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Crossword Clues for POOLS

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Clue Source Date
Places with lifeguards USA Today 21 Aug 2020
Backyard swimming spots Newsday 04 May 2020
Combines New York Times 25 Apr 2020
Diving board places USA Today 18 Dec 2019
Backyard amenities The Washington Post 17 Nov 2019
Common resources may see sailing vessel return The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Oct 2019
Amenities at some hotels New York Times 21 Jul 2019
Motel swimming spots Newsday 02 Jul 2019
Sunning areas The Washington Post 04 Jun 2019
Indoor swimming spots Newsday 22 May 2019
Natatorium features Wall Street Journal 22 May 2019
Places for laps Thomas Joseph 01 Mar 2019
Places to swim The Washington Post 14 Jan 2019
Diving venues New York Times 19 Feb 2018
Office betting groups USA Today 25 Aug 2017
Places for dips USA Today 07 May 2017
Features of a Los Angeles aerial view The Washington Post 07 Apr 2017
Lifeguards' locales USA Today 08 Jan 2017
Chlorinated waters Universal 04 Sep 2016
Savings combinations Newsday 21 Aug 2016
Combines, as funds USA Today 15 Aug 2016
Small areas of still water Irish Times Simplex 19 May 2016
Combines, as resources Newsday 01 Nov 2015
Sunning sites LA Times Daily 20 Sep 2015
Chlorinated swimming holes USA Today 30 Jun 2015
Merges, as resources Newsday 21 Jun 2015
Combines resources Eugene Sheffer 29 May 2015
Spots for dips LA Times Daily 03 May 2015
Places to get your feet wet?
They often have deep ends
Cement ponds
Lifeguard areas
Swimming spots
Chlorinated backyard waters
Abandoned ___
Resort attractions
Where some crawl
Crawl spaces?
Tide creations
Places to make a big splash
Big splash sites
Sites for laps
Places that require suits
Forms puddles
Venues for Olympians Phelps and Torres
Lottery collectives
Lottery alliances
Certain water containers
Puts into a common fund
Combines, as assets
Joins together
Swimming places
Collects, in a way
Forms a puddle
Commuter groups
Mixes together
Municipal recreation areas
Office diversions
Backyard luxuries
Summer coolers
Stenographers' group
They may be found in offices
Wagering vehicles
Collects as water
Forms a common fund
Olympic venues
Puts together, as money
Diving places
Office betting plans
Betting systems
Suburban status symbols
Sights in suburbia
Betting groups
Common resources
Places in a common fund
Stockholders' get-togethers
Mutual funds
Common funds
Drivers' and divers' facilities
Car groups
Car co-ops
Suburban sights.
Popular places in summer.
Combines for the common benefit.
Business combinations.
Adjuncts of country homes.
Sports lotteries.
Contributes to a common fund.
Hollywood luxuries.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.