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Word "RANGER" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
an official who is responsible for managing and protecting an area of forest
fire warden, forest fire fighter

Part of Speech:
a member of the Texas state highway patrol; formerly a mounted lawman who maintained order on the frontier
texas ranger

Part of Speech:
a member of a military unit trained as shock troops for hit-and-run raids

Crossword Clues for RANGER

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Clue Source Date
Forest worker Thomas Joseph 03 Apr 2021
American national park employee, often wearing a campaign hat The Times Specialist Sunday 28 Feb 2021
Forest officer The Sun Two Speed 30 Dec 2020
Commando in mountains on run The Sun Two Speed 30 Dec 2020
Park keeper in orangery The Sun Two Speed 18 Nov 2020
Park keeper The Sun Two Speed 17 Oct 2020
Forest officer called monarch The Sun Two Speed 17 Oct 2020
Soldier in regiment from Red State? Irish Times Crosaire 05 Aug 2020
Word after 'park' or 'Power' USA Today 23 Apr 2020
Forest officer called by monarch The Sun Two Speed 22 Mar 2020
Park official Eugene Sheffer 17 Dec 2019
The Lone __ The Washington Post 28 Oct 2019
Rover The Telegraph Quick 12 Oct 2019
National park worker USA Today 21 Aug 2019
Forest __ The Washington Post 11 Aug 2019
Forest figure Premier Sunday 09 Jun 2019
Park employee Jonesin 26 Mar 2019
Smith, to Yogi Bear Jonesin 12 Mar 2019
Officer in a forest Newsday 11 Feb 2019
Park Service person Newsday 25 Oct 2018
Park keeper in mountains on run The Sun Two Speed 01 Aug 2018
Yogi Bear adversary Newsday 10 Feb 2018
National park figure The Washington Post 10 Nov 2017
Forest or park officer The Telegraph Quick 06 Nov 2017
Forest officer in rage after third of fires The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Sep 2017
Yellowstone employee USA Today 15 Sep 2017
Word with "Power," "Texas" or "park" Universal 10 Mar 2017
Texas ballplayer Universal 04 Mar 2017
Forest official LA Times Daily 06 Feb 2017
Park or forest keeper The Times Concise 08 Jun 2016
Texas baseballer Thomas Joseph 18 Apr 2016
See 34 Across Newsday 03 Dec 2015
Texas lawman
Park __
Arlington ballplayer
Forest warden
Ford pickup
Texas player
Texas law enforcer
New York hockey player
Specially trained soldier
Yellowstone sentinel
Military commando
Park person
A rival
Ameriquest Field ballplayer
Law official
Person with binoculars
Alex Rodriguez, for one
Madison Square Garden player
Forest ___
D-Day commando
American Leaguer
1994 Stanley Cup champion teammate
Word with Power or park
Yellowstone Park employee
Tex. policeman
Lone or forest
Texas state trooper
Forest denizen
Radio loner
Forest or Lone
Man of the forests
Forest warden.
U.S. lunar probe.
Member of N. Y. hockey team.
Guardian of the forests.
Patroller of forests.
Mounted policeman of Texas.
Joel McCrea's radio role.
Ice hockey player.
Silver's horseman.
U. S. aircraft carrier.
American Commando.
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