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Word "PREGNANT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
rich in significance or implication
meaning, significant

Part of Speech:
filled with or attended with
a silence pregnant with suspense

Part of Speech:
carrying developing offspring within the body or being about to produce new life

Crossword Clues for PREGNANT

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Clue Source Date
Big-bellied parent anxiously considers good name (8)
Significant (pause) The Guardian Quick 11 Dec 2023
Significant (pause) (8)
Ruling supporting power is full of meaning The Telegraph Toughie 23 May 2023
Long to eat something on plate before noon, eating for two The Times Cryptic 18 May 2023
With child The Times Concise 19 Dec 2022
Significant pressure attached to ruling The Telegraph Toughie 05 Jul 2022
Growing on the inside? Universal 04 Jul 2022
Expecting a baby Universal 14 Jan 2022
Expecting green pant to be repaired without using a bit of elastic
Carrying empty gun, confused parent goes around
New bug going round, caught in gym with child The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Nov 2021
Expecting power in control
Expecting to be quiet as a ruler The Telegraph Cryptic 06 May 2021
Expecting Portugal to introduce ruling The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Oct 2020
Expecting president's first ruling
Sort of pause, being knocked up
Gasp admitting heartless government's in trouble? The Telegraph Toughie 09 Apr 2020
Successfully 7d 21d
With child Premier Sunday 27 Oct 2019
Expecting to be ruling alongside president
Expecting a baby Irish Times Simplex 05 Oct 2019
Quiet knight, tense, suppressing rising anger with child
Expecting heads of public relations enterprise to fly over Pole Irish Times Crosaire 15 Mar 2019
Expecting initially positive ruling
Waiting for a delivery New York Times 27 Oct 2018
Expecting ruling after pressure
Significant power in control
Expecting The Times Concise 28 Jan 2018
Waiting for a delivery
Expecting soft ruling
Expecting to be quietly in power
Overseeing a child's development, say Wall Street Journal 18 Dec 2015
Overseeing a child's development, say
Like a noticeable pause
Full of life?
Expecting to show power, having got on the throne
Full of meaning
Some pauses
Full of meaning
Teeming with ideas
Rich in significance
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