Word "RAPIER" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a straight sword with a narrow blade and two edges

Crossword Clues for RAPIER

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Clue Source Date
Fencing weapon The Telegraph Quick 19 May 2022
Blow that is with queen's sword The Telegraph Cryptic 03 May 2022
So sharp it could rip your ear off. Irish Times Crosaire 03 May 2022
Dueling sword Thomas Joseph 25 Feb 2022
Greek character in rear returning sword The Times Cryptic 18 Jan 2022
Long slender sword The Guardian Quick 15 Dec 2021
Gunners support non-firing weapon The Times Cryptic 26 Nov 2021
Thrusting weapon Wall Street Journal 13 Nov 2021
Thin sword The Times Concise 15 Jul 2021
Swashbuckler's implement New York Times 10 Jul 2021
Blow that is by king's sword The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Jun 2021
Charge that is running into furthest tip of silver sword The Telegraph Toughie 29 Apr 2021
Music from Ireland is starting to rile, as it tends to be sharp and pointedly offensive Irish Times Crosaire 25 Mar 2021
Fencing weapon The Sun Two Speed 24 Feb 2021
Repair bent sword The Sun Two Speed 24 Feb 2021
Thin sharp sword The Times Concise 21 Dec 2020
Symbol of a sharp wit Universal 06 Nov 2020
Double-edged sword Irish Times Simplex 10 Oct 2020
Slender sword The Telegraph Quick 07 Feb 2020
Straight sword with a narrow edge Family Time 28 Oct 2019
Dueling blade The Washington Post Sunday 15 Sep 2019
Light sword The Times Concise 11 Sep 2019
Raised standard that is right for such a weapon The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Jul 2019
Duel weapon in 'Hamlet' USA Today 10 Jun 2019
Slender sword Thomas Joseph 04 Feb 2019
Duel weapon in "Hamlet"
Thrusting sword Family Time 01 Oct 2018
Thin sword The Washington Post 15 Aug 2018
Thin sword LA Times Daily 15 Aug 2018
Said of a kind of sharp wit The Guardian Speedy 28 Jul 2018
Weapon for d'Artagnan The Washington Post Sunday 29 Apr 2018
Sword The Telegraph Quick 14 Feb 2018
Sword Rear Admiral placed on support The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Feb 2018
Thin sword The Times Concise 26 Jan 2018
Relative of an épée New York Times 23 Jan 2018
Weapon, long thing pointing seaward, portrayed by artist The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Jan 2018
Relative of an épée
Thin sword
Weapon giving artist support The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Nov 2017
Dueling sword Thomas Joseph 07 Aug 2017
Dueler's weapon USA Today 28 Feb 2017
Dueler's weapon
Thrusting blade LA Times Daily 11 Sep 2016
Duelling sword The Sun Two Speed 28 Jan 2016
Artist by the jetty has weapon The Sun Two Speed 28 Jan 2016
Thrusting blade
Item that's thrust from artist on jetty The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Dec 2015
Artillerymen landing weapon The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Apr 2015
Metaphor for describing sharp wit
Long, slender sword
Duel weapon
Slender sword
Small sword
Swashbuckling sword
Double-edged sword
Thrusting weapon
Tool fencing
Long sword
Describing a certain type of wit
Weapon for 16-Across
Sword type
Zorro's sword
Weapon in a scabbard
Wit's weapon?
Double-edged sword
Dueler's option
Foil kin
Slender sword
Slender sword
Slender sword
Two-edged sword
Kind of wit
Two-edged sword
Thrusting weapon
Double-edged sword
Two-edged sword
__ wit
Cousin of an épée
Slender sword
Narrow-bladed sword
Thrusting weapon
Small sword
Narrow-bladed sword
Wit, in simile
Narrow sword
Like some wit
Swashbuckler's sword
Slender sword
Fencing tool
Fencer's sword
Small sword
Thrusting sword
Thrusting tool
Describing a certain type of wit
Hamlet's weapon
Weapon for Laertes
Sword of a sort
Weapon for D'Artagnan
Swashbuckler's weapon
Pirate's weapon
Duelist's weapon
Sword for thrusting
Old-time side arm.
Buccaneer's weapon.
Duellist's weapon.
Weapon for a duelist.
Two-edged sword.
Thin sword.
Slim sword.
Straight two-edged sword.
Thrusting sword.
Long, thin weapon.
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