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Crossword Clues for POLES

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Clue Source Date
North and South things on a globe Family Time 25 Jan 2021
+ and - New York Times 14 Jan 2021
Ski gear USA Today 26 Dec 2020
Fishing rods Eugene Sheffer 25 Dec 2020
Extrapolates dropping tax rate for some Europeans Irish Times Crosaire 10 Dec 2020
Eg, Warsaw natives The Times Concise 07 Dec 2020
Global extremes Newsday 25 Oct 2020
Extremes of the earth New York Times 17 Aug 2020
Flag holders USA Today 17 Jul 2020
Things that magnets and barbershops both have New York Times 01 Jul 2020
Earth has two USA Today 16 Jun 2020
Warsaw natives Thomas Joseph 25 May 2020
Magnet ends Thomas Joseph 13 Feb 2020
Gondoliers' tools The Washington Post 09 Feb 2020
Spherical extremities The Washington Post 07 Feb 2020
Flag bearers The Washington Post 14 Dec 2019
Skier's pair USA Today 02 May 2019
Ends of the earth The Times Concise 29 Apr 2019
Ends of the Earth USA Today 04 Apr 2019
Battery's + and - New York Times 04 Mar 2019
Firehouse fixtures New York Times 04 Dec 2018
Key items in vaults Newsday 17 Nov 2018
Vaulting aides Universal 17 Aug 2018
People from Warsaw Newsday 15 Aug 2018
Tools for skiers Universal 11 Aug 2018
Staves The Sun Two Speed 02 Aug 2018
Europeans from North and South presumably? The Sun Two Speed 02 Aug 2018
The ends of the earth Wall Street Journal 05 Apr 2018
Opposite ends The Washington Post 17 Mar 2018
They're a world apart Universal 03 Mar 2018
Rods The Telegraph Quick 02 Feb 2018
Flag supporters? Universal 24 Nov 2017
__ apart (highly divergent) Newsday 10 Sep 2017
Ends of a bar magnet USA Today 11 Aug 2017
Things a world apart? Universal 05 Jul 2017
Some Aspen rentals Universal 11 Apr 2017
Globe extremities USA Today 08 Apr 2017
Gdansk natives Wall Street Journal 31 Jan 2017
Vaulters' needs USA Today 16 Dec 2016
One's north and one's south Universal 14 Dec 2015
Opposite extremes The Washington Post 28 Nov 2015
Magnet pair Wall Street Journal 06 Jul 2015
North and south of those in Warsaw Irish Times Crosaire 27 Jan 2015
Pink Floyd "___ Apart"
Ends of the world
Planetary opposites
Icy extremes
Flag supports
They couldn't be further apart
Slalom markers
Cold spots
Walesa's people
Gondola pushers
Ends of the Earth?
The Frames "Telegraph ___"
Tepee-building needs
__ apart (far from agreement)
Frigid points
Sedan chair accessories
Dwellers on the Baltic
Global opposites
Danzig natives
Foul line indicators
Very cold parts of Earth
Maneuvers a gondola
Strip club fixtures
Ends of the earth?
Caps' places
Gdansk denizens
A pair apart?
Festivus props
Fish sticks?
Skier's supports
Dock supports
Planetary pair
Things way up north or way down south
Very cold parts of the earth
Warsaw denizens
Planetary extremes
Telluride rental
Onetime explorers' goals
___ apart
Walesa's countrymen
Wooden shafts
See 41-Down
Propels a gondola
Phone company support?
Moves a raft
Gondola propellers
Explorers' destinations
Walesa's family
Frigid spots
Bytom natives
Totem and flag followers
Points of attraction
Wagon tongues
Poznán natives
Gdynia natives
Warsaw inhabitants
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.