Word "PLAY" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
contend against an opponent in a sport, game, or battle
encounter, meet, take on
Princeton plays Yale this weekend
Charlie likes to play Mary

Part of Speech:
pretend to have certain qualities or state of mind
act, act as
She plays deaf when the news are bad

Part of Speech:
manipulate manually or in one's mind or imagination
diddle, fiddle, toy
She played nervously with her wedding ring
He played with the idea of running for the Senate

Crossword Clues for PLAY

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Clue Source Date
Enjoy a board game USA Today 25 Jun 2022
"Proof" or "Doubt" LA Times Daily 18 Jun 2022
Thing on Broadway Family Time 08 May 2022
Recess activity Universal 21 Apr 2022
'Angels in America' started as one USA Today 28 Feb 2022
Stage show Eugene Sheffer 02 Feb 2022
Pretend to be Newsday 29 Jan 2022
Theater production Eugene Sheffer 03 Jan 2022
Work's antithesis USA Today 21 Nov 2021
Quietly, set for recreation The Times Cryptic 19 Nov 2021
It may have five acts Universal 07 Oct 2021
Oppose West End show? The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Sep 2021
Get a board game to the table USA Today 08 Sep 2021
“I ____ the noble housewife with the time, to entertain it so merrily with a fool” (All’s Well That Ends Well) The Times Specialist Sunday 29 Aug 2021
Stage show Eugene Sheffer 06 Aug 2021
Theater presentation Newsday 07 Jul 2021
Revolting characters in quality Alpine drama Irish Times Crosaire 25 Jun 2021
Oppose petition, swapping sides The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Jun 2021
Enjoy recess USA Today 26 May 2021
Button on an old VCR Family Time 24 May 2021
Broadway show Eugene Sheffer 22 May 2021
Make music New York Times 02 May 2021
Join the game Thomas Joseph 06 Apr 2021
Perform a sonata, say USA Today 29 Mar 2021
Perform on the piano Universal 15 Mar 2021
Leads in Private Lives and Yentl performed at The Abbey Irish Times Crosaire 05 Mar 2021
Work? No, the opposite Family Time 21 Feb 2021
Frolic USA Today 14 Dec 2020
Off-hours activity New York Times 08 Dec 2020
Quarterback’s call Wall Street Journal 21 Nov 2020
Wiggle room Newsday 13 Nov 2020
Stage production Newsday 24 Aug 2020
With 62-Down, lie motionless New York Times 19 Aug 2020
Theater production Eugene Sheffer 17 Aug 2020
Enjoy a game USA Today 24 Jul 2020
With 25-Across, get as much approval from an audience as possible New York Times 28 Jun 2020
Follower of fair, foul or free Newsday 27 Jun 2020
Dramatic offering LA Times Daily 31 May 2020
Dramatic offering The Washington Post 31 May 2020
Remote button USA Today 07 Apr 2020
Perform in a band USA Today 10 Mar 2020
Word that can precede each half of the starred answers Wall Street Journal 18 Feb 2020
It's definitely not work Family Time 09 Feb 2020
Theatrical presentation The Sun Two Speed 09 Dec 2019
Drama as Liberal cuts wages The Sun Two Speed 09 Dec 2019
Opening for all sides today to get onto the pitch at Croke Park, for example Irish Times Crosaire 07 Dec 2019
August Wilson creation USA Today 04 Dec 2019
Stage production Universal 29 Nov 2019
"A Raisin in the Sun," for one Universal 11 Nov 2019
Portray in a drama The Times Concise 26 Aug 2019
Drama The Times Concise 09 Aug 2019
Recreation The Times Concise 04 Aug 2019
Latitude; compete against The Guardian Speedy 07 Jul 2019
''All work and no __ . . .'' Newsday 03 Jun 2019
With 71-Across, act all-powerful Premier Sunday 19 May 2019
Word with safe or out The Washington Post 11 May 2019
Word with safe or out LA Times Daily 11 May 2019
Drama The Telegraph Quick 27 Apr 2019
Work of Shakespeare New York Times 15 Apr 2019
Dramatist's work is anything but! The Sun Two Speed 22 Mar 2019
Stage show Eugene Sheffer 12 Jan 2019
Word with safe or out
Work of Shakespeare
Opposite of work Family Time 23 Dec 2018
Tony candidate Jonesin 04 Dec 2018
Remote button LA Times Daily 31 Oct 2018
Remote button The Washington Post 31 Oct 2018
Recorder button New York Times 19 Oct 2018
Latitude LA Times Daily 14 Oct 2018
Latitude The Washington Post 14 Oct 2018
Theater production Newsday 25 Sep 2018
Work's opposite New York Times 10 Sep 2018
Tom Stoppard creation LA Times Daily 01 Aug 2018
Tom Stoppard creation The Washington Post 01 Aug 2018
Romp LA Times Daily 24 May 2018
Romp The Washington Post 24 May 2018
U-turn from work Family Time 13 May 2018
No Tories in epistolary drama Irish Times Crosaire 16 Apr 2018
Have some fun Universal 15 Apr 2018
Challenge for most of 30 across Irish Times Crosaire 14 Apr 2018
Sketch parking place Irish Times Crosaire 11 Apr 2018
Word with bill or ball The Washington Post 28 Mar 2018
Word with bill or ball LA Times Daily 28 Mar 2018
'Will it ___ in Peoria?' The Chronicle of Higher Education 02 Mar 2018
DVD remote button New York Times 07 Feb 2018
Ump's call after "Time!" USA Today 31 Jan 2018
Remote button
Ump's call after "Time!"
Tom Stoppard creation
Recorder button
DVD remote button
Word with bill or ball
"Will it ___ in Peoria?"
Have some fun
Work's opposite
DVR button Thomas Joseph 06 Dec 2017
Stage drama The Times Concise 29 Nov 2017
DVR button USA Today 30 Oct 2017
Work's opposite The Washington Post 16 Oct 2017
Work's opposite LA Times Daily 16 Oct 2017
Word after passion or power USA Today 18 Aug 2017
Participate in a game Family Time 24 Jul 2017
DVD button New York Times 16 Jul 2017
Most of 13 across is on all sides today, for starters Irish Times Crosaire 03 Jun 2017
Stage show Premier Sunday 21 May 2017
Stage presentation Newsday 08 Feb 2017
The 'thing,' to Hamlet New York Times 24 Jan 2017
DVD button
The "thing," to Hamlet
DVR button
Enjoy recess
Word after passion or power
Work's opposite
Quiet place for fun The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Dec 2016
Gambol Premier Sunday 04 Dec 2016
Pressure on amateur to perform The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Oct 2016
Make good use of recess Universal 28 Sep 2016
"Hamlet" or "Tru" USA Today 06 Sep 2016
Latitude Family Time 05 Sep 2016
Piano set to offer scope for movement The Telegraph Toughie 01 Sep 2016
Fun and games Newsday 21 Aug 2016
Recreation Newsday 31 Jul 2016
Sport to make a profit -- pounds coming in The Telegraph Toughie 12 Jul 2016
E.g. 22 take part in a game The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Jun 2016
Word with time or money LA Times Daily 02 Jun 2016
Quarterback's call Wall Street Journal 21 May 2016
Work on stage where there's room to manoeuvre The Telegraph Cryptic 18 May 2016
Huddle call The Washington Post 27 Apr 2016
Shakespeare work Universal 11 Apr 2016
DVR button Newsday 10 Apr 2016
Word with fair or foul LA Times Daily 06 Apr 2016
Quiet place for entertainment The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Apr 2016
DVR remote button Wall Street Journal 22 Mar 2016
Opposite of work New York Times 15 Feb 2016
Function associated with a right-pointing arrowhead icon, often The Chronicle of Higher Education 05 Feb 2016
Frolic The Telegraph Quick 24 Jan 2016
Ump's call after 'Time!' New York Times 20 Jan 2016
Where a scene is seen? Universal 03 Jan 2016
Opposite of work
Word with time or money
Where a scene is seen?
Make good use of recess
Ump's call after "Time!"
Function associated with a right-pointing arrowhead icon, often
Perform at the piano Newsday 28 Dec 2015
Gambit New York Times 20 Dec 2015
Thespian production USA Today 27 Nov 2015
Eugene Ionesco production Jonesin 03 Nov 2015
Please stay around for drama Irish Times Crosaire 22 Oct 2015
Something to do in 9 across with a doll's house, for example Irish Times Crosaire 06 Oct 2015
After-school production, maybe Jonesin 10 Sep 2015
Dramatist's work Universal 30 Aug 2015
14-Across, for one Universal 13 Aug 2015
DVR button Jonesin 23 Jun 2015
See 17 The Guardian Quick 20 Jun 2015
Frolic and gambol Universal 02 Jun 2015
Work's antithesis Universal 23 May 2015
iTunes button New York Times 31 Mar 2015
Join the game LA Times Daily 23 Mar 2015
"Waiting for Godot," for one Universal 22 Feb 2015
Stage presentation Eugene Sheffer 08 Jan 2015
Perform at the piano
Take the field
Join the game
iTunes button
"Waiting for Godot," for one
14-Across, for one
Take the field USA Today 01 Jan 2015
Thespian production
Horse around
"Richard III" or "Henry V"
Dramatist's work
Frolic and gambol
Work's antithesis
It's staged
Quarterback's call
Be in the game
___ on words
Theater production
Wiggle room
Opposite of work
Android app store
Leisure activity
Run on a DVD player
Fun and games
Google Android Market successor
See 52-Across
Engage in a sport
DVD menu option
Something to stage
Remote-control button
Be in the game
Broadway presentation
Coach's call
Fun and games
"Family Feud" option
See 52-Across
Get in the game
What's behind the curtain?
Get in the game
Freedom of movement
Chalk talk diagram
Get in the game
School recess
Recess activity
With 35-Down, much-anticipated cry every April
Theatrical event
Quarterback's call
Fool around
"Wit" or "Doubt"
Be in the game or in the band
Staged event?
"Romeo and Juliet," for one
Dramatic production
Put on the hi-fi
Stage production
Kennedy Center offering
Bit of theatrics
Put on the hi-fi
Horse around
Quarterback's call
Fun and games
Remote button
Horse around
Wiggle room
"Will it ___ in Peoria?"
TiVo remote button
Broadway offering
With 39-Across, pretend
Be in the game or in the band
Pinter production
Globe production
Stage production
Work for Mamet
Pinter product
Tickle the ivories
Chalk talk diagram
Tony winner
Broadway show
DVD menu option
Broadway offering
Dramatic presentation
DVD button
Drama, for instance
Word with date or money
Broadway production
Get in the game
Get in the game
Word with date or money
Remote-control button
Assembly show
One way to enjoy a game
Work antithesis
Unimpeded motion
Dramatic work
It's often staged
Jack's proverbial need
Pass or run
See 12-Down
Broadway offering
Gambol or gamble
Engage in tag, say
Game move
"Tru," e.g.
Quarterback's call
Broadway production
Off-Broadway offering
Broadway offering
Tony candidate
Umpire's cry at the start of a baseball game
"Hamlet," for example
See 32-Across
Something to stage
Thespian production
Word with squeeze or power
It's staged!
It makes Jack less dull
6 Down, e.g.
iPod button
It's staged!
Be in the game
Kind of bill
Stage show
Screen pass, e.g.
Kennedy Center offering
Broadway offering
Stage offering
Tackle the tuba
Tickle the ivories
Boom box button
DVD menu option
Shakespeare work
Work on a stage
Shakespeare work
Work on a stage
Enjoy recess
Have fun
Great White Way offering
Tony candidate
Game action
Broadway production
Go (along)
Get in the game
Be in the band
Make music
With 79-Down, something to do in the yard
Wiggle room
Maneuvering room
Take the role of
Game plan?
O'Neill creation
Take the field
Recess activity
"Romeo and Juliet," e.g.
"Pygmalion", for one
Hamlet's thing
Arthur Miller creation
Kind of bill
Have fun
Fun and frolic
Recess activity
Take part in a game
"Oedipus Rex" or "Waiting for Godot"
VCR button
Tickle the ivories?
VCR button
Cassette function
Frolic and gambol
Have fun
Kindergarten activity
Dramatic presentation
Take the field
Join in the game
Tony candidate
It's on the boards
Be in the game
Stoppard work
VCR button
Broadway production
Picnic or Tru
Work's antithesis
O'Neill opus
____ the market
Leisure pursuit
QB's call
Euripides work
"Harvey" or "Annie"
Stage offering
N. Simon product
"___ it, Sam"
Pinter product
Ionesco product
Broadway attraction
Inge product
Shaw opus
Pinter creation
"The thing" to Hamlet
___ on words (pun)
Neil Simon creation
"The thing," to Hamlet
"Hamlet" is one
Connelly creation
Sean O'Casey product
"The Mousetrap," for one
Dryden's "All for Love" is one
___ possum
Jack's need
Lay a wager
Certain Jack's need
Double or foul
Kind of bill or boy
Freedom for motion
Familiar call, with 5 Across
Broadway offering
A need for Jack
O'Neill work
Rialto offering.
Recess activity.
Freedom for action.
Miller's product.
Curtain raiser.
Pinter product.
Fun and games.
"Outward Bound."
Move, in a game.
Turn at cards.
Emulate 15 Across.
Activity of childhood.
Broadway attraction.
The thing, in "Hamlet."
"High Tor," for example.
"Gideon," for example.
Haymarket attraction.
Take part.
"The Frogs," for example.
Free motion.
Rialto speciality.
Childhood's sphere.
"The Iceman Cometh."
School activity.
Room for action.
Actor's vehicle.
Scope for action.
"Festival," for instance.
"Bus Stop."
"The Teahouse," for instance.
"Sabrina Fair," for instance.
___ the game.
"Picnic" for instance.
"Kind Sir," for instance.
The thing, according to Hamlet.
"One Bright Day," for instance.
Broadway production.
Summer theatre offering.
It's seen when you draw the curtain
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