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Crossword Clues for PRELAW

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Clue Source Date
Track for some poli-sci majors Newsday 05 Mar 2021
Like bench training? Universal 10 Feb 2021
Would-be lawyer's major Thomas Joseph 08 Jun 2020
Undergrad course of study that might include rhetoric The New Yorker 17 Feb 2020
Major for many poli sci students Wall Street Journal 15 Jan 2019
College track (rather than a major) Newsday 11 Jan 2019
Major for a future D.A Premier Sunday 11 Nov 2018
Future attorney's major USA Today 17 Sep 2018
Attorney-to-be's study Premier Sunday 03 Dec 2017
Study that frequently includes poli sci Wall Street Journal 30 Sep 2017
Poli sci major's program, maybe Newsday 23 Jun 2016
Like some students at this university (and like the letters you need) Wall Street Journal 16 Oct 2015
Future D.A.'s major
Future litigator's study
Future attorney's study
Track for many criminal-justice majors
Like a poli sci major, maybe
Like some undergrad studies
Focus of some undergrads
Future attorney's field of study
Attorney-to-be's major
Course for a budding DA
Poli sci student's major, maybe
Major of many a poli sci student
College program
Like a future DA's study
Like some undergraduate studies
Future attorney's program
Future D.A.'s course
Undergraduate course
Like some college studies
Undergrad path
College program for some Harvard hopefuls
DA's early training
Like some Harvard students
Type of student Bailey was
College course
Certain student
Future attorney's course
Undergraduate course.
Designating a certain college course.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.