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Crossword Clues for PREK

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Clue Source Date
First school for some Newsday 25 Feb 2021
Class for tots, for short Premier Sunday 20 Dec 2020
Early school program, for short USA Today 02 Dec 2020
Class where a child may play with clay, informally Universal 11 Nov 2020
Class for a 4-year-old Family Time 10 Aug 2020
Nursery school, for short Wall Street Journal 19 Oct 2019
Tot's school, briefly USA Today 01 Oct 2019
Nursery school, informally Universal 23 Aug 2019
Class for toddlers Newsday 08 Aug 2019
Early ed. option Wall Street Journal 27 Dec 2018
Like some early learning, for short New York Times 09 Nov 2018
First school for some, briefly USA Today 04 Oct 2018
Nursery sch The Washington Post 19 Aug 2018
School for toddlers, in brief USA Today 04 Jul 2018
Like very early education, for short New York Times 24 Feb 2018
Nursery sch.
Head Start offering Newsday 01 Jul 2017
Early ed. setting Newsday 03 Feb 2017
Early ed setting Newsday 11 Sep 2015
Early-ed. program Newsday 12 Jun 2015
Early ed. class
Like the Head Start program, for short
Like school for toddlers, in brief
Head Start program service, briefly
Nursery school, briefly
First class for some, briefly
Educ. for tots
Class for a four year old, briefly
Very early, as educ.
Class for a 4-year-old, briefly
Like students in the Head Start program
Class for tots
It may come before elem. school
First class, for short
Class in which the teachers may be the only ones wearing underwear
Class that might have finger painting and naptime
Sch. for toddlers
Nursery school level
Nursery program, briefly
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.