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Word "PINT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a United States dry unit equal to 0.5 quart or 33.6 cubic inches
dry pint

Part of Speech:
a British imperial capacity measure (liquid or dry) equal to 4 gills or 568.26 cubic centimeters

Part of Speech:
a United States liquid unit equal to 16 fluid ounces; two pints equal one quart

Crossword Clues for PINT

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Clue Source Date
Pub serving Universal 16 Apr 2021
Half a quart Newsday 15 Mar 2021
Gelato unit USA Today 01 Mar 2021
Milk buy Thomas Joseph 27 Feb 2021
Pub order LA Times Daily 13 Feb 2021
Imperial measure of capacity Irish Times Simplex 13 Feb 2021
Quantity of Cherry Garcia USA Today 04 Feb 2021
Cream buy Thomas Joseph 30 Jan 2021
Blood drive unit USA Today 17 Jan 2021
Ale measure Eugene Sheffer 17 Dec 2020
Quart fraction Newsday 11 Nov 2020
Chunky Monkey buy LA Times Daily 03 Nov 2020
Ice cream quantity USA Today 17 Sep 2020
Beer serving Universal 24 Jul 2020
Pub purchase New York Times 24 Jul 2020
Half quart Eugene Sheffer 20 Jun 2020
Blood donation amount USA Today 25 May 2020
Ice cream buy LA Times Daily 09 Apr 2020
Quantity of ice cream USA Today 02 Apr 2020
Ale amount Wall Street Journal 26 Mar 2020
Imperial capacity measure Irish Times Simplex 14 Dec 2019
Ben & Jerry's buy New York Times 15 Sep 2019
Bloodmobile unit The New Yorker 09 Sep 2019
What some glasses can hold Newsday 24 Aug 2019
Guinness order USA Today 24 Jul 2019
Blood donation unit The Washington Post 09 Jun 2019
Draft amount, maybe New York Times 26 Apr 2019
Amount donated at a particular drive The Washington Post Sunday 21 Apr 2019
Couple of cups Universal 20 Apr 2019
Beer order The Washington Post 20 Mar 2019
Word after half or before size New York Times 05 Jan 2019
25-Across serving, sometimes USA Today 30 Dec 2018
1 ____ = .56831 Litres Canadiana 10 Dec 2018
A liquid measure Universal 20 Nov 2018
Four gills Universal 09 Nov 2018
One of The Stones consumes new type of stout Irish Times Crosaire 01 Oct 2018
Ale quantity Newsday 02 Aug 2018
*Resistance units New York Times 19 Jul 2018
Ale serving Newsday 30 May 2018
Pub size The Washington Post 01 May 2018
Fluid measure The Sun Two Speed 09 Apr 2018
Beer that's mine around noon The Sun Two Speed 09 Apr 2018
Ice cream measure Family Time 28 Jan 2018
A positive donation?
Secure time for beer? The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Dec 2017
Phlebotomy unit, often The Washington Post Sunday 29 Oct 2017
Stout serving USA Today 07 Oct 2017
Ice cream purchase USA Today 03 Oct 2017
Dairy department unit Wall Street Journal 09 Sep 2017
Common pub order Wall Street Journal 21 Aug 2017
Eighth of a gallon Newsday 20 Aug 2017
Fix time for drink The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Jul 2017
Ben & Jerry's quantity USA Today 26 Jun 2017
Liquid measure The Guardian Speedy 13 May 2017
16 fluid ounces Universal 16 Jan 2017
Half of a quart Newsday 19 Dec 2016
Guinness serving USA Today 05 Oct 2016
Stout order USA Today 17 Aug 2016
Quaff quantity The Washington Post 27 May 2016
Type of drink pulled with heads of porter - it's not tasty Irish Times Crosaire 16 Jan 2016
Cream purchase USA Today 27 Dec 2015
Little capacity New York Times 14 Nov 2015
Gets pulled by barman going around Piedmont Irish Times Crosaire 10 Nov 2015
Quart part Universal 10 Sep 2015
Beer measure The Times Concise 20 Aug 2015
Measure with no English rhyme Newsday 31 Jul 2015
Milk carton size Thomas Joseph 04 Apr 2015
96 teaspoons
Sorbet buy
Size of 15-Across, often
Volume unit
Size of pre-show beer
What do four gills make?
See 15-Across
Measure with no rhyme
Draft order
20-Across serving
Cream carton capacity
Guinness measure
Ale's well in it?
Guinness measurement
.473 liter
Post-show bar order
Pub quantity
Takeout container size
Gallon fraction
Ale bottle size
Lager order
Ben & Jerry's purchase
Pub quaff
Post-show bar reward
Half-and-half carton, often
Blueberry quantity
Bar measure
Small amount of milk
One quarter of two quarts
About half a liter
Common measuring-cup capacity
Blood-donation amount
Tavern order
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.