Word "PORCH" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a structure attached to the exterior of a building often forming a covered entrance

Crossword Clues for PORCH

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Clue Source Date
House's covered entrance (5)
Protection for a front door (5) Puzzler 26 Mar 2024
Stoep or church vestibule display an example (5)
Rocker setting Thomas Joseph 09 Mar 2024
Place for a couple of rockers LA Times Mini 06 Mar 2024
Place to sit on a hot day
Covered entrance way (5)
You may find a Luchia Lip orchid in the portico (5)
PlusWord No 594
Delivery site New York Times 21 Dec 2023
Screened-in area of some houses USA Today 12 Dec 2023
Screened- in area of some houses
Spot for trick-or-treating
Covered vestibule The Guardian Speedy 01 Oct 2023
Place to shelter by the doorway The Guardian Quick 28 Aug 2023
Area for a swing or a rocker Universal 23 Aug 2023
It might be screened Wall Street Journal 26 Jul 2023
Home swing's setting Universal 06 Jul 2023
"I was hiding under your ___ because I love you," romantic words from "Up"
Covered area near a front door
Covered doorway The Telegraph Quick 23 Dec 2022
Welcome mat site Thomas Joseph 09 Dec 2022
Covered entrance The Guardian Quick 05 May 2022
Outdoor sitting area LA Times Daily 09 Feb 2022
Outdoor sitting area The Washington Post 09 Feb 2022
Swing site The Washington Post 19 Sep 2021
Swing site LA Times Daily 19 Sep 2021
Elite getting out of helicopter providing space for the American rockers Irish Times Crosaire 10 Aug 2021
Place to hang wind chimes New York Times 02 Aug 2021
Possibly screened space Newsday 20 May 2021
Entrance of some members of top orchestra
Church under pressure to keep gold in hall The Sun Two Speed 27 Oct 2020
Veranda The Sun Two Speed 27 Oct 2020
Church under pressure to accommodate gold in hall
Pressure church to keep gold architectural feature The Sun Two Speed 12 Jun 2020
Entrance shelter The Times Concise 12 May 2020
Covered entrance to a building Irish Times Simplex 06 Nov 2019
Veranda Universal 26 May 2019
Part of house that, basically, is lacking in soft light
Place for a rocker The Washington Post 14 Apr 2019
Place for a rocker LA Times Daily 14 Apr 2019
Elite getting out of helicopter providing space for the American rockers Irish Times Crosaire 19 Feb 2019
Place for a rocker
Spot for a swing, maybe
Place for a rocking chair USA Today 09 Sep 2018
Welcome mat setting Wall Street Journal 22 Jan 2018
Place for a rocking chair
Sheltered entrance to a house
Covered entrance for Spanish companion
Glider spot Wall Street Journal 09 Aug 2017
Veranda New York Times 22 May 2017
Swing site New York Times 30 Apr 2017
Swing site
Welcome mat locale, often The Washington Post 10 Dec 2016
Target of many a daily paper Newsday 12 Nov 2016
Quiet church containing gold architectural feature
Glider setting The Chronicle of Higher Education 13 Nov 2015
Covered area leading to a doorway Jonesin 13 Oct 2015
Rocker setting Thomas Joseph 17 Sep 2015
Place for a glider USA Today 08 Apr 2015
Swing setting
Glider setting
Place for a glider
Rocker's place
Place to watch the sun set, maybe
It may be screened
Rocker's place
Swing site
Place to swing?
Where many rockers rock
Place to rock
Swing site
Swingers' place?
Rocker site
Rocker site
It may be covered
It may be covered
It may be covered
One place a rocker rocks
Place for a first date?
Sun deck or solarium
Spot of a rocker
Swing setting
Glider venue
Popular rocker site
Kind of swing
Spot for a swing
Part of a house
Place for a swing
House area
Place for a glider
Place for a hammock.
Gallery, in Dixie.
Place for the rocking-chair set.
Part of a country house.
Sunny part of the house.
Place for a glider.
Architectural item.
Place for a swing
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