Word "PRICE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
value measured by what must be given or done or undergone to obtain something
cost, toll
the price of success is hard work
what price glory?

Part of Speech:
the property of having material worth (often indicated by the amount of money something would bring if sold)
cost, monetary value
he puts a high price on his services

Part of Speech:
United States operatic soprano (born 1927)
leontyne price, mary leontyne price

Crossword Clues for PRICE

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Clue Source Date
Tag line Wall Street Journal 20 Jul 2022
Amount to be paid The Guardian Quick 27 Jun 2022
Something that's asked New York Times 16 Jun 2022
Tag number Thomas Joseph 15 Jun 2022
Cost Newsday 13 Jun 2022
Lyricist's after power charge The Guardian Cryptic 17 May 2022
CPI word Canadiana 16 May 2022
Part of a quote New York Times 05 Feb 2022
How much it costs LA Times Daily 02 Nov 2021
Asking __ The Washington Post 02 Sep 2021
Asking __ LA Times Daily 02 Sep 2021
Cost of purchase The Times Concise 02 Aug 2021
Cost Eugene Sheffer 27 Jul 2021
Cost of purchase The Times Concise 09 Jul 2021
Damage Newsday 19 Jun 2021
Potato starter and starchy food's cost The Sun Two Speed 18 Jun 2021
Amount to pay The Sun Two Speed 18 Jun 2021
What something costs Newsday 25 May 2021
Cost Irish Times Simplex 04 May 2021
Number on a tag The Washington Post 21 Mar 2021
Number on a tag LA Times Daily 21 Mar 2021
Y-axis New York Times 08 Mar 2021
Amount for which something is sold Irish Times Simplex 26 Jan 2021
What a Realtor negotiates Universal 01 Jan 2021
Cost Newsday 29 Dec 2020
A dime a dozen, say? New York Times 06 Dec 2020
Tag number Wall Street Journal 03 Dec 2020
It may be slashed The Washington Post 28 Nov 2020
It may be slashed LA Times Daily 28 Nov 2020
Cost of prima facie case failing to get Mafia aces Irish Times Crosaire 12 Nov 2020
Film actor Vincent ____ was best known for horror roles The Times Specialist Sunday 18 Oct 2020
It's slashed at a sale The Washington Post Sunday 11 Oct 2020
It may be negotiable LA Times Daily 13 Sep 2020
It may be negotiable The Washington Post 13 Sep 2020
Word with freeze or fixing New York Times 13 Sep 2020
It's often on a tag The Washington Post 08 Aug 2020
It's often on a tag LA Times Daily 08 Aug 2020
Number with a dollar sign USA Today 16 Jul 2020
Number on merchandise Newsday 24 Jun 2020
Tag number Newsday 31 May 2020
Betting odds The Times Concise 29 May 2020
Tag info Thomas Joseph 16 Mar 2020
Amount at which a thing is sold Irish Times Simplex 29 Feb 2020
Diner menu info The Washington Post 16 Feb 2020
Diner menu info LA Times Daily 16 Feb 2020
Number on a store shelf USA Today 24 Dec 2019
Sticker datum USA Today 10 May 2019
Shopper's consideration Newsday 25 Apr 2019
Pre-purchase quote Newsday 05 Apr 2019
Haggling focus LA Times Daily 27 Mar 2019
Haggling focus The Washington Post 27 Mar 2019
Information on a ticket New York Times 21 Mar 2019
Information on a ticket
Haggling focus
Sticker datum
Cost of an item The Times Concise 05 Dec 2018
Tag number USA Today 14 Oct 2018
Sales figure New York Times 29 Sep 2018
Amount to pay Newsday 30 Jul 2018
Amount needed to purchase something Irish Times Simplex 21 Jul 2018
Verizon store phone number, e.g.? The Washington Post Sunday 08 Jul 2018
''Damage'' Newsday 29 Jun 2018
Writing in epic novel is similar to The Bill Irish Times Crosaire 05 Jun 2018
Number on a sales tag Newsday 30 Apr 2018
Buyer's concern Universal 17 Mar 2018
Monetary value Universal 15 Mar 2018
Tag number
Sales figure
Tag number Thomas Joseph 23 Dec 2017
What's always found in quotes? New York Times 22 Dec 2017
Subject of haggling Newsday 29 Oct 2017
Cost The Telegraph Quick 22 Oct 2017
Tag line? Wall Street Journal 21 Oct 2017
Figure in a dressing room? Universal 03 Mar 2017
What's always found in quotes?
Number on a sticker USA Today 31 Dec 2016
It's right on TV The Washington Post 03 Dec 2016
Thing to pay Universal 26 Nov 2016
Retail cost Newsday 25 Jul 2016
It's charged Universal 20 Jun 2016
Amount for which a thing is sold Irish Times Simplex 07 May 2016
Figure on a tag The Washington Post 05 Apr 2016
Cost Family Time 07 Mar 2016
Thing to pay
Number on a sticker
It's charged
Star of 1953's 'House of Wax' Wall Street Journal 02 Dec 2015
Listed cost The Times Concise 23 Nov 2015
Shopper's concern Universal 17 Sep 2015
Cost Eugene Sheffer 15 May 2015
Haggling point USA Today 29 Mar 2015
'03 Staind hit "___ to Play"
"What ___ Glory" (1952 James Cagney movie)
Star of 1953's "House of Wax"
Shopper's concern
Haggling point
Haggler's target
Five dollars a pound, e.g.
Going rate
What something costs
Tag figure
Retail cost
Item cost
Haggling focus
Requested amount
Tag line?
Buyer's concern
Asking figure
Damage, so to speak
What it costs
Research before buying
Register scan
Sticker figure
Guess given to Drew Carey
Cutter's target
Actor in Michael Jackson's "Thriller"
Part of C.P.I.
Sticker number
Blue book datum
Three for a dollar, e.g.
See 107 Across
Concern on Drew Carey's game show
Shopper's consideration
The bottom line
Number on a tag
Opera star Leontyne
Research before buying
The P of P/E ratio
Sticker number
Research before buying
Sticker number
Compare the costs of
This can follow the beginnings of the three longest entries
Register display
Item's cost
Asking figure
It's part of the P/E ratio
Sticker figure
Sale item?
Word with purchase or asking
Receipt information
Sticker item
Nick of the PGA
Three for a dollar, e.g.
Tag datum
Tag number
Tag number
Tag info
What you pay
Monetary value
Tag line
"The Fly" star
Tag line
Tag listing
Shopper's concern
Consumer ___ index (cost-of-living measure)
Menu item
Tag line?
Diva Leontyne
$2.99 a dozen, e.g.
The cost of doing business
Tag line
"The ___ Is Right"
It might be right
Buyer's concern
Shopper's consideration
Comparison shopper s concern
Barker's is "right"
Number on a tag
Kind of war
Determine cost
Vincent of "The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo"
Noted Aida
Give a value to
Part of CPI
$1.09 a dozen, say
____ out of the market
Noted "Porgy and Bess" soprano
Word with tag or war
"Eternal vigilance is the ___ of liberty": Jefferson
Shopper's concern
Consumer's concern
Opera star Leontyne
Leontyne of the Met
Retired Met soprano
Ray ___, country singer
Set a value on
Miller's "The ___"
Soprano Leontyne
Met soprano
Leontyne or Vincent
Vincent of chillers
___ supports
Buyer's concern
Kind of tag
Singer Leontyne
Actor Vincent
Opera star.
Buyer's concern.
Shopper's interest.
C. S. A. general.
Quotation, in commerce.
Gov. Daniel.
Gov. Daniel of Texas.
Shopper's concern.
Actor and art expert.
Sen. Daniels.
Sen. Daniel.
Popular cartoonist.
Terms of a deal.
Message on a tag.
"What ___ Glory?"
Head of U. S. Bureau of Censorship.
American censorship chief.
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