oct 2015
Slop slurper Thomas Joseph 06 Oct 2015
Not the sharing type New York Times 25 Aug 2015
Sty dweller Newsday 16 Aug 2015
Truffle rooter USA Today 09 Aug 2015
Animated Porky Universal 28 Jul 2015
__ Latin LA Times Daily 19 Jul 2015
Source of fatback New York Times 15 Jul 2015
Hog The Telegraph Quick 06 Jul 2015
Squealer New York Times 30 Jun 2015
Squealing rooter USA Today 29 Apr 2015
Swill eater USA Today 19 Jan 2015
Source of fatback
Swill eater
Not the sharing type
Animated Porky
Truffle seeker
Sty dweller
Squealing rooter
Fairy tale home builder
__ Latin
Truffle rooter
Stock option
Greedy sort
Steve Vai song for eating bacon?
Another farm animal
Messy person
Critter with a prominent snout
Muppet Link Hogthrob, e.g.
Angry Birds foe
Chinese zodiac beast
Greedy sort
Weezer song for a spit?
Certain farm denizen
Cinema's Babe, e.g.
Swill swallower
Pot-bellied critter
Charlotte's pal Wilbur
Napoleon of "Animal Farm," e.g.
Big eater
Shape of some banks
With 33-Across, ixnay or amscray
Cop, to one who hates cops
Pot-bellied pet
Wilbur or Napoleon
Sty animal
Porky or Petunia
Porky or Petunia
Angry Birds target
Greased beast
DMB "Before These Crowded Streets" song
Potbellied creature
Wilbur, in "Charlotte's Web"
Chinese zodiac animal
"Animal Farm" animal
Potbellied critter
Animal Farm critter
Sty dweller
Porky or Petunia
Sty squealer
Greedy animal?
___ out (overeat)
You'll see an inflatable one at a Floyd show
Pork source
Greedy sort
61-Down resident
It may end with a twist
Greedy sort
Selfish sort
Grunting one
61-Down resident
Greedy sort
Selfish sort
Sty resident
One in a pen
Traditional luau entrée
Barnyard grunter
Petunia, e.g.
Babe, for example
Petunia, for one
Petunia, e.g.
Babe, for example
Truffle finder
Pen pal?
Pot-bellied critter
Squealing rooter
Wilbur in "Charlotte's Web"
Source of blood for blood pudding
Neatnik's opposite
Source of bacon
Babe from Hollywood, e.g.
Bricklayer in a kid's story
Porky or Babe
Selfish sort
Blind ___ (illegal saloon)
Sty resident
Bricklayer in a kid's story
Truffle finder
Last animal in the Chinese zodiac
Metal mold, as from a blast furnace
Pen filler?
With 63-Across, unseen purchase
Truffle finder
Arnold Ziffel, notably
Barnyard grunter
Porky of cartoons
Farm rooter
Kind of iron
Associate of Rat and Goat, in the comic "Pearls Before Swine"
Farm rooter
Sty squealer
Overeat, with "out"
Babe, e.g.
Animated Petunia, for one
Kind of iron
Snowball of literature
Potbellied pet
Snowball, e.g.
Sow or hog
Babe, e.g.
Greedy one
Something in a pen
Sow or hog
"Animal Farm" overlord
Porky or Babe
Piper's son's theft, in rhyme
Corkscrew-tailed animal
Napoleon, e.g.
"Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf" singer
Porky or Babe
Nonsharing type
With 71-Across, farm sight
Overeat (with "out")
Babe of the movies
With 71-Across, farm sight
Petunia, for one
Farrow member
Overeat (with "out")
Filmdom's Babe, e.g.
Snowball in "Animal Farm"
Last animal in the Chinese zodiac
Greedy person
Greased beast
Filmdom's Babe, e.g.
Babe in the movies
Big eater
Snowball, famously
___ out
Sty denizen
Corkscrew-tailed animal
Pot-bellied pet
Wilbur or Napoleon
Overeat, with "out"
Kind of iron
One of us, per 60 Across
Slovenly person
Babe in films
Overeat, with "out"
Snowball or Napoleon
It roots
He has a lot on his plate
Porky or Petunia
Money holder of a sort
Sty guy
___ out (overeat)
Babe in films
Homebuilder in a tots' tale
Overeat, with "out"
__ iron
Babe on the screen
Kind of iron
Member of Old MacDonald's farm
Greedy eater
Engorge oneself, with "out"
Farm denizen
Fiberglass critter now being seen all over Cincinnati
Metal mold
Young swine
Star of Babe
Filmdom's Babe, e.g.
Swill eater
Greedy one
Cinema's Babe
Snowball in "Animal Farm"
"Babe: ___ in the City" (1998 sequel)
Wilbur, in "Charlotte's Web"
Greedy sort
Overeat, with "out"
Babe, for one
Porky, for one
E. B. White's Wilbur
Tom's booty
Piece of iron from a blast furnace
Gilt, e.g.
Dr. Dolittle's Gub-Gub
Sty occupant
Figure in "Charlotte's Web"
Poke contents
Metal casting
Tom's theft
Greedy one
Poke occupant
Dr. Doolittle's Gub-Gub
Kind of Latin
Poke's occupant
Metal mold
Iron mold
Barnyard denizen
Farm animal
One of three
Luau feature, with 47 Down.
Farm animal.
One of a nursery trio.
Bar of iron.
Unforged metal bar.
___ Latin.
Tom's loot.
Poke inhabitant.
Animal in clover.
Tom's theft.
Cast metal bar.
Domesticated animal.
Loot of the piper's son.
Poland China.
Oblong casting of iron.
Domestic animal.
Kind of iron.
Mass of iron.
Grand larceny of the piper's son.
Quarry of the Big Bad Wolf.
Mass of cast molten metal.
Rough cast ingot.
"Origin of Roast ___,” by Charles Lamb.
The ___ Woman, witness at a famous trial.
Scottish hot-water bottle.
Mass of metal.
Thirds taker
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