Word "PLUM" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
any of several trees producing edible oval fruit having a smooth skin and a single hard stone
plum tree

Part of Speech:
fell plumb in the middle of the puddle

Part of Speech:
completely; used as intensifiers
clean, plumb
I'm plumb (or plum) tuckered out

Crossword Clues for PLUM

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Clue Source Date
Fruit in the liqueurs maesil-ju and umeshu USA Today 03 Dec 2022
Fruit The Telegraph Quick 15 Nov 2022
Deep purple Thomas Joseph 14 Nov 2022
Short fat and very desirable! The Times Cryptic 27 Oct 2022
Prune-to-be USA Today 18 Sep 2022
Prune, before drying LA Times Daily 18 Sep 2022
Fruit The Telegraph Quick 23 Aug 2022
Shade of purple USA Today 08 Aug 2022
Prune-to-be, perhaps Premier Sunday 07 Aug 2022
Fruit that's sometimes dried and salted USA Today 28 Jul 2022
Highly desirable Wall Street Journal 29 Jun 2022
Fruit dried to make a prune USA Today 18 Jun 2022
Fruit; choice The Telegraph Quick 11 Jun 2022
Fruit; something desirable The Times Concise 23 May 2022
Choice, highly desirable The Guardian Speedy 15 May 2022
Horner's surprise LA Times Daily 30 Mar 2022
Horner's surprise The Washington Post 30 Mar 2022
A feather in one's cap finishing off claret Irish Times Crosaire 25 Mar 2022
Damson or Mirabelle LA Times Daily 18 Feb 2022
Damson or Mirabelle The Washington Post 18 Feb 2022
Prune, before drying Universal 16 Feb 2022
Purple fruit Family Time 07 Feb 2022
Almost round purple fruit The Times Cryptic 02 Feb 2022
Professor in a game Wall Street Journal 28 Dec 2021
Professor in Clue LA Times Daily 22 Nov 2021
A feather in one's cap finishing off claret Irish Times Crosaire 17 Nov 2021
Purple fruit The Telegraph Quick 30 Oct 2021
Fruit in the William Carlos Williams poem 'This Is Just to Say' New York Times 18 Aug 2021
Purple fruit Eugene Sheffer 12 Aug 2021
Shade of purple New York Times 01 Aug 2021
Prune, pre-drying USA Today 31 Jul 2021
Purple shade Newsday 29 Jul 2021
Choice LA Times Daily 15 Jul 2021
Choice The Washington Post 15 Jul 2021
Prune, pre-drying USA Today 10 Jul 2021
Fruit The Times Concise 10 May 2021
First-class The Times Concise 02 May 2021
Choice The Times Concise 28 Mar 2021
Soft mass, mostly something fruity The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Mar 2021
Orchard fruit Newsday 04 Mar 2021
Fruit that becomes a prune Newsday 03 Nov 2020
Purple fruit Eugene Sheffer 12 Oct 2020
Christmas pudding fruit LA Times Daily 01 Oct 2020
Christmas pudding fruit The Washington Post 01 Oct 2020
Fruit The Telegraph Quick 10 Sep 2020
Cherry ___ (tree) The Washington Post Sunday 23 Aug 2020
Fruit used to make saladitos USA Today 19 Aug 2020
Shade of purple USA Today 15 Aug 2020
Choice New York Times 07 Aug 2020
Fruit such as the damson USA Today 02 Jul 2020
Jack Horner's prize Eugene Sheffer 30 Jun 2020
Fruit, fleshy, reduced The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Jun 2020
Christmas pudding fruit Universal 24 May 2020
'Clue' Professor Jonesin 31 Mar 2020
Professor in a library, perhaps New York Times 25 Mar 2020
Desirable, as a job New York Times 13 Jan 2020
Desirable, as a job
Highly desirable job Wall Street Journal 18 Dec 2019
Shade close to mulberry Newsday 21 Nov 2019
A feather in one's cap finishing off claret Irish Times Crosaire 09 Nov 2019
Juicy reward Canadiana 15 Jul 2019
Fat should be reduced slightly -- get fruit The Telegraph Toughie 18 Jun 2019
Coveted, as a position New York Times 12 Jun 2019
Fruit; something choice The Times Concise 14 May 2019
See 24-Across Premier Sunday 12 May 2019
Nickname of the writer P.G. Wodehouse The Telegraph General Knowledge 29 Apr 2019
Very good local Claret? Irish Times Crosaire 30 Mar 2019
Tomato in tomato paste USA Today 19 Mar 2019
Choice LA Times Daily 17 Feb 2019
Choice The Washington Post 17 Feb 2019
Deep Purple playing on German and Belgium borders Irish Times Crosaire 06 Feb 2019
Fruit in duck sauce USA Today 12 Jan 2019
Tomato in tomato paste
Coveted, as a position
Fruit in duck sauce
Fruit in Jack Horner's pie USA Today 05 Dec 2018
Purple shade Newsday 02 Dec 2018
Highly desirable job USA Today 22 Nov 2018
Fruit with a pit Universal 12 Aug 2018
Duck sauce ingredient Wall Street Journal 09 Aug 2018
It may become a prune Premier Sunday 15 Jul 2018
Tailless cat eating large fruit The Sun Two Speed 16 May 2018
Damson, eg The Sun Two Speed 16 May 2018
Fruit in shapeless mass page brought forward The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Mar 2018
Brandy flavoring Newsday 08 Mar 2018
Dark-red fruit The Telegraph Quick 23 Jan 2018
Fruit with a pit
Fruit in Jack Horner's pie
Highly desirable job
Duck sauce ingredient
Bob's never-ending choice The Telegraph Toughie 22 Dec 2017
Juicy fruit with a pit New York Times 11 Dec 2017
Choice Wall Street Journal 22 Nov 2017
Professor ___ (suspect in Clue) USA Today 09 Oct 2017
Very desirable thing The Times Concise 13 Jul 2017
Jack Horner's pie extraction USA Today 27 Jun 2017
A juicy fruit Family Time 19 Jun 2017
Color close to puce New York Times 27 May 2017
Prune source Wall Street Journal 15 May 2017
Reddish-purple colour The Times Concise 24 Feb 2017
Purple fruit Family Time 13 Feb 2017
Choice, as a job Wall Street Journal 04 Feb 2017
Color close to puce
Professor ___ (suspect in Clue)
Jack Horner's pie extraction
Juicy fruit with a pit
Fruit that's highly desirable, exactly as reported The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Dec 2016
Smooth-skinned fruit The Washington Post 04 Nov 2016
Dark reddish-purple colour: especially valued The Guardian Speedy 31 Jul 2016
A wonderful job on both sides of platinum album Irish Times Crosaire 09 Jul 2016
Choice fruit The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Jun 2016
Purple shade New York Times 16 Jun 2016
Brandy-flavoring fruit The Washington Post 12 Jun 2016
Horner's surprise LA Times Daily 08 May 2016
Fruit that with age grows feathers The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Mar 2016
Choice, as an assignment The Washington Post 22 Mar 2016
Deep purple Premier Sunday 21 Feb 2016
Deep purple Thomas Joseph 20 Feb 2016
Horner's find USA Today 16 Feb 2016
Purple fruit Premier Sunday 31 Jan 2016
First-class — fruit The Guardian Quick 02 Jan 2016
Horner's find
Purple shade
Horner's surprise
Professor ___, Clue suspect New York Times 03 Nov 2015
Fruit with a stone Universal 27 Sep 2015
Fruit of the genus Prunus Wall Street Journal 08 Sep 2015
Brandy flavor Wall Street Journal 04 Sep 2015
Pudding fruit USA Today 21 Aug 2015
Prune, previously Newsday 19 May 2015
Horner's find LA Times Daily 14 Jan 2015
Fruit with a stone
Horner's find
Pudding fruit
Prune, previously
Brandy flavor
Professor ___, Clue suspect
What a prune once was
Suspect in the game Clue
Job everyone wants
Pudding fruit
"Live Through This (Fifteen Stories)" Mighty Joe ___
Purple fruit
Coveted assignment
Tempting perquisite
Prune, before drying
"Clue" professor
Clue professor
Fruit for a Christmas pudding
Jack Horner's find
Little Jack Horner's haul
Prune, before drying
Choice job
"Clue" professor
"Clue" surname
Coveted prize
Fellow suspect of Mustard
Fellow suspect of Mustard
Purple fruit
Juicy fruit
Clue professor
Kind of pudding
Reddish purple
Juicy fruit
Jack Horner's reward
Jack Horner's treasure
Fruit high in antioxidants
Jack Horner's prize
Extremely desirable
Choice, as an assignment
Sweet bonus
Deep purple
Jack Horner's prize
Extremely desirable
Horner's pie extraction
Jack Horner's reward
Clue academic
Desirable reward
Professor played by Christopher Lloyd
Desirable reward
Clue academic
Horner's treasure
Horner's treasure
Prune beginning
Choice assignment
Brandy flavor
Professor in Clue
Treat for Horner?
Nice perk
Choice assignment
Tidbit in Jack Horner's pie
Horner's find
Horner's find
Professor in Clue
Particularly desirable
Professor in Clue
Horner's treat
Pudding fruit
Choice assignment
Little Jack Horner's discovery
Raki fruit
Horner's discovery
Deep purple
Choice, as an assignment
Prune, formerly
"Clue" Professor
Cushy job
Jack Horner's find
Jack Horner's fruit
Jack Horner's fruit
Choice offering
Jack Horner's find
Summer fruit
Coveted prize
Desirable thing
Deep purple
Jack Horner's treat
"Clue" professor
"Clue" professor
Proof of the pudding?
Choice assignment
Enviable assignment
Prune, before drying
Pudding ingredient
Tomato variety
Fellow suspect with Mustard and Green
Jack Horner's find
Brandy base
Jack Horner's find
Horner's fruit
Type of assignment
Prune-to-be, perhaps
Jack Horner's discovery
Juicy job
Horner find
Pick of the lot
Desirable job
Purple color
Desirable position
Kind of pudding
Purple hue
Jack Horner's prize
Desirable thing
Jack Horner's find
Horner's discovery
Prune, formerly
Horner's surprise
Cushy, as a job
Reddish purple
Horner's find
Kind of tomato
High-paying easy job
Jack Horner's surprise
Deep purple
Prized thing
Horner's capture
Horner's reward
Unwrinkled prune
Fleshy fruit
Damson, e.g.
Smooth-skinned fruit
Prune's source
Succulent fruit
Something very good
Little Jack's prize
Horner's prize
Choice thing
" . . . and pulled out a ___"
Political fruit
Political tidbit
Choice thing.
Choice object.
Something choice.
Bluish red.
Kind of pudding.
Fruit tree.
Bluish-red color.
Choice or desirable object.
Dark bluish-red.
Dark bluish-red color.
Lucrative political appointment.
Choice job.
___ pudding.
Political prize.
Choice appointment.
Blue-red color.
Clue suspect
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