Word "PIPER" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
someone who plays the bagpipe

Part of Speech:
type genus of the Piperaceae: large genus of chiefly climbing tropical shrubs
genus piper

Crossword Clues for PIPER

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Clue Source Date
Peter, the pickled-pepper picker LA Times Daily 28 Jun 2022
Spit it out about returning minstrel Irish Times Crosaire 18 Jun 2022
Pan, for one Thomas Joseph 03 May 2022
Musician to do a bit better than Queen The Guardian Cryptic 21 Mar 2022
Flute player Thomas Joseph 14 Mar 2022
The Pied ___ Family Time 24 Jan 2022
One of 11 in a Christmas song Premier Sunday 19 Sep 2021
Hamelin's rat remover Newsday 01 Sep 2021
Spot the Queen band member, perhaps The Telegraph Toughie 01 Jul 2021
"Pied" musician of legend Universal 01 Apr 2021
Pan, for one Thomas Joseph 13 Feb 2021
Decorator working in the bakery as a musician Irish Times Crosaire 16 Jan 2021
The one who must be paid for getting Penny into the dock Irish Times Crosaire 28 Nov 2020
"Pied" folklore guy LA Times Daily 17 Nov 2020
'Pied' folklore guy The Washington Post 17 Nov 2020
Certain Scottish musician Universal 11 Mar 2020
Luring musician of lore The Washington Post Sunday 01 Mar 2020
One of the musicians on the 11th day of Christmas
Musician and cake decorator? The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Nov 2019
One of 11 in a Christmas carol New York Times 27 Oct 2019
One of 11 in a Christmas carol
Pied ___ Universal 19 Oct 2019
Pied __ (legendary rat remover) Newsday 23 Sep 2019
Proverbial payee Newsday 01 Sep 2019
Pan, for one Wall Street Journal 13 Aug 2019
Pan, for one
Pied ___
--- The Washington Post 27 Dec 2018
--- LA Times Daily 27 Dec 2018
Musician The Times Concise 29 Oct 2018
'Pied' musician of legend USA Today 05 Sep 2018
Kilted musician USA Today 02 Aug 2018
Person to be paid The Washington Post Sunday 24 Jun 2018
Pied ___ ('Silicon Valley' company) Jonesin 12 Jun 2018
Hero from Hamelin Newsday 10 May 2018
Pan, in myth New York Times 17 Apr 2018
Consequently, he will have to pay parking in middle of fishing spot Irish Times Crosaire 08 Feb 2018
"Pied" musician of legend
Pan, in myth
Kilted musician
Musician to just beat hesitation The Sun Two Speed 20 Dec 2017
Military musician The Sun Two Speed 20 Dec 2017
Many a March 17 marcher USA Today 21 Nov 2017
Pan, e.g Wall Street Journal 28 Sep 2017
Pied __ (legendary rat catcher) Newsday 27 Feb 2017
Certain highlands musician LA Times Daily 05 Jan 2017
Many a March 17 marcher
Certain highlands musician
One of a carol's 11 Newsday 25 Dec 2016
Man famously followed by rats Universal 13 Dec 2016
Hamelin musician Eugene Sheffer 09 Dec 2016
One playing wind instrument daily in East End being heard? The Times Cryptic 10 Oct 2016
Pickled pepper picker Peter The Washington Post 08 Jul 2016
"The 12 Days of Christmas" musician Universal 02 Jul 2016
20 Across VIP Newsday 03 Jun 2016
March 17 musician USA Today 21 Apr 2016
Musical blower The Telegraph Quick 08 Apr 2016
"The 12 Days of Christmas" musician
Piano put in middle of jetty for musician The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Dec 2015
Peter the pepper picker Newsday 08 Dec 2015
Kilted musician Wall Street Journal 06 Nov 2015
East-End trendy stops for each bird The Telegraph Toughie 06 Aug 2015
Hamelin hero Newsday 02 Aug 2015
Artist known for his stained glass in Coventry Cathedral, d. 1992 The Guardian Quick 28 Feb 2015
Pan, e.g.
Peter the pepper picker
Hamelin hero
Kilted musician
Hamelin's rat catcher, for one
He was pied in Hamelin
Pepper picker
Famous Peter
One to be paid
Peter, the pickled-pepper picker
Flutist, e.g.
Was at Floyd's "Gates of Dawn"
Pink Floyd "The ___ at the Gates of Dawn"
Pied --
One to be paid
Parade tootler
Peter in a tongue twister
Proverbial payee
Proverbial payee
Pepper picker
Big name in general aviation
Hamelin's flutist
Peck of pickled peppers picker Peter
Highland musician
Eleventh-day musician
Scottish musician
Peter the pepper picker
Kilted musician
'Pied' musician
Kilted musician
Flute player
Hamelin musician
Someone to pay?
Someone to pay?
Pay the ___ (bear the consequences)
Hamelin musician
Pickled-pepper picker
Proverbial payee
Tongue-twisting Peter
March 17th musician
Pied one, of rhyme
Popular airplane maker
March 17 marcher
Hamelin's deratter
"Twelve Days of Christmas" figure
Tom's father, in verse
Hamelin musician
Tom's dad, in the rhyme
Carol musician
Carol musician
Scottish musician
Hamelin musician
Actress Laurie
Kilted musician
Pickled-pepper picker
He plays the tune
March 17 musician
Hamelin hero
"The Twelve Days of Christmas" musician
Bag man?
He was pied in Hamelin
Tom's father
Pan, e.g.
Tom's dad, in the rhyme
St. Patrick's Day musician
Flute player
Hamelin helper
Hamelin's tempter
He sometimes holds the bag
Thieving Tom's father
Pan was one
Dundee musician
Hamelin's music man
Hamelin figure
A famous picker
Pan, e.g.
Hamelin's hero
Player of pibrochs
Pepper picker
One to pay
Tune-caller's payee
Tom's father
Hamlin figure
Someone to pay
Pay the ___
See 34 Across
Man to be paid
Collector for those who dance.
Musician of sorts.
Pibroch player.
Young pigeon.
Musician of a sort.
Pickled-pepper picker.
Man with a pibroch.
Famous Peter.
The dancer pays him.
He has to be paid.
A young pigeon.
Player of a pibroch.
Father of pig-stealer.
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