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Crossword Clues for RARER

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Clue Source Date
Less common Universal 20 Mar 2021
More atypical Newsday 28 Feb 2021
Less prevalent USA Today 17 Feb 2021
Less cooked USA Today 29 Jan 2021
Harder to find USA Today 20 Dec 2020
Less well done New York Times 22 Nov 2020
More unusual Wall Street Journal 31 Aug 2020
Not as prevalent Newsday 21 Jun 2020
More valuable, perhaps Wall Street Journal 20 Jun 2020
Like O negative vis-à-vis O positive New York Times 21 May 2020
Less often seen USA Today 06 Jan 2020
Less likely to be spotted USA Today 29 Oct 2019
Closer to extinction, perhaps USA Today 24 Oct 2019
Not as common The Washington Post 23 Oct 2019
Less everyday New York Times 13 Oct 2019
More unlikely to come up, looking back -- that's about right The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Jul 2019
More valuable to a collector Wall Street Journal 01 Jun 2019
Harder to spot USA Today 22 May 2019
Tougher to locate The Washington Post Sunday 12 May 2019
Less established Newsday 30 Mar 2019
More uncommon Newsday 28 Jan 2019
More scarce Canadiana 17 Dec 2018
Pinker in the middle, say New York Times 17 Dec 2018
Not so well-done The Washington Post 21 Nov 2018
Less usual Premier Sunday 18 Nov 2018
Occurring less frequently Newsday 24 Sep 2018
Pinker inside Wall Street Journal 01 Sep 2018
Pinker, say New York Times 30 Aug 2018
More desirable to collectors Wall Street Journal 09 Jun 2018
Way less common Jonesin 05 Jun 2018
More valuable, in some cases The Washington Post 06 May 2018
Closer to extinction USA Today 04 May 2018
Less frequently seen Newsday 29 Mar 2018
Less abundant Newsday 22 Mar 2018
Not so common New York Times 18 Mar 2018
Worth more to collectors The Washington Post 14 Mar 2018
Scarcer The Sun Two Speed 23 Jan 2018
More underdone, though less common The Sun Two Speed 23 Jan 2018
Worth more, often Newsday 02 Dec 2017
Like triples, vis-a-vis homers USA Today 04 Nov 2017
Less typical Premier Sunday 22 Oct 2017
Harder to come by The Washington Post 14 Sep 2017
Like a 1943 copper penny, vis-a-vis a steel one USA Today 19 Aug 2017
Not as well-done The Washington Post 12 Jul 2017
Like triple plays, vis-a-vis double plays USA Today 09 Jul 2017
Like 1913 Liberty Head nickels, vis-a-vis 1913 Buffalo nickels USA Today 01 Jul 2017
Closer to being raw The Washington Post 12 Mar 2017
More desirable, to a collector USA Today 09 Mar 2017
Thinner, as air Universal 24 Nov 2016
More collectible, perhaps USA Today 18 Nov 2016
Like safeties vis-à-vis field goals New York Times 24 Sep 2016
Painter behind spilling first rate thinner on the ground The Times Cryptic 16 Sep 2016
Like perfect games vis-à-vis no-hitters New York Times 08 Sep 2016
More difficult to collect Universal 17 Jun 2016
More pink, in a way Universal 22 May 2016
More precious, perhaps The Chronicle of Higher Education 13 May 2016
Harder to get Wall Street Journal 13 May 2016
Less done Universal 07 May 2016
Less frequent Universal 05 Feb 2016
Less available Universal 03 Feb 2016
Less common, and more lightly cooked The Sun Two Speed 02 Feb 2016
Redder inside, perhaps Wall Street Journal 08 Dec 2015
Not seen as frequently LA Times Daily 21 Nov 2015
Less well-done Thomas Joseph 07 Nov 2015
More bloody Thomas Joseph 31 Oct 2015
Tougher to find Newsday 17 Jun 2015
More elusive Newsday 04 Jun 2015
Retired generation breaking rules? It's less common The Telegraph Toughie 22 May 2015
Not as well done, say
Comparatively uncommon
More pink, perhaps
More valuable, possibly
Less likely to be a bargain on eBay
Less done, as a steak
Seen less
More pink, maybe
Harder to locate
Less likely to be seen
Not as well done
More enticing, to a stamp collector
Less plentiful
A no-hitter compared to a one-hitter, e.g.
Closer to raw, as a steak
Redder inside
Less grilled, say
More precious
Worth more to collectors, say
Not so prevalent
More bloody, so to speak
Less done, as steak
Having a pinker center
Pinker in the middle
Cooked for a shorter time, perhaps
Cooked less
Not so easy to get one's hands on
Less likely
Not seen as much
Not as easy to come by
Harder to dig up
Harder to hunt down
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