Word "RAISIN" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
dried grape

Crossword Clues for RAISIN

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Clue Source Date
Dried grape The Telegraph Quick 07 Nov 2022
No good in growing grape The Times Cryptic 20 Sep 2022
Trail mix bit Wall Street Journal 24 Aug 2022
Dried fruit is placed in water The Times Cryptic 23 Aug 2022
Dried fruit The Guardian Quick 28 Jul 2022
Trail mix fruit Universal 16 May 2022
It's sweet and sounds uplifting. Irish Times Crosaire 11 May 2022
Trail mix morsel Newsday 03 Apr 2022
Dried grape Irish Times Simplex 23 Mar 2022
A little fruit one’s taken into shower The Times Cryptic 08 Mar 2022
Gorp bit LA Times Daily 16 Jan 2022
Dried grape Irish Times Simplex 01 Jan 2022
Dried grape Eugene Sheffer 31 Dec 2021
Dried grape The Guardian Quick 28 Dec 2021
Dried grape Irish Times Simplex 13 Oct 2021
Fruit added to bran flakes USA Today 13 Oct 2021
Shriveled grape Eugene Sheffer 19 Aug 2021
Mostly growing fruit The Telegraph Toughie 27 Jul 2021
Dried fruit The Times Concise 04 Jul 2021
An Iris variety with fruit that's typically dried Irish Times Crosaire 04 May 2021
Sultana, e.g Wall Street Journal 08 Apr 2021
Mentioning cut in content of fruitcake? The Telegraph Toughie 18 Feb 2021
Dried grape Newsday 18 Jan 2021
Cereal morsel Newsday 18 Dec 2020
Dried fruit in trail mix Newsday 15 Dec 2020
Dried fruit The Telegraph Quick 13 Oct 2020
Trail mix bit USA Today 04 Oct 2020
Dried grape The Guardian Speedy 27 Sep 2020
Cereal fruit The Washington Post 20 Sep 2020
Cereal fruit LA Times Daily 20 Sep 2020
Iran is wrong - this is what you get when Shiraz is really dry? Irish Times Crosaire 28 Jul 2020
Fruity snack for short hike up north Irish Times Crosaire 21 Jul 2020
Artist isn't out to show fruit The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Jun 2020
Limitlessly extolling the grape? The Telegraph Toughie 11 Mar 2020
Sun-Maid product LA Times Daily 02 Feb 2020
Sun-Maid product The Washington Post 02 Feb 2020
Partially dried grape The Times Concise 27 Jan 2020
Dried grape The Telegraph Quick 20 Oct 2019
Bit of trail mix New York Times 08 Sep 2019
Mostly growing grape unsuitable for wine? The Telegraph Toughie 27 Aug 2019
Dried grape Eugene Sheffer 25 Jul 2019
Bran cereal fruit Universal 09 Jul 2019
Morsel in Chunky Newsday 08 Jun 2019
Shrivelled grape The Sun Two Speed 28 May 2019
Dried fruit artist is popular The Sun Two Speed 28 May 2019
Sweet grape that has been dried in the sun The Telegraph General Knowledge 19 May 2019
Dried grape Irish Times Simplex 04 Jan 2019
Bran cereal fruit
Bit of trail mix
Shrivelled grape artist is all the rage The Sun Two Speed 29 Dec 2018
Small dried fruit The Sun Two Speed 29 Dec 2018
Fruitcake bit Wall Street Journal 22 Dec 2018
Raise a stink losing stake to wizened dried-up type Irish Times Crosaire 11 Dec 2018
Cereal fruit New York Times 03 Oct 2018
Almost growing cereal fruit The Sun Two Speed 22 Aug 2018
Dried grape The Sun Two Speed 22 Aug 2018
Fruit is planted amid downpour The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Jul 2018
Morsel in trail mix New York Times 19 Jun 2018
Granola morsel LA Times Daily 20 May 2018
Granola morsel The Washington Post 20 May 2018
Scone add-in Thomas Joseph 08 May 2018
Trail mix bit New York Times 22 Apr 2018
Comment on artist's popularity bearing fruit The Telegraph Toughie 14 Feb 2018
Trail mix tidbit Wall Street Journal 10 Feb 2018
Granola morsel
Fruitcake bit
Trail mix bit
Morsel in trail mix
Cereal fruit
Shriveled grape Eugene Sheffer 23 Dec 2017
Granola morsel USA Today 06 Aug 2017
Producing endless dried fruit The Telegraph Cryptic 31 Jul 2017
Muffin bit Thomas Joseph 12 Jul 2017
Rearing mostly fruit The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Jun 2017
Something dry and fruity is favoured by artist The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Jun 2017
No good cultivating fruit The Telegraph Toughie 23 Feb 2017
Granola morsel
Fruit in a Poitier title LA Times Daily 18 Dec 2016
__ bread LA Times Daily 09 Oct 2016
Dried fruit Ailsa regularly fed to cats and dogs? The Times Cryptic 15 Sep 2016
Growing endless fruit The Telegraph Toughie 28 Jul 2016
Bread flavoring LA Times Daily 10 Jun 2016
Endlessly producing fruit The Telegraph Cryptic 09 May 2016
Is Iran making something associated with Shiraz out in the sun too long? Irish Times Crosaire 25 Apr 2016
Trail mix tidbit The Washington Post 17 Mar 2016
Rum __ ice cream Newsday 27 Jan 2016
Bread flavoring
"Ant" on the treat "ants on a log"
Fruit in a Poitier title
__ bread
Dried fruit The Sun Two Speed 13 Nov 2015
Bringin' up fruit The Sun Two Speed 13 Nov 2015
Fruit in a cereal bowl New York Times 22 Sep 2015
Cereal fruit USA Today 12 Jul 2015
Bit of fruit in a box LA Times Daily 20 May 2015
Granola bit Thomas Joseph 19 May 2015
Is caught in shower with wine producer left out in the sun for too long Irish Times Crosaire 16 Apr 2015
Cereal fruit Universal 15 Apr 2015
Scone fruit LA Times Daily 02 Apr 2015
Somehow, Iran is left out to dry Irish Times Crosaire 18 Mar 2015
Gorp tidbit
Fruit in a cereal bowl
Cereal fruit
Scone fruit
Bit of fruit in a box
Cereal fruit
Scone fruit
Sultana, e.g.
French for "grape"
"A ___ in the Sun"
Baba bit
Granola morsel
Bran accompanier
Sun-Maid dried fruit
Cookie addition, perhaps
California fruit
Chunky bit
Sun-Maid tidbit
Cereal fruit
Trail mix tidbit
Cereal fruit
Trail mix tidbit
Granola bar ingredient
Rum's ice-cream partner
Oatmeal-cookie tidbit
Dried grape
Trail-mix fruit
Former grape
Cereal morsel
"A ___ In The Sun" (first play written by a black woman to be produced on Broadway)
Gingerbread man's eye, maybe
Plum pudding tidbit
Dried grape
Cereal fruit
___ bread
-- Bran
Babka morsel
Bread choice
Trail mix fruit
Trail mix fruit
Panettone bit
Dried grape
Dark purplish blue
Dried fruit
Dried fruit
Sultana, for one
Bran-cereal fruit
Gorp tidbit
Cereal fruit
California fruit
Fresno fruit
California fruit
Cereal fruit
Cookie addition, perhaps
Granola ingredient
Sunsweet item
Plum pudding tidbit
Kind of bread
"A ___ in the Sun"
Gorp morsel
Cookie morsel
Oatmeal cookie bit
Teacake tidbit
Dried grape
Bran fruit
Bread choice
Item in a scoop of granola
Bran fruit
Dried grape
Kind of bread
Bran accompanier
Cereal snippet
Former grape
Cookie addition
_____ bran
Dried grape
It was once a grape
Byproduct of a vineyard
This is in rain, not sun
Pudding ingredient
Lexia, for one
Dried fruit
Part of a Poitier movie title.
Dried fruit.
An ex-grape
Kind of bread.
Oreztime grape
___ bread.
"A ___ in the Sun."
Fruit cake ingredient.
A kind of bread.
Fruitcake tidbit.
Product of Fresno, Cal.
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