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Word "PILOT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
something that serves as a model or a basis for making copies
archetype, original

Part of Speech:
a program exemplifying a contemplated series; intended to attract sponsors
pilot film, pilot program

Part of Speech:
someone who is licensed to operate an aircraft in flight
airplane pilot

Crossword Clues for PILOT

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Clue Source Date
Plan to restrict one trial episode The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Jun 2021
Trial episode USA Today 21 May 2021
First episode in a TV series New York Times 10 May 2021
Start of a series New York Times 17 Apr 2021
Aviator The Sun Two Speed 13 Apr 2021
Do the Wright thing? The Sun Two Speed 13 Apr 2021
Plane's VIP Family Time 12 Apr 2021
Aviator The Telegraph Quick 02 Apr 2021
Cockpit figure Jonesin 09 Mar 2021
Cockpit worker Wall Street Journal 01 Mar 2021
Initial TV episode Universal 26 Feb 2021
Trial episode: one’s gripped by storyline The Times Cryptic 19 Feb 2021
Cockpit figure Newsday 10 Jan 2021
Guide, leader The Times Concise 09 Jan 2021
Captain, at times LA Times Daily 26 Dec 2020
Captain, at times The Washington Post 26 Dec 2020
Plan to catch one fly The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Oct 2020
JetBlue employee The Washington Post Sunday 20 Sep 2020
Trial episode of a TV show USA Today 11 Sep 2020
First in a series New York Times 29 Aug 2020
__ light Newsday 25 Jul 2020
Intro show Jonesin 21 Jul 2020
One working in plane clothes? Universal 02 Jun 2020
Test episode USA Today 17 May 2020
Amelia Earhart, e.g Universal 06 May 2020
Airline employee Universal 28 Mar 2020
Plane worker USA Today 18 Mar 2020
Series test Thomas Joseph 19 Feb 2020
Lead sanctimonious bunch The Telegraph Toughie 05 Feb 2020
Hanks' role in ''Sully'' Newsday 05 Jan 2020
Cockpit worker Thomas Joseph 13 Dec 2019
Scheme to involve one banking expert? The Sun Two Speed 11 Nov 2019
Word before light or study
Word before light or study New York Times 06 Nov 2019
Plane figure The Washington Post 03 Nov 2019
Plane figure LA Times Daily 03 Nov 2019
Airplane flier Newsday 22 Oct 2019
Earhart, for one Universal 08 Oct 2019
Stove light Premier Sunday 29 Sep 2019
Novel idea about one employed by the Air Corps Irish Times Crosaire 17 Aug 2019
Aviator Newsday 24 Jun 2019
Person in a cockpit New York Times 20 May 2019
Steer, guide The Guardian Speedy 03 Mar 2019
Navigator The Telegraph Quick 23 Jan 2019
Erika Ritter's Automatic ______ Canadiana 07 Jan 2019
Cockpit worker
Person in a cockpit
Earhart, for one
Plane figure
American worker? Universal 28 Dec 2018
Southwest worker The Washington Post 25 Nov 2018
Southwest worker LA Times Daily 25 Nov 2018
TV test episode USA Today 14 Nov 2018
Frequent flyer? Family Time 11 Nov 2018
Direct The Chronicle of Higher Education 09 Nov 2018
Cockpit worker LA Times Daily 28 Oct 2018
Cockpit worker The Washington Post 28 Oct 2018
Banking pro? Wall Street Journal 29 Sep 2018
Range light Wall Street Journal 19 Sep 2018
Kitchen light The Washington Post 07 Sep 2018
Kitchen light LA Times Daily 07 Sep 2018
Sully, notably USA Today 02 Sep 2018
Drone's lack USA Today 28 Aug 2018
Navigator in sanctimonious group The Sun Two Speed 10 Aug 2018
Cockpit boss Newsday 07 Aug 2018
Plane flier The Washington Post 23 Jul 2018
Aviator Family Time 08 Jul 2018
Experiment with before wide implementation The Chronicle of Higher Education 06 Jul 2018
Banking pro Wall Street Journal 16 Jun 2018
Landing negotiator Universal 25 Apr 2018
Plane steerer Jonesin 06 Mar 2018
Steer one into conspiracy The Sun Two Speed 23 Feb 2018
Aeroplane driver The Sun Two Speed 23 Feb 2018
Guide The Telegraph Quick 16 Feb 2018
First of a series LA Times Daily 26 Jan 2018
First of a series The Washington Post 26 Jan 2018
Range light
Experiment with before wide implementation
Banking pro?
Banking pro
TV test episode
Cockpit worker
First of a series
Kitchen light
Plane flier
Southwest worker
Sully, notably
Drone's lack
Landing negotiator
American worker?
Guide The Times Concise 23 Nov 2017
Person flying towards brink, backwards The Telegraph Cryptic 31 Oct 2017
Drone plane's lack Newsday 22 Oct 2017
Start of a series Wall Street Journal 20 May 2017
TV tryout Thomas Joseph 21 Apr 2017
One licensed to fly Irish Times Simplex 01 Apr 2017
Chuck Yeager, famously Universal 01 Apr 2017
Banking expert? Wall Street Journal 11 Mar 2017
First sitcom episode LA Times Daily 28 Feb 2017
"Sully," for one USA Today 17 Jan 2017
TV programme shows very good French department The Times Cryptic 13 Jan 2017
Airline worker Thomas Joseph 10 Jan 2017
First sitcom episode
Chuck Yeager, famously
"Sully," for one
Tom Hanks, in ''Sully'' Newsday 25 Dec 2016
Fly, one tucked into bed The Telegraph Toughie 14 Dec 2016
Conspiracy involves one person working in Sky Irish Times Crosaire 06 Dec 2016
Steer The Guardian Speedy 27 Nov 2016
"Sully's" profession USA Today 18 Nov 2016
Steer (a ship or plane) The Times Concise 08 Nov 2016
Test episode Newsday 06 Nov 2016
Common (and unimaginative) first episode title Jonesin 25 Oct 2016
Cockpit figure LA Times Daily 24 Oct 2016
Frequent flier New York Times 21 Oct 2016
Be at the helm of The Chronicle of Higher Education 16 Sep 2016
Navigator's seemingly devoted crew The Times Cryptic 24 Aug 2016
See 67-Across USA Today 04 Aug 2016
Charles Lindbergh, e.g New York Times 26 Jul 2016
Test on the air LA Times Daily 23 Jul 2016
Banking expert? Universal 04 Jul 2016
Plane's operator The Times Concise 27 Jun 2016
Show's first episode LA Times Daily 23 May 2016
Red Baron, e.g The Washington Post 11 Apr 2016
Conspiracy involves one captain Irish Times Crosaire 09 Apr 2016
Spec episode Newsday 14 Jan 2016
Banking expert?
Frequent flier
Charles Lindbergh, e.g.
See 67-Across
"Sully's" profession
Test on the air
Show's first episode
Experimental LA Times Daily 05 Dec 2015
Story about single flyer The Sun Two Speed 07 Nov 2015
Episode 1 title, frequently Jonesin 13 Oct 2015
American worker Wall Street Journal 10 Oct 2015
Plane operator The Times Concise 28 Sep 2015
First in a long line of sitcoms USA Today 12 Sep 2015
Do the Wright thing Newsday 03 Sep 2015
Airline employee Newsday 02 Sep 2015
Speculative episode Newsday 16 Aug 2015
Kitchen light? Universal 30 Jul 2015
Sitcom tryout Newsday 28 Jun 2015
One who may get you grounded? USA Today 17 Jun 2015
Flier's hypocritically virtuous crowd The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Jun 2015
Series opener New York Times 31 May 2015
Part of some stoves Newsday 06 Feb 2015
Southwest driver? Universal 31 Jan 2015
American worker
One in plane view?
Series opener
Speculative episode
Sitcom tryout
Part of some stoves
Do the Wright thing
Cockpit boss
Airline employee
Kitchen light?
Southwest driver?
Trial segment
First in a long line of sitcoms
One who may get you grounded?
Opening episode
One likely to go far?
Plane handler
Test episode, say
Cockpit position
Banking expert?
Stove light
TV series precursor
Furnace light
Maneuver, as a ship
Cockpit occupant
Frequent flier?
System of a Down "Jet ___"
Maneuver, as a ship
One trying to avoid a banking crisis?
Kitchen light
Delta worker
Sitcom's test episode
Cockpit figure
Delta worker
Sitcom's test episode
Cockpit VIP
Drone's lack
Who Maiden wrote "Aces High" about
"Miracle on the Hudson" occupation
Television series tryout
Light on the stove
Stove light
Whale type
Chesley Sullenberger, e.g.
Joystick user
Joystick manipulator
First episode in a TV series
"Miracle on the Hudson" hero, e.g.
Cockpit occupant
Tube test?
Range's flame
Series starter
Introductory episode
Air Force ace
Light in the furnace
Person who sits in front of a cabin
Airline employee
Joystick user
Plane starter
Tube test?
Plane starter
Frequent flier
Cockpit occupant
Plane person
Joystick user
"Cast Away" casualty
First episode
Drone aircraft's lack
Whale type
TV trial balloon
Introductory TV episode
Sky jockey
Test episode for a TV series
Light in the kitchen
Lindbergh, notably
Lindbergh, notably
Light in the kitchen
TV-series prototype
Altimeter user
Kitchen light
Test for a sitcom
Banking expert?
Possibility for the fall TV schedule
Test on TV
Test on TV
American worker
Wiley Post, for one
Test episode
TV series test
American employee
First episode
Series sample
Airline employee
First show
Stove feature
Jet flier
Wiley Post, once
Test on the tube
Automatic __ (navigation system)
Test on the tube
Gas stove light
Job for Twain
First episode of many a series
Sitcom demo
Frequent flier?
High-flying individual
Cockpit worker
First airing
Word with light or episode
First airing
Oven light
Cockpit guide
First TV show
First in a long line of sitcoms?
Wiley Post, for one
Oven's light
Jet commander
Person who sits in front of a cabin
American worker
Northwest worker
Plane flier
Light on the range
747 flier
Kind of light
Stove light
Cockpit figure
Frequent flyer
TV trial
Twain, on the river
Howard Hughes was one
Stove light
Cockpit figure
Chuck Yeager, for one
It may be within your range
Snoopy in a Sopwith Camel, e.g.
Wiley Post, for one
Television series tryout
TV tryout
Portland State student
TV series prototype
Jet controller
TV series prototype
Test episode for a TV series
Light in the range
Slim Pickens, in "Dr. Strangelove"
MiG man
Person in a high chair?
Wiley Post, once
TV series precursor
Nautical harbor expert
Stove light
Gas stove feature
1-across worker
Frequent flier
One whose work is up in the air?
Airline employee
Light in the furnace
Flight plan filer
It may be automatic
American employee
Ace, maybe
Ace, e.g.
Harbor expert
Network test show
Series sample
Unseen light
Mark Twain was one
Cockpit chief
Kind of whale
Type of fish or whale
Whale of a flier?
Prototypical film
J. F. Cooper subject
Kind of light or whale
Wiley Post was one
Conn man
TV film, sometimes
Earhart was one
Word with light or film
Wrong Way Corrigan was one
Test film
TV tryout
Sitcom precursor
Cooper's "The ___": 1823
Sky chief
Twain was one
Sample TV film
Man at the helm
Sample TV program
Cockpit figure
Cockpit man
Kind of film or light
Automatic ___
Kind of TV film
Type of film.
Trial unit, as in TV.
Kind of fish.
Kind of film.
Mark Twain, for one.
S.A.C. man.
Type of TV show.
Member of U. S. A. F.
Wearer of wings.
Harbor guide.
Cooper tale (with "The").
One of Twining's men.
One of Lemay's men.
Member of S. A. C.
Cooper novel about John Paul Jones (with "The").
Stengel or Durocher.
King of the harbor.
USAF member.
Member of SAC.
One of Gen. LeMay's men.
Col. Royal N. Baker, for instance.
Capt. Jabara, for instance.
The man behind plexiglass.
Operator of a Shooting Star.
One of Vandenberg's men.
Novel by Cooper, 1823.
747 flier
Spirit employee
Virgin handler
American worker?
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