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Word "PLEAD" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
appeal or request earnestly
I pleaded with him to stop

Part of Speech:
enter a plea, as in courts of law
She pleaded not guilty

Part of Speech:
make an allegation in an action or other legal proceeding, especially answer the previous pleading of the other party by denying facts therein stated or by alleging new facts

Crossword Clues for PLEAD

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Clue Source Date
Beg Thomas Joseph 10 Apr 2021
Make an emotional appeal USA Today 28 Mar 2021
Implore Eugene Sheffer 21 Dec 2020
Argue a case Newsday 06 Nov 2020
Respond to a charge Newsday 22 Oct 2020
Beg and beg Wall Street Journal 01 Jun 2020
Answer, in court Jonesin 05 May 2020
'I ___ the Fifth' USA Today 29 Apr 2020
Make one's case LA Times Daily 06 Apr 2020
Power metal put forward The Sun Two Speed 02 Apr 2020
Beg, implore The Times Concise 14 Mar 2020
Request mercy, say The Washington Post Sunday 15 Dec 2019
More than request Newsday 29 Nov 2019
Answer a court charge Newsday 23 Oct 2019
Implore, entreat The Times Concise 16 Oct 2019
Answer a charge Universal 14 Sep 2019
Make a case Universal 07 Aug 2019
Notebook contains the French request The Sun Two Speed 30 Jul 2019
Make an emotional appeal for police escort Irish Times Crosaire 22 Jul 2019
Entreat Universal 09 Jul 2019
Say 'no contest,' say USA Today 09 Jun 2019
Beg to go first after parking The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Feb 2019
Request earnestly Newsday 08 Feb 2019
Some in Marple advised to answer charge The Sun Two Speed 02 Jan 2019
Say "no contest," say
Show initiative after quiet appeal The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Sep 2018
Assert, as insanity USA Today 08 Aug 2018
Quietly be out in front making petition The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Apr 2018
More than ask Universal 08 Apr 2018
Say ''not guilty,'' perhaps Newsday 13 Nov 2017
Claim, as insanity USA Today 29 Aug 2017
Argue, as a court case USA Today 22 Jun 2017
'How do you ___?' (court query) New York Times 23 Jan 2017
"How do you ___?" (court query)
Quietly covering main part, carry on lawsuit The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Sep 2016
Ask in earnest Newsday 16 Sep 2016
Act the advocate Wall Street Journal 29 Jan 2016
Quietly direct to pray The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Dec 2015
Speak on bended knee Family Time 21 Dec 2015
Profess one's innocence, perhaps The Washington Post 01 Dec 2015
Ask on one's knees Universal 24 Nov 2015
Appeal of polytechnic's first principal The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Nov 2015
State "Not guilty," e.g USA Today 24 Oct 2015
Argue in court New York Times 10 Aug 2015
Park guide to make an emotional appeal Irish Times Crosaire 23 Jun 2015
Claim; entreat The Telegraph Quick 02 Mar 2015
Say ''not guilty,'' maybe Newsday 23 Feb 2015
State "Not guilty," e.g.
Say "not guilty," perhaps
Say "not guilty," maybe
Appeal earnestly
Use as an excuse
Beg and then some
Seek mercy, say
Give as an excuse
Make an appeal
Get down on one's knees
Seek mercy
Beg for mercy
Say "not guilty"
Appeal or request earnestly
Say "not guilty," say
Try to persuade, with "with"
Say "guilty" or "not guilty," say
Tell it to the judge
State "not guilty"
Court option
Respond, as to a charge
Say "nolo," say
Say "Not guilty," e.g.
Argue (for)
Entreat earnestly
Allege in defense
Say "Not guilty," say
State "Not guilty"
Make, as a case
State "Not guilty!"
Argue at the bar
Argue one's case
___ guilty
Use arguments
Try to persuade (with)
Say "Not guilty"
Ask urgently
Present a case
Argue, as a case
Speak in court
Make a court statement
Make a court move
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