Word "PITCH" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
set the level or character of
She pitched her speech to the teenagers in the audience

Part of Speech:
any of various dark heavy viscid substances obtained as a residue

Part of Speech:
abrupt up-and-down motion (as caused by a ship or other conveyance)
lurch, pitching
the pitching and tossing was quite exciting

Crossword Clues for PITCH

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Clue Source Date
Fling; golf shot The Telegraph Quick 22 Nov 2021
Throw The Telegraph Quick 18 Nov 2021
Pa drops a long throw The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Nov 2021
Inning's beginning Universal 13 Oct 2021
Topic for a voice coach New York Times 28 May 2021
Place on a scale? Wall Street Journal 10 Mar 2021
Forays off factory ship by launch Irish Times Crosaire 11 Nov 2020
Level playing field The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Jul 2020
Home delivery? Universal 19 Jun 2020
Slope, of a roof say Irish Times Simplex 09 Jun 2020
Sales talk to those characters at the end of 5 down Irish Times Crosaire 05 May 2020
Toss onto the playing field Irish Times Simplex 26 Feb 2020
Throw a breaking ball Family Time 15 Dec 2019
Level throw The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Oct 2019
Sinker, slider or spitball Wall Street Journal 26 Aug 2019
Sales talk Thomas Joseph 17 Jun 2019
Playing field The Telegraph Quick 03 Apr 2019
Tar; lob The Telegraph Quick 16 Mar 2019
Buy lines? Wall Street Journal 16 Mar 2019
Sales spiel Thomas Joseph 27 Feb 2019
Sinker, slider or spitball
Buy lines?
Sports field The Telegraph Quick 30 Dec 2018
Note sung Newsday 30 Nov 2018
Sales talk Jonesin 27 Nov 2018
Knuckler or slider USA Today 23 Sep 2018
Football/cricket area The Times Concise 02 Aug 2018
Diamond delivery Wall Street Journal 18 Jul 2018
Throw; tar The Telegraph Quick 10 Feb 2018
Diamond delivery
Knuckler or slider
Throw to a batter Newsday 07 Nov 2017
Work from the mound Thomas Joseph 05 Jun 2017
Tar; toss The Telegraph Quick 26 Apr 2017
Degree of intensity in effort to sell The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Apr 2017
Substance containing cold, distilled residue The Times Cryptic 27 Sep 2016
Roofing material LA Times Daily 15 Aug 2016
Throw it in front of parish church The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Aug 2016
Level of intensity The Telegraph Quick 13 May 2016
Singer's concern New York Times 22 Apr 2016
Toss ... and a hint to the last words of 18-, 27-, 49-, and 62-Across The Washington Post 11 Apr 2016
Take the mound Newsday 03 Jan 2016
Roofing material
Bit of marketing New York Times 20 Dec 2015
Tar to set up camp The Sun Two Speed 15 Nov 2015
Angle (of a roof) The Sun Two Speed 15 Nov 2015
A level playing field The Telegraph Toughie 21 Oct 2015
Check under bed for bowl? The Times Cryptic 23 Jul 2015
Spiel New York Times 03 Jul 2015
-- and putt The Telegraph Quick 13 Feb 2015
Bit of marketing
Place on a scale?
Tuning-fork standard
Tuner's concern
Sinker or two-finger fastball, e.g.
Sound quality
Hull sealer
Selling technique
Sound quality
Selling technique
Every musician wants it perfect
Throw from the mound
Sell, as an idea for a TV show
Sinker, e.g.
See 59-Across
Work on the mound
Chorister's concern
Salesperson's specialty
Work on a mound
Work on a mound
Try to arouse interest in
Sales talk
High-pressure talk
High-pressure talk
Plunge forward
See 51-Down
Throw from the mound
Sell, as an idea for a TV show
Throw from the mound
Toss with careful aim
Take the mound
Work on the mound
Word with sales or perfect
Sales ____
Emulate Roger Clemens
Ball or strike
Sales spiel
Throw your best spitter
Sales spiel
Fall forward
Sales spiel
Slider, e.g.
Emulate Goose Gossage
Seaver's can reach 95 m.p.h.
Seaver delivery
Slider, for one
Sales try
Sales talk
Curve, for one.
Golfer's shot
Ball or strike.
Baseball term.
Start of the ball game.
Popular card game.
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