Word "RADIO" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
an electronic receiver that detects and demodulates and amplifies transmitted signals
radio receiver, radio set, receiving set, tuner, wireless

Part of Speech:
medium for communication
radiocommunication, wireless

Part of Speech:
a communication system based on broadcasting electromagnetic waves

Crossword Clues for RADIO

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Clue Source Date
Or I notice that communication is needed
AM/FM device USA Today 14 Apr 2024
Do air it on the wireless (5)
Wireless set
A source of pleasure or aid perhaps
A famous Christian's cycling broadcast The Guardian Cryptic 09 Apr 2024
Bill in Brazilian port to get communication device (5)
Wireless Mirror Classic 31 Mar 2024
"___ Ga Ga" (1984 Queen hit) (5)
Before the introduction of television in the 50s, this was the main source of news and entertainment at home
Wireless The Telegraph Quick 22 Mar 2024
Audio communication device
Sound broadcasting in general (5)
Call for the Coast Guard Wall Street Journal 14 Mar 2024
Ham's medium Commuter 14 Mar 2024
Hit song from 1979 for The Buggles, Video Killed the ___-- Star (5)
Sirius XM medium Commuter 07 Mar 2024
Do air waves transmit it? (5)
AM/FM device Newsday 06 Mar 2024
Traffic report source Universal 06 Mar 2024
Wireless The Times Concise 03 Mar 2024
Broadcasting medium I'd confused with one of 21 (5)
Means of receiving notice in Brazilian city (5) Puzzler Cryptic 27 Feb 2024
Airwaves media
AM/FM device
Ham's need Thomas Joseph 14 Feb 2024
AM/FM device LA Times Mini 13 Feb 2024
Alarm clock part, often Commuter 13 Feb 2024
A Dior creation set for reception (5)
Recalled row about detective's call
Sends signals in city these days (5)
"Morning Edition" medium LA Times Daily 06 Feb 2024
AM-FM ____
Sirius XM medium Commuter 06 Feb 2024
Machine picking up sound broadcasts Puzzler Backwords 01 Feb 2024
___ Flyer (wagon brand)
Wireless Mirror Quick 17 Jan 2024
Raid spoiled by old medium Mirror Cryptic 17 Jan 2024
___ Ga Ga, Queen song
Raid carried out by old medium Mirror Cryptic 14 Jan 2024
The wireless (5)
Wireless Mirror Quick 14 Jan 2024
TV's forerunner
What the R of NPR stands for
On air in the Niagara diocesan (5)
"Video Killed the _ Star" (1980 Buggles song) (5)
In the middle of parade, ladies bop when it's played
One in road trashing transmitter The Sun Two Speed 16 Dec 2023
Wireless The Sun Two Speed 16 Dec 2023
In city, briefly notice transmitter (5)
PlusWord No 564
Wireless communication The Guardian Quick 07 Dec 2023
SiriusXM medium New York Times 05 Dec 2023
Medium for a ham Wall Street Journal 04 Dec 2023
1984 hit single by Queen, written by Roger Taylor (5,2,2)
"Video Killed the ___ Star" (first music video played on MTV)
Standard car feature Commuter 01 Dec 2023
"___ Ga Ga," 1984 Queen song that defends an old broadcast medium
Medium for a shock jock
"___ Ga Ga" -- 1984 song by Queen (5)
Walkie-talkie The Times Concise 06 Nov 2023
Word with signal or silence New York Times 31 Oct 2023
Where to find bands on bands LA Times Daily 19 Oct 2023
Medium for FDR's fireside chats Universal 02 Oct 2023
Sound waves sender that you can tune Family Time 17 Sep 2023
Word with station or silence New York Times 27 Aug 2023
Broadcast medium The Guardian Speedy 20 Aug 2023
Ham's device Eugene Sheffer 22 Jul 2023
Wireless communication The Guardian Quick 22 Jul 2023
AM/FM device USA Today 13 Jul 2023
Dash device Newsday 09 Jul 2023
Wireless The Telegraph Quick 27 Jun 2023
Listener's device, once commonly Family Time 20 Jun 2023
Broadcast medium USA Today 09 Jun 2023
NPR part Universal 31 May 2023
Part of NPR LA Times Daily 03 May 2023
Medium may take daughter in for time to create relationship? The Guardian Cryptic 03 Apr 2023
Audio device with a tuner
Broadcast medium USA Today 26 Feb 2023
Queen's "___ Ga Ga"
See 46 Down Newsday 15 Feb 2023
Wireless The Telegraph Quick 14 Feb 2023
CBer's device Eugene Sheffer 02 Jan 2023
Ham's need Thomas Joseph 28 Dec 2022
Device with a tuner USA Today 27 Dec 2022
Set of individual duties and responsibilities initially rejected The Telegraph Toughie 13 Dec 2022
Transistor ___, portable music device that allowed people to listen to music on the go
Walkie-talkie medium USA Today 01 Dec 2022
CBer's device Eugene Sheffer 22 Nov 2022
Sirius business LA Times Daily 28 Oct 2022
Communication device The Times Concise 06 Oct 2022
Communications device The Times Concise 24 Sep 2022
AM/FM device Universal 31 Aug 2022
97.9 The Box medium USA Today 28 Aug 2022
"On the Media" medium LA Times Daily 19 Aug 2022
__ waves LA Times Daily 23 Jul 2022
In South American port, notice transistor maybe The Times Cryptic 22 Jul 2022
What catches some waves? Universal 27 Jun 2022
Marconi’s invention Wall Street Journal 13 Jun 2022
Hit home? The Washington Post Sunday 12 Jun 2022
CBer's device Eugene Sheffer 03 Jun 2022
Traffic report source Wall Street Journal 28 May 2022
Receiving apparatus The Times Concise 21 Apr 2022
Car music source LA Times Daily 05 Apr 2022
Car music source The Washington Post 05 Apr 2022
It may be tuned for tunes
AM/FM device Universal 23 Feb 2022
__ City Music Hall The Washington Post 15 Feb 2022
__ City Music Hall LA Times Daily 15 Feb 2022
AM/FM device
Driver's news source Universal 01 Feb 2022
''Satellite'' service Newsday 30 Jan 2022
Ham's device Thomas Joseph 25 Jan 2022
Communicate with a daughter in Brazilian port The Times Cryptic 14 Jan 2022
Wireless communication system The Guardian Quick 05 Jan 2022
Marconi creation Wall Street Journal 29 Dec 2021
Broadcasting medium The Times Concise 11 Dec 2021
Wireless The Telegraph Quick 07 Dec 2021
Runs business importing Italy's foremost electronic device
AM/FM device Universal 25 Nov 2021
Medium of communication Irish Times Simplex 17 Nov 2021
It can receive AM and FM transmissions USA Today 05 Nov 2021
___ Flyer and Robert Pasin, Guinness World Record holders for the largest toy wagon
Ham's device Thomas Joseph 18 Oct 2021
CBer's device Eugene Sheffer 24 Sep 2021
CBer's device Eugene Sheffer 07 Sep 2021
Fibber McGee's broadcast medium, once Universal 01 Sep 2021
Word after "ham" or "AM" Universal 23 Aug 2021
Origin of many '50s TV shows Newsday 13 Aug 2021
Device with tuners Universal 10 Aug 2021
Electronic medium Irish Times Simplex 03 Aug 2021
New York's ___ City Music Hall New York Times 02 Aug 2021
It can be two-way ... with a hint to four squares in this puzzle New York Times 08 Jul 2021
Car music source Newsday 29 Jun 2021
Call a duke in Brazilian city The Sun Two Speed 18 Jun 2021
Roadie almost ruined set The Sun Two Speed 05 May 2021
Wireless The Sun Two Speed 05 May 2021
Electronic medium of communication Irish Times Simplex 01 May 2021
Broadcasting channel The Times Concise 30 Apr 2021
The 'R' in NPR USA Today 17 Apr 2021
"Car ___," song by Twenty One Pilots included in their third studio album "Vessel"
Start to roll a board game's ten-sided die — set?
Ham's need Thomas Joseph 24 Mar 2021
"On the ___," 1979 disco hit written by Donna Summer for the teen drama "Foxes"
Set one in winding road The Sun Two Speed 01 Mar 2021
Ham's device Thomas Joseph 22 Feb 2021
Music medium Universal 29 Jan 2021
One transmitting from Brora diocese The Sun Two Speed 20 Jan 2021
Back in Soho, I'd arrested part of the media
Part of 49-Down Universal 19 Jan 2021
A signal to pick up a Dior dress Irish Times Crosaire 19 Jan 2021
Word with car or talk New York Times 09 Jan 2021
Commercial port screens broadcast
New hairdo: initially cut, then set
Mistakenly order action doll operated remotely
Set to transmit commercial in Brazilian city The Sun Two Speed 11 Dec 2020
A French designer with back to front means of communication
Princess in row over broadcast
CBer's device Eugene Sheffer 12 Nov 2020
___ City Music Hall, iconic concert venue in USA where BB King has performed
Wireless The Telegraph Quick 04 Nov 2020
'On the Media' medium Jonesin 03 Nov 2020
The "R" of NPR Universal 31 Oct 2020
Help for catching some waves Wall Street Journal 10 Oct 2020
Clock __ The Washington Post 27 Sep 2020
Clock __ LA Times Daily 27 Sep 2020
Auntie's known for this: some flipping rheumatoid arthritis
One in road crashing needs transmitter The Sun Two Speed 19 Sep 2020
SiriusXM medium New York Times 14 Sep 2020
Its bands carry bands Wall Street Journal 23 Jul 2020
Set to transmit from Jura diocese The Sun Two Speed 22 Jul 2020
Auntie's known for this: some flipping rheumatoid arthritis
Call old man up in port
Invention of Guglielmo Marconi New York Times 03 Jul 2020
AM/FM device Newsday 29 Jun 2020
Perhaps set back by rheumatoid arthritis to an extent
Talk show medium USA Today 31 May 2020
Sound receiver The Times Concise 06 May 2020
Each time essentially Austrian's combating Nadal, providing close set
One in road trashed transmitter The Sun Two Speed 21 Apr 2020
Police cruiser feature Wall Street Journal 08 Apr 2020
"R" in NPR
One may have an AM/FM toggle Universal 28 Mar 2020
Sound broadcasting The Telegraph Quick 20 Mar 2020
Item in a beach bag New York Times 27 Feb 2020
Transmit commercial plugging port
See 1 Across Newsday 06 Jan 2020
WKYS medium USA Today 28 Dec 2019
Wave catcher? Universal 23 Dec 2019
Sales pitch in southern city broadcast wirelessly
R in "NPR"
Electronic medium Irish Times Simplex 26 Nov 2019
CBer's need Thomas Joseph 11 Nov 2019
You may adjust its tuners for tunes Universal 09 Nov 2019
Traffic report source USA Today 07 Nov 2019
Music and news source Canadiana 28 Oct 2019
Transmit Republican farewell to Spain, but not in its entirety The Telegraph Toughie 24 Oct 2019
Shock jock's medium USA Today 05 Oct 2019
Notice in Brazilian port: 'In need of ham'
Short farewell east of river channel
Commercial port harnesses waves
NPR part USA Today 16 Sep 2019
Spoke, neglecting America, over the wireless
Broadcast publicity in Olympic city The Telegraph Toughie 03 Sep 2019
Device for streaming Family Time 19 Aug 2019
Source of dashboard music Newsday 06 Aug 2019
Sirius XM medium Premier Sunday 04 Aug 2019
Car music source LA Times Daily 29 Jul 2019
Car music source The Washington Post 29 Jul 2019
Part of a multimedia ad campaign New York Times 17 Jul 2019
Wireless The Times Concise 25 Jun 2019
Rush job? New York Times 20 Jun 2019
Patrol car feature Wall Street Journal 25 May 2019
Wireless router accesses data in operation initially The Telegraph Toughie 04 Apr 2019
One to transmit commercial in Brazilian city The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Mar 2019
Part of a multimedia ad campaign
Rush job?
Patrol car feature
Car music source
NPR part
Shock jock's medium
AM/FM appliance Newsday 03 Dec 2018
Dashboard item Universal 03 Dec 2018
On which Queen's speech might be gaga?
Medium of communication Irish Times Simplex 03 Oct 2018
Broadcasting device Universal 30 Sep 2018
. Wireless 'Advertisement's in the river in Spain'
See 17 Across Newsday 13 Sep 2018
Music source Universal 12 Sep 2018
Transmitter essential to Brora diocese The Sun Two Speed 02 Sep 2018
AM/FM device Thomas Joseph 27 Aug 2018
A Dior dress - a medium perhaps? Irish Times Crosaire 14 Aug 2018
RCA component New York Times 05 Aug 2018
AM/FM receiver Newsday 30 Jul 2018
''Satellite'' service Newsday 26 Jul 2018
Single player? The Washington Post Sunday 15 Jul 2018
Contact, in a way New York Times 08 Jul 2018
Do air waves result in use of communication device?
After artist died, half of score is set to be heard The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Jun 2018
'On the Media' medium The Washington Post 11 May 2018
"On the Media" medium LA Times Daily 11 May 2018
Finishes 9 down playing a tune in the car Irish Times Crosaire 28 Apr 2018
Part of NPR Jonesin 24 Apr 2018
Medium, right before 'goodbye' cut off
Boombox component USA Today 04 Apr 2018
''Satellite'' dashboard device Newsday 28 Mar 2018
Michael Savage's medium USA Today 22 Mar 2018
A Dior dress for one of the mediums? Irish Times Crosaire 15 Mar 2018
Traffic report source The Washington Post 19 Feb 2018
Traffic report source LA Times Daily 19 Feb 2018
Set that's home to 1, 2, 3 and 4? The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Jan 2018
Wireless port has a drive at one end plugged in
RCA component
Traffic report source
Talk show medium
"On the Media" medium
Contact, in a way
Broadcasting device
Dashboard item
Music source
Wireless plug in port
Some invisible waves Universal 15 Dec 2017
Sound broadcasting The Sun Two Speed 04 Dec 2017
Means of receiving notice in Brazilian city The Sun Two Speed 04 Dec 2017
Transistor or ham Universal 27 Nov 2017
Music box The Washington Post Sunday 26 Nov 2017
Call-in show medium USA Today 06 Nov 2017
'Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me!' medium New York Times 02 Nov 2017
Device found these days in the capital
Entertainment and news source Canadiana 18 Sep 2017
Radius, not quite so long, is set?
What comes in waves? New York Times 30 Aug 2017
Commercial appearing in city's broadcast medium
Olympic hosts welcoming commercial broadcasting medium
NPR segment? New York Times 25 Jul 2017
'This American Life' medium Jonesin 18 Jul 2017
Call from father, travelling west, in Brazilian city
Rienzi overture so long, cut for broadcaster
One can't see what it offers as entertainment The Telegraph Cryptic 22 May 2017
Part of NPR Newsday 26 Apr 2017
Traffic report source Wall Street Journal 19 Apr 2017
Subject of the book ''Tune In Yesterday'' Newsday 15 Apr 2017
Message over the air, star�s last farewell cut short The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Apr 2017
Recurrence of rheumatoid arthritis restricts broadcaster
One way of broadcasting a source of danger in port The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Apr 2017
Bare grip holding plug over wireless The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Mar 2017
Send message to a daughter in port The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Mar 2017
Marconi's medium USA Today 05 Mar 2017
Part of NPR The Washington Post 22 Feb 2017
SiriusXM medium The Washington Post 21 Jan 2017
Broadcast medium The Times Concise 17 Jan 2017
Early Welles medium Newsday 08 Jan 2017
Boombox component
What comes in waves?
NPR segment?
"Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me!" medium
Michael Savage's medium
Call-in show medium
Some invisible waves
Transistor or ham
Music source The Washington Post 06 Dec 2016
BBC ___ New York Times 04 Nov 2016
Set a date, initially in South American city The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Oct 2016
AM/FM device Universal 11 Oct 2016
Satellite service Newsday 30 Sep 2016
Call for the Coast Guard Wall Street Journal 17 Sep 2016
Perhaps transistor or a diode's content
Part of the media, Bill's in the Olympic venue
Wireless Irish Times Simplex 06 Aug 2016
Wireless router accesses data -- internet opening starts The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Aug 2016
One of the media Newsday 28 Jul 2016
Seacrest's medium USA Today 05 Jul 2016
Extra diode helping to make a device
Dashboard device Universal 12 Jun 2016
Advertisement placed, in South American city, for a wireless set
Medium for 'Car Talk' The Washington Post 01 Jun 2016
Ham's medium Universal 28 May 2016
Shower accessory Newsday 15 May 2016
Medium plug inserted in port The Telegraph Toughie 04 May 2016
Medium featured on 'Frasier' The Washington Post 18 Apr 2016
''Car Talk'' medium Newsday 10 Apr 2016
AM-FM carrier Family Time 28 Mar 2016
Dashboard device Newsday 03 Feb 2016
Set placard in southern port
Pandora's box? Newsday 23 Jan 2016
Ham's device Universal 21 Jan 2016
Seacrest's medium
Ham's medium
Dashboard device
BBC ___
AM/FM device
Some avoid arguments raised in broadcast
Notice in South American port a broadcasting device The Sun Two Speed 07 Dec 2015
Broadcasting medium The Sun Two Speed 07 Dec 2015
Medium for Biggie Smalls New York Times 03 Dec 2015
Music source LA Times Daily 27 Nov 2015
Howard Stern medium The Washington Post 23 Nov 2015
Tunes player New York Times 20 Nov 2015
Republican Bill Moon seen in sort of telescope
Right fuss about start of interference on the wireless
Station royal detective in big paper
Active sort has a number of bands Irish Times Crosaire 02 Sep 2015
Crystal __ LA Times Daily 28 Aug 2015
It works in waves USA Today 14 Jul 2015
Firefighter's need Universal 04 Jul 2015
Do on air broadcast?  That's not on, but might be on this
Commercial's part of endless disturbance in set, for example
'A Prairie Home Companion' medium Eugene Sheffer 02 May 2015
Electronic communication medium Irish Times Simplex 23 Apr 2015
Type of waves Family Time 29 Mar 2015
One's heard of stylish hairdo, close to butch cut
Marconi's field of expertise USA Today 29 Jan 2015
and 28: Mayday? The Telegraph Toughie 23 Jan 2015
Communication equipment made by confused auditor after leaving Utah
One kind of wave Universal 16 Jan 2015
Bose product Universal 04 Jan 2015
Howard Stern medium
Bose product
Contact, in a way
A ham might be found on it
Marconi's field of expertise
It works in waves
Satellite ___
"All Things Considered" medium
One kind of wave
Crystal __
Music source
Medium for Biggie Smalls
SiriusXM medium
Tunes player
Keillor's medium
Boom box feature
Firefighter's need
Medium for "All Things Considered"
Notice where you'll find carnival dresses for tranny
Heads of research and development inveighing against old means of spreading the word
Call, in a way
Pre-television entertainment
CB, for one
Advertiser's choice
Traffic report source
Sirius medium
AM or FM
Pre-television entertainment
AM/FM device
Sound medium
"A face made for ___"
Set produced by artist and fashion designer not right
Beach bring-along
Shock jock's milieu
Medium for Sirius
Marconi's medium
Automotive option
Neil Diamond "I'll See You on the ___ (Laura)"
Contact, in a way
"Imus in the Morning" medium
It has buttons but no buttonholes
Families once gathered around it
AM/FM apparatus
Contact, in a way
Blackout news source
AM/FM device
A ham might be on one
AM/FM device
Broadcast medium
Broadcast medium
Active beginning?
Communications device
News and music source
A ham might be on one
The "R" of NPR
Fireside chat medium
Communications device
AM/FM carrier
Dashboard device
Fireside chat medium
Shortwave medium
SiriusXM milieu
AM or FM device
AM receiver
Kind of wave
Transistor, e.g.
Ham's device
Ham's milieu
Sirius business
Depression-era cathedral
It can carry a tune
Ham's medium
Ham's medium
Broadcast medium
AM/FM appliance
"Satellite" service
Crystal set
Ham's medium
Active starter?
Dashboard appliance
Shower accessory
The "R" in RCA
Fireside Chat medium
Medium for F.D.R.'s speeches
Slice of a media ad budget, often
Music player
Music player
Part of a boom box
Rush's realm
Boom box, basically
Ham's device
AM/FM apparatus
Imus's medium
AM/FM apparatus
Deejay's medium
Fireside chat requirement
Airwaves medium
Sirius business
AM/FM set
FM receiver
Fireside chat medium
Part of NPR
Paul Harvey's medium
Imus's medium
AFTRA medium
XM ___
Call, in a way
Slice of a media ad budget
Paul Harvey's medium
Medium for FDR's fireside chats
Medium for FDR's fireside chats
Portion of an advertising budget
Stern medium
The "R" of NPR
Dashboard item
Ham's need
Part of NPR
Easy-listening medium
Speech carrier, in a way
It can be terrestrial or satellite
High-tech "satellite" medium
Fred Allen's medium
Dashboard accessory
Fireside-chat medium
Sirius business
"___ Ga Ga" (Queen hit)
Sirius or XM medium
Sirius medium
Part of a beach kit
Howard Stern's medium
Dashboard feature
Stern medium
Boom box component
Easy-listening medium
Airwaves medium
Ham medium
You may find a ham on one
Ham's device
Advertising choice
Auto accessory
Beachgoer's tote
Marconi's medium
Ham's need
Woody Allen film "____ Days"
Ham's carrier
Wireless apparatus
Dash device
Stern's medium
Ham's need
"Fireside chat" medium
You may find a ham on one
Ham medium
Airwaves medium
"Fireside chat" medium
Chatter box?
Woody Allen's "___ Days"
Part of a media planner's buy
One may carry a tune
Cockpit need
Beachgoer's take-along
AM/FM device
Dashboard device
Night-table appliance
Families once gathered around it
Satellite medium
Mariner's need
Talkers' medium
Boom box, e.g.
Wireless, in Britain
"All Things Considered" medium
Ham carrier
Lee DeForest's medium
Taxi accessory
The "R" of N.P.R.
Some waves
Talk show ____
"Car Talk" medium
Listening device
You can carry a tune with this
10 Across's device
Kind of wave
Stern medium
AM receiver
Kind of wave
Stern medium
Deejay's medium
Crystal set
It has bands with music
Ham's medium
Murray the K's medium
Ham, for one
You may walk with it, man
Shortwave, e.g.
The theater of the mind
Chatter box?
Ham's gear
Ham's need
"Fireside chat" medium
Blackout news source
Part of NPR
It might be two-way
Marconi's field
Alarm clock part, often
Part of NPR
Blackout news source
Taxi accessory
Send an APB
It's often AM/FM
Send a message, in a way
Bulletin medium
Firefighter's need
Ham's medium
Send a message, in a way
Bulletin medium
Ham's need
Woody Allen's "___ Days"
Shortwave medium
New car feature, usually
"___ Days" (Woody Allen film)
Auto accessory
Wolfman Jack's medium
Taxi accessory
1987 Woody Allen film "____ Days"
CB, for one
Call for the Coast Guard
Marconi's brainstorm
Listening device
Woody Allen's "_____ Days"
Form of communication
Broadcast medium
Brit's wireless
Pilot's communicator
Ham's medium
CB, for one
FDR medium
CB, for one
'30s medium
Active starter?
Wave catcher?
Ham carrier
Ham's receiver
"_____ Days" (Woody Allen movie)
Marconi's invention
Communicate with a daughter in Brazilian port
Set day between sun and moon
68-Down's medium
Den set
"___ Days" (Woody Allen movie)
Ham's device
_____ Free Europe
Wave catcher?
AM-FM carrier
Carrier of FDR's speeches
Golden Oldies medium
Listeners' device
See 83-Across
Kind of waves
Boom box
Talkers' medium
Disc jockey's medium
Entertainment for the listener
Ham's instrument
Ham's need
Tandy's _____ Shack
Howard Stern's medium
Sound medium
Mariner's need
____ Days : Woody Allen hit
Allen's ____ Days
Marconi's invention
News medium
City at Rockefeller Center
Imus's medium
Beachgoer's item
Marconi's field
Blaupunkt product
One of the media
"The Shadow" medium
Stereo receiver
One of the media
Form of communication
___ Free Europe
Marconi's disputed invention
One kind of wave
Car extra
"Easy Aces" medium
Medium for Kate Smith
Lowell Thomas's milieu
TV predecessor
A Morrow medium
Fred Allen's medium
Medium for Winchell
Message receiver and sender
Marconi's interest
Kind of car
One of the media
Active beginner
Ma Perkins's medium
Ham's companion
Marconi specialty
Marconi's medium
Media medium
AM or FM
Medium for "The Answer Man"
Ted Husing's medium
Fibber McGee's medium
Gildersleeve's medium
Milieu for Ma Perkins
Where Kaltenborn held forth
Car appurtenance
A field for hams
Charlie McCarthy's medium
Active preceder
F.D.R.'s medium
Ham's pleasure
Medium for Heatter
Medium for some jockeys
Milieu of "The Answer Man"
Pilot-controller link
TV cousin
Device for a ham
Receiving set
One field for hams
Kind of activity
Sarnoff's medium
Media member
Field for some hams
Medium in which headphones are often used
Two-way ___
Kind of beam or wave
Marconi interest
TV's brother
Kind of active
CB ___
A.M. or F.M.
Talk-show medium
Benny's early medium
___ Free Europe
Sparks' concern
News medium
Medium for sparks
Communication medium
Amplifier, antenna, etc.
Uncle Don's medium
Certain kind of activity
Seagoing ears
Medium of communication
Transmit in a way.
Ham's field.
Soap opera milieu.
Send a message.
Taxi appurtenance.
Transistor device.
Communications system.
Car appurtenance.
Type of program.
Set of a sort.
Sparks' concern.
Entertainment medium.
Receiving set.
Transistor set.
The networks.
Disk jockey's medium.
Part of R. F. E.
One field for hams.
Forerunner of video.
Electronics instrument.
Car accessory.
Means of sound transmission.
Means of communication.
News medium.
Communications device.
Communication device.
The medium of air.
From jingles to Toscanini.
Domain of "Sparks” aboard ship.
A City within a city.
___ telescope.
Communication for the air-borne.
Important method of campaigning.
Industry under FCC.
Pandora's box, modern style.
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