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Crossword Clues for PIGS

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Clue Source Date
Pen pals? Eugene Sheffer 01 Mar 2021
They oink USA Today 21 Nov 2020
Sty group Thomas Joseph 12 Nov 2020
Beasts in a sty Newsday 27 Oct 2020
Sty residents USA Today 07 Oct 2020
Sty dwellers Jonesin 22 Sep 2020
No funeral in Persian Gulf for The Swine Irish Times Crosaire 07 Aug 2020
Four-legged squealers Newsday 09 Jul 2020
Farm litter Thomas Joseph 16 Jun 2020
Rider provides cover for US soldier around animals The Telegraph Toughie 10 Jun 2020
Animals in pens USA Today 23 Feb 2020
Wallowing animals Universal 22 Dec 2019
Muppet trio the Oinker Sisters, e.g New York Times 14 Nov 2019
Muppet trio the Oinker Sisters, e.g.
In a ___ eye New York Times 20 Aug 2019
Animals that oink Newsday 30 Jul 2019
Litter on a farm Wall Street Journal 15 Apr 2019
Wolf's intended victims, in a story Jonesin 29 Jan 2019
Gluttons The Washington Post Sunday 02 Dec 2018
Big Bad Wolf's quarry USA Today 17 Sep 2018
Overdoes it, with 'out' The Washington Post 22 Jun 2018
Overdoes it, with "out" LA Times Daily 22 Jun 2018
'Little' trio in kiddie lit New York Times 21 Dec 2017
Litter in the country Wall Street Journal 09 Dec 2017
Boars, e.g Premier Sunday 26 Nov 2017
Green Angry Birds animals The Washington Post 13 Sep 2017
Barnyard beasts Newsday 06 Aug 2017
Truffle hunters Wall Street Journal 28 Jan 2017
"Little" trio in kiddie lit
Ruth leaves uprights for the pen Irish Times Crosaire 07 Oct 2016
Fairy tale trio LA Times Daily 22 May 2016
Sloppy critters Universal 01 Jan 2016
Angry Birds beasts Newsday 18 Dec 2015
Squealers in a pen Universal 28 Nov 2015
___ in a blanket USA Today 23 Nov 2015
Farm critters Wall Street Journal 08 Sep 2015
'Animal Farm' leaders Wall Street Journal 23 Feb 2015
Squealers in pens
Green antagonists in "Angry Birds"
Pen pals
"When ___ fly!"
Fare in "blankets"
Cops, to people who dislike cops
Pen pals, perhaps
Big Bad Wolf's targets
They want the most
Barnyard oinkers
Angry Birds targets
Overeats (with "out")
Intelligent animals
Napoleon and Snowball, in "Animal Farm"
Litter producers, in two different senses
"Animal Farm" leaders
"Animal Farm" beasts
Some swine
Orwellian protagonists
Hardly neatniks
Truffle seekers
Overlords in "Animal Farm" (4)
"When ___ fly!" ("It'll never happen")
Sows and boars
Porky and Petunia
Three were pursued by a wolf
Barnyard grunters
Least frequent fliers?
Not the daintiest of eaters
Sty denizens
Animals on Dorothy's farm
ODs, with "out"
Muppet trio The Oinker Sisters, e.g.
Some intelligent animals
Sty list?
If they're seen in the sky, strange things are likely to occur
Babe's brethren
Greedy ones
Greedy sorts
They're served in a blanket
Porky and others
Sty occupants
Pen filler
Overeats, with "out"
"Animal Farm" ringleaders
Babe and Napoleon
Boars and sows
Cloven-hoofed mammals
Bay of _____
Pen denizens
Greedy people
Proverbial nonfliers
Sty inhabitants
Bay of ___
Not the sort to share
Iron-casting molds
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