Word "PUPIL" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a learner who is enrolled in an educational institution
educatee, student

Part of Speech:
a young person attending school (up through senior high school)
school-age child, schoolchild

Part of Speech:
the contractile aperture in the center of the iris of the eye; resembles a large black dot

Crossword Clues for PUPIL

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Clue Source Date
Student Mirror Quick 24 Apr 2024
Young dog with one left eye? Mirror Cryptic 24 Apr 2024
Tutor's charge LA Times Mini 24 Apr 2024
Student in the teacher's eye
Student, a mere youngster to be Italian
Part of the eye (5) Puzzler 05 Apr 2024
One in the eye for a would-be scholar
Learner at school (5)
Eye part Thomas Joseph 12 Mar 2024
Schoolchild Mirror Quick 10 Mar 2024
Student of vision? Mirror Cryptic 10 Mar 2024
Protege observed centre of iris
School student (5)
Learner is a bit of a looker (5)
By which one observes the schoolchild (5)
An opening in optics (5)
Centre of the eye (5)
Child studying part of the eye (5)
One who gets schooled? Universal 14 Feb 2024
Student Mirror Tea Time 09 Feb 2024
One In the eye for teacher's pet? (5)
Apple of the eye
It's in the eye of the scholar (5)
Bit of a looker, one with class (5)
Scholar, youngster 49! (5)
Young pet seen with the Italian student (5)
Opening in the iris of the eye (5)
Apprentice barrister Puzzler Backwords 05 Jan 2024
Schoolboy howler not at first recalled The Telegraph Toughie 04 Jan 2024
Student Mirror Classic 04 Jan 2024
Schoolboy howler not at first recalled (5)
Small pet I left for schoolchild The Times Quick Cryptic 03 Jan 2024
School kid Newsday 31 Dec 2023
It's needed to see learner (5)
Student, a bit of a looker (5)
Child in a classroom Newsday 18 Dec 2023
Part of the eye Universal 08 Dec 2023
It's part of the eye
You eye's centre (5)
It expands in the dark Wall Street Journal 18 Nov 2023
Dilation target LA Times Daily 25 Oct 2023
Trainee LA Times Daily 15 Oct 2023
Student Eugene Sheffer 13 Oct 2023
Person instructed Newsday 30 Jul 2023
One who's taught where light enters The Times Cryptic 17 Jul 2023
Part of the eye The Telegraph Quick 07 Jul 2023
School kid Newsday 08 Mar 2023
Eye opening Thomas Joseph 15 Feb 2023
Learner The Guardian Speedy 01 Jan 2023
Schoolchild The Telegraph Quick 07 Nov 2022
Eye's opening; student The Times Concise 28 Sep 2022
Child in school Newsday 29 Aug 2022
Eye opening Thomas Joseph 24 Aug 2022
Student The Telegraph Quick 08 Aug 2022
Prop up ill-prepared boxing student
Student Eugene Sheffer 18 May 2022
Part of an eye
Eye opening Thomas Joseph 14 Feb 2022
One in school Newsday 02 Feb 2022
Schoolchild's twisted effrontery, rebellious
Part of the eye USA Today 03 Jan 2022
Schoolchild's twisted effrontery, rebellious
Eye part Thomas Joseph 20 Nov 2021
That's one in the eye for scholar The Guardian Cryptic 08 Nov 2021
That's one in the eye for scholar
Youngster I start to lecture? The Times Cryptic 07 Oct 2021
Student Eugene Sheffer 05 Oct 2021
This could be the apple of the teacher's eye?
This could be the apple of the teacher's eye? The Guardian Quiptic 04 Oct 2021
Student in a class Newsday 04 Oct 2021
Eye opening The Washington Post 03 Oct 2021
Eye opening LA Times Daily 03 Oct 2021
Optometry school student, aptly Universal 17 Aug 2021
What your 1 Across might cover Newsday 30 Jul 2021
Dilating eye part USA Today 04 Jun 2021
Scholar The Telegraph Quick 30 May 2021
Learner Newsday 28 Mar 2021
Eye opening Thomas Joseph 02 Mar 2021
Eye part   one studies
Student Eugene Sheffer 29 Jan 2021
Student is finished, caught by rising impudence The Telegraph Toughie 28 Jan 2021
Eye part Thomas Joseph 21 Dec 2020
Necessity for a teacher New York Times 09 Nov 2020
Prep round opening of water pump
Young dog accompanying the Italian student The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Oct 2020
Student or schoolchild The Times Concise 20 Aug 2020
Learner at educational institution Irish Times Simplex 05 May 2020
Student at college interrupting short nap The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Apr 2020
Iris aperture LA Times Daily 29 Mar 2020
Iris aperture The Washington Post 29 Mar 2020
Part of the eye surrounded by the iris The Times Specialist Sunday 01 Mar 2020
Classroom student Newsday 13 Jan 2020
Student The Telegraph Quick 05 Jan 2020
Student USA Today 18 Dec 2019
Young dog one left for schoolchild The Sun Two Speed 17 Nov 2019
Learner The Sun Two Speed 17 Nov 2019
Found in a classroom or the eye
Anatomical aperture Wall Street Journal 19 Jun 2019
Student, bit of a looker?
It gets bigger in the dark New York Times 17 Apr 2019
Star ___ New York Times 28 Mar 2019
Student's flipping cheek at university The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Mar 2019
One who has class? LA Times Daily 10 Feb 2019
One who has class? The Washington Post 10 Feb 2019
Anatomical aperture
Star ___
It gets bigger in the dark
One who has class?
Schoolchild The Times Concise 28 Dec 2018
Iris's center Wall Street Journal 17 Dec 2018
Dilating eye part New York Times 27 Nov 2018
Student Family Time 29 Oct 2018
Schoolchild's young dog left lying under one The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Sep 2018
Star __ LA Times Daily 20 Jul 2018
Star __ The Washington Post 20 Jul 2018
Little dog one left for student The Sun Two Speed 27 May 2018
Iris opening Wall Street Journal 14 May 2018
Student something of a looker The Sun Two Speed 08 May 2018
Student Newsday 07 May 2018
Eye opener? Wall Street Journal 06 Mar 2018
One learning this is part of the eye
Iris's center
Star __
Iris opening
Dilating eye part
It grows in the dark New York Times 19 Oct 2017
Teacher's target Universal 04 Sep 2017
Dilation target LA Times Daily 30 Aug 2017
Dilation target The Washington Post 30 Aug 2017
Bart, to Mrs. Krabappel USA Today 21 Aug 2017
School kid Newsday 25 Jul 2017
It gets bigger in the dark Universal 10 May 2017
Iris part Premier Sunday 07 May 2017
Hole in the 12-Across Wall Street Journal 11 Mar 2017
Person at a desk New York Times 22 Feb 2017
School attendee Newsday 17 Jan 2017
It grows in the dark
Dilation target
Person at a desk
Teacher's target
It gets bigger in the dark
Bart, to Mrs. Krabappel
Student Premier Sunday 30 Oct 2016
Student held back by slip-ups
Iris center Premier Sunday 09 Oct 2016
Schoolchild; part of eye The Times Concise 21 Sep 2016
Class-conscious person? Wall Street Journal 26 May 2016
One learning the ropes LA Times Daily 22 May 2016
Homework assignee New York Times 28 Jan 2016
Homework assignee
One learning the ropes
Student's dog seen with girl regularly The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Nov 2015
See-through item? Universal 04 Nov 2015
Student of optometry? Universal 03 Nov 2015
Class member Universal 01 Mar 2015
Student of optometry?
Class member
See-through item?
School kid
See-through item
It's in the eye of the beholder
Learner at a desk
It shrinks in the light
Keller, to Sullivan
Eliza, to Henry Higgins
Part of the eye
One instructed
One learning the ropes
"Nasaan Ka" band
Guitar teacher's student
One being taught a lesson
One who has class
Keller, to Sullivan
It's in the eye of the beholder
Iris center
See-through item
Class member
It grows in the dark
It gets bigger in the dark
Plato, to Socrates
Student of optometry?
It gets bigger at night
Eleve, over here
Iris opening
Eye opening
One receiving lectures?
It's in the eye of the beholder
It grows in the dark
The opening of an iris
School attendee
Eye part
School attendee
Lectured one
Class member
50 Across part
Lectured one
Tutor's charge
Iris's center
Elève, over here
First grade attendee
Iris center
Andover attendee
Primary student
Class member
Eye opening
Learner at a desk
The eyes have it
Student of optometry?
Aristotle, to Plato
Alexander, to Aristotle
Eye part
Member of a certain class
Lesson taker
Eye part.
Teacher's pet.
Instructed one.
Plato to Socrates.
Part of the eye.
Classy individual?
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