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Word "QUAKE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
shake with seismic vibrations

Part of Speech:
shaking and vibration at the surface of the earth resulting from underground movement along a fault plane or from volcanic activity
earthquake, seism, temblor

Part of Speech:
shake with fast, tremulous movements
palpitate, quiver

Crossword Clues for QUAKE

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Clue Source Date
Rhyming synonym of 'shake' USA Today 13 Apr 2021
Tremble Thomas Joseph 14 Oct 2020
Mover and shaker? The Washington Post Sunday 14 Jun 2020
Seismic event Newsday 17 May 2020
Earth-shaking event Jonesin 03 Dec 2019
Seismic episode Newsday 27 Oct 2019
Seismograph detection USA Today 24 Sep 2019
Shudder with fear The Times Concise 04 Sep 2018
Earth mover Wall Street Journal 31 Jul 2018
Fault plane phenomenon USA Today 18 Aug 2017
Earth tremor The Times Concise 08 Aug 2017
Shudder Newsday 27 Apr 2017
Earthshaking event Newsday 02 Apr 2017
Seismograph detection, briefly USA Today 01 Apr 2017
Earthshaking occurrence The Washington Post 16 Nov 2016
Moving experience, of a sort Wall Street Journal 27 Oct 2016
Major disturbance caused by EU stepping out of line about a king The Times Cryptic 09 Sep 2016
Tremble, shake Irish Times Simplex 18 Jun 2016
Shake or tremble as if with fear The Telegraph General Knowledge 29 May 2016
Fault product LA Times Daily 19 May 2016
Tremor The Telegraph Quick 31 Jul 2015
Show trepidation The Chronicle of Higher Education 06 Feb 2015
California worry
Betray fright
Earthshaking news?
Groundswell cause
First-person shooter of 1996
Tremble, as in fear
Product of a fault
Frequent occurrence in California
Faultfinder's concern?
Cereal that lost to Quisp in a 1970s contest
Tremble in fear
Seismic occurrence
1906 San Francisco event
Show fear
Groundswell causer
Seismograph triggerer
Seismograph reading, briefly
Seismic activity
Seismic jolt
Fault concern
Event in tectonics
1989 event at 36 Across
Show fear, in a way
Earth-shaking event?
Seismology subject
Earth mover?
Event near a fault line
It can move mountains
Imitate aspens
Tragic 1980 event in Italy
Richter-scale item
Seismologist's concern
Disaster in Ecuador, Aug. 5, 1949.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.