Word "PUB" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
tavern consisting of a building with a bar and public rooms; often provides light meals
gin mill, pothouse, public house, saloon, taphouse

Crossword Clues for PUB

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Clue Source Date
Tavern Premier Sunday 27 Nov 2022
Place to grab a pint USA Today 20 Nov 2022
Tavern LA Times Daily 07 Nov 2022
Tavern Eugene Sheffer 28 Sep 2022
British bar USA Today 06 Sep 2022
Inn, hostelry The Times Concise 23 Aug 2022
'Rose and Crown' or 'Dog and Duck'? The Guardian Quick 27 Jul 2022
___ quiz (trivia event) USA Today 25 Jul 2022
Tavern Eugene Sheffer 01 Jul 2022
Ale tap's site Universal 22 Jun 2022
Place to order ale Universal 10 Jun 2022
Tavern Eugene Sheffer 06 Jun 2022
Inn The Guardian Quick 30 May 2022
Tavern Eugene Sheffer 27 May 2022
Tavern Eugene Sheffer 09 May 2022
Bar with beers LA Times Daily 04 Apr 2022
Bar with beers The Washington Post 04 Apr 2022
Tavern Eugene Sheffer 25 Mar 2022
London tavern Newsday 21 Mar 2022
___ trivia New York Times 17 Mar 2022
Tavern Eugene Sheffer 07 Mar 2022
Boozer The Guardian Quick 02 Mar 2022
Where Londoners throw darts Family Time 28 Feb 2022
Place to order rounds The Washington Post Sunday 02 Jan 2022
Tavern Eugene Sheffer 13 Oct 2021
British bar USA Today 12 Oct 2021
Irish ___ USA Today 03 Oct 2021
Soho saloon Thomas Joseph 21 Sep 2021
Watering hole in Bath Universal 11 Sep 2021
Tavern Eugene Sheffer 13 Aug 2021
Tavern Eugene Sheffer 11 Aug 2021
Place for a pint Universal 06 Aug 2021
British tavern Universal 28 Jun 2021
British bar Universal 10 May 2021
Trivia night venue USA Today 07 May 2021
Bar USA Today 27 Apr 2021
Trivia site LA Times Daily 03 Apr 2021
Trivia site The Washington Post 03 Apr 2021
Stop on a drinker's 'crawl' New York Times 22 Mar 2021
Dart team's hangout Newsday 14 Feb 2021
Boozer The Times Concise 07 Feb 2021
Drinking place The Times Concise 03 Feb 2021
British tavern Newsday 27 Jan 2021
Pint seller Universal 11 Jan 2021
Trivia locale, once (and hopefully in the future) Jonesin 05 Jan 2021
Tavern Eugene Sheffer 01 Jan 2021
___ quiz USA Today 30 Nov 2020
Local intros to pop-up book Irish Times Crosaire 28 Nov 2020
Brit's bar Premier Sunday 11 Oct 2020
Place for a pint Universal 05 Oct 2020
Place for a dartboard USA Today 20 Sep 2020
Local parking taken by posh bachelor The Sun Two Speed 03 Sep 2020
Tavern The Sun Two Speed 03 Sep 2020
Lead-in to 'crawl' or 'quiz' USA Today 03 Sep 2020
Trivia locale, often Universal 31 Jul 2020
Bar, inn The Times Concise 28 Jul 2020
Where you might find porters plausibly missing? I'll say! Irish Times Crosaire 04 Apr 2020
Bar LA Times Daily 28 Dec 2019
Bar The Washington Post 28 Dec 2019
Stop on a crawl Universal 21 Dec 2019
Place to hoist a pint Wall Street Journal 12 Dec 2019
Place for a pint Thomas Joseph 10 Dec 2019
Irish watering hole The Washington Post 26 Nov 2019
Irish watering hole LA Times Daily 26 Nov 2019
Local watering hole Newsday 16 Oct 2019
Dart team's practice place, perhaps Family Time 23 Sep 2019
Dart team's hangout Family Time 01 Sep 2019
Common trivia night venue USA Today 30 Aug 2019
Place for a stout USA Today 13 Aug 2019
Soho saloon Thomas Joseph 03 Jul 2019
Place to play darts Universal 25 Apr 2019
Common trivia night venue
Place to play darts
Place for a stout
Place for a pint Wall Street Journal 12 Dec 2018
Tavern Canadiana 24 Sep 2018
Manhattan station? The Washington Post Sunday 19 Aug 2018
Trivia-night site The Chronicle of Higher Education 06 Jul 2018
Quiz venue, perhaps The Washington Post Sunday 01 Jul 2018
___ crawl New York Times 21 Jun 2018
Tavern Premier Sunday 10 Jun 2018
Word before fare or game Newsday 09 Jun 2018
__ quiz Newsday 24 Mar 2018
Place for drinks New York Times 19 Mar 2018
Alehouse The Times Concise 27 Feb 2018
Stout server LA Times Daily 25 Feb 2018
Stout server The Washington Post 25 Feb 2018
Shepherd's pie server Newsday 11 Feb 2018
Happy hour site The Washington Post 07 Feb 2018
Happy hour site LA Times Daily 07 Feb 2018
Trivia venue New York Times 14 Jan 2018
Boozer Irish Times Simplex 10 Jan 2018
Trivia-night site
___ crawl
Place for a pint
Happy hour site
Place for drinks
Stout server
Trivia venue
Boozer The Telegraph Quick 15 Nov 2017
Quiz site Jonesin 26 Sep 2017
Trivia quiz locale Newsday 08 Sep 2017
British watering hole Family Time 20 Aug 2017
Hangout for Andy Capp USA Today 16 Aug 2017
See 39-Down USA Today 10 Jun 2017
London's The Dog and Duck, e.g Wall Street Journal 31 May 2017
London's "Ye Olde Mitre," e.g LA Times Daily 30 Apr 2017
London's 'Ye Olde Mitre,' e.g The Washington Post 30 Apr 2017
Watering hole Newsday 16 Apr 2017
Place to hoist a pint LA Times Daily 16 Mar 2017
Place to hoist a pint The Washington Post 16 Mar 2017
Place for a pint USA Today 14 Mar 2017
See 39-Down
London's "Ye Olde Mitre," e.g.
Place to hoist a pint
Hangout for Andy Capp
Place for a pint
London tavern Family Time 26 Dec 2016
Place to get a pint The Washington Post 15 Dec 2016
Stout server USA Today 07 Dec 2016
Rowling's Three Broomsticks Newsday 15 Oct 2016
British saloon Universal 06 Aug 2016
Building with drafts? The Washington Post 28 Jul 2016
Inn The Telegraph Quick 09 May 2016
Alehouse Premier Sunday 10 Apr 2016
Inn, tavern The Times Concise 15 Mar 2016
British saloon
British bar Premier Sunday 08 Nov 2015
Black and tan seller LA Times Daily 12 Jul 2015
Pint server LA Times Daily 11 May 2015
Trivia night site New York Times 05 May 2015
Cold draft server LA Times Daily 20 Apr 2015
Local, e.g New York Times 12 Apr 2015
Sober up without Rose selling the hard stuff? Irish Times Crosaire 21 Mar 2015
Where one will find last of 8 down for the porters? Irish Times Crosaire 03 Jan 2015
British bar
Black and tan seller
British tavern
Cold draft server
Local, e.g.
Trivia night site
Pint server
"The ___ With No Beer"
Frequent "Andy Capp" setting
Londoner's local
Spot for a shot
__ crawl
West Ham watering hole
Post-show suds source
Place to raise your spirits?
Quiz site, perhaps
Andy Capp's haunt
Brit's bar
Watering hole
Pint place
Theme of the puzzle
Place to pop off to
Place to hoist a pint
43-Across server
Where stuggling U.K. singer/songwriters play
Brit's watering hole
Pint seller
Place for drafts and darts
Place with pint-size servings?
Locale for tapping, toping and tipping
Tavern by a tube station
Darts venue
Place to tip a pint
Brit's watering hole
Pint seller
Place for drafts and darts
Place with pint-size servings?
Mug site
British tavern
Building with drafts
Watering hole
Post-game meeting place, for some
Crawl space?
Soho saloon
Popular meeting place, in London
Drinking spot
Place for a pint
Dartboard setting
Watering hole
Dartboard setting
Bath suds spot?
Modern trivia competition locale
Where locals congregate
Dartboard setting
Londoner's local
Dartboard site
Where to find porters
Gin mill
After-game meeting place, for some
Andy Capp's haunt
Place to raise your spirits?
Where to find porters
Watering hole
Darts venue
Bass guzzler's hangout
London bar
Crawler's goal?
Crawler's goal?
Watering hole
Where Guinness is served
Andy Capp's hangout
Ale offerer
Place to buy a pint
Sot spot
Andy Capp's hangout
Lush spot
Place to play darts
Place to enjoy a pint
Taps setting
Where to find porters
London tavern
Watering hole
Server of stout
Place to find a porter
Place for a pint
Ale server
After-game meeting place
Place for a pint
Draft pick place?
Victorian drinking spot
Place to purchase a pint
Stop on a crawl
Darts venue
Crawler's stop
Darts venue
Ale server
Darts venue
Brit's "local"
Where to find porters
___ grub
Darts venue
Place where you might play cricket
Sot spot
Ale server
British saloon
Place to hoist a pint
Where to get 57-Across and 52-Down
Watering spot
Place to play darts
Place for a pint
Head shop?
Brit's bar
Londoner's local
Place for a cold one
Darts milieu
It's full of drafts
Watering hole, so to speak
Where ale is for sale
Watering hole
Place to have a pint
Place to have a pint
Place to celebrate St. Patrick's Day
Place for a pint
Draught place
Dart team's hangout
London "local"
Limey's hangout
Place for ale
Barhopper's stop
Suds source
Brew milieu
Hangout for Andy Capp
It often has its arms out front
Dublin watering hole
Where to get a draught
Place to obtain a pint
Place to get stout
Darts-game locale
British meeting place
Place for darts
Soho tavern
Locale for "Cheers"
Soho oasis
Quaffing place
Tavern in Leeds
The "local"
Where to make merry in Kerry
Soho social spot
Londoner's "local"
Drinking place
London oasis
Ale place
London sight
Andy Capp's hangout
British bar
Familiar sight in Surrey
Ale server
Alehouse: Slang.
Tavern: Slang.
Putney tavern.
Soho tavern.
The local.
Where to buy a mild-and-bitter.
Tavern in Soho.
Haunt of Tony Weller.
Tavern on the Tyne.
British tavern.
English tavern.
___ quiz
Quiz site, maybe
Bangers and mash spot
Pint point
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