Crossword Clues for PLACES

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Clue Source Date
First, second and third Wall Street Journal 19 Oct 2022
Locales Eugene Sheffer 22 Aug 2022
Director's call LA Times Daily 03 Aug 2022
Puts one's fingers on what's said to be fish sauce, for starter Irish Times Crosaire 07 Oct 2021
Finishes second The Washington Post 11 Nov 2020
Finishes second LA Times Daily 11 Nov 2020
Finds a job for Newsday 13 Aug 2020
Locations Canadiana 20 Jul 2020
Doesn't just show The Washington Post Sunday 08 Jul 2018
Something a director shouts Family Time 18 Jun 2018
Comes in second Universal 10 Jun 2018
Sites The Telegraph Quick 16 Mar 2018
Puts steps across lake The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Jan 2018
Comes in second
Sites Thomas Joseph 23 Oct 2017
Pre-curtain call LA Times Daily 31 May 2017
Pre-curtain call The Washington Post 31 May 2017
Finishes second USA Today 28 May 2017
Stage director's directive Newsday 07 May 2017
Pre-curtain call
Finishes second
Finishes second
Literally, books LA Times Daily 17 Jun 2016
Takes second USA Today 23 Mar 2016
Locations USA Today 18 Jan 2016
Literally, books
Director's cry LA Times Daily 15 Nov 2015
Locations Newsday 23 Jan 2015
Director's cry
Assigns to a seat
"___ to go, people to see"
Connects with a memory
Director's cry
Connects with a memory
Cry to stage performers
Finishes in second
Troupe instruction
Director's cry
"__ to go, people to see"
"__ to go, people to see"
Cry to stage performers
Some nouns
Director's call
Puts one's finger on
Film director's command
Cry to actors on a set
Where to go for success?
Puts in context
Categorical alternative to people or things
Is in the money
Director's cry, on the set
Follows the leader
Locales; sites
Runs in the money
Peyton and Sutton
Finishes second
Short streets.
"Everybody get ready on the set!"
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.

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