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Word "RATTY" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
showing signs of wear and tear
moth-eaten, shabby, tatty
a ratty old overcoat

Part of Speech:
dirty and infested with rats

of or characteristic of rats

Crossword Clues for RATTY

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Clue Source Date
Threadbare Universal 13 Apr 2021
Run-down Thomas Joseph 10 Apr 2021
Torn and tattered Wall Street Journal 03 Apr 2021
Irritable man not taking booze inside The Sun Two Speed 28 Jan 2021
Easily riled The Sun Two Speed 28 Jan 2021
In poor condition Wall Street Journal 17 Dec 2020
In bad condition USA Today 29 Mar 2020
Hot under the collar attorney fails to get one? Irish Times Crosaire 12 Mar 2020
Irritable The Telegraph Quick 09 Nov 2019
Fictional mole's chum The Telegraph Quick 08 Nov 2019
Bad-tempered The Times Concise 29 Oct 2019
Irritable man not allowed booze inside The Sun Two Speed 27 Aug 2019
Easily riled (informal) The Sun Two Speed 27 Aug 2019
In shabby shape Newsday 21 Aug 2019
Short beam on the wagon splits The Telegraph Toughie 09 Jul 2019
Irritable (informal) The Sun Two Speed 20 Jun 2019
Angry as a deserter? The Sun Two Speed 20 Jun 2019
Shabby Premier Sunday 21 Apr 2019
Angry as overrun with vermin? The Sun Two Speed 07 Apr 2019
Squalid Universal 05 Mar 2019
Broken-down Premier Sunday 03 Mar 2019
Tattered and torn USA Today 03 Jan 2019
Tattered Eugene Sheffer 07 Nov 2018
Short motorcycle races held in Man The Sun Two Speed 15 Oct 2018
In disrepair Wall Street Journal 04 Sep 2018
Angry man not taking booze inside The Sun Two Speed 26 Jul 2018
In serious disrepair USA Today 10 Feb 2018
In terrible condition USA Today 16 Jan 2018
Shabby and then some Universal 04 Jan 2018
Very shabby Universal 19 Nov 2017
Dilapidated New York Times 11 Nov 2017
In shabby condition USA Today 07 Oct 2017
Incredibly shabby Universal 05 Oct 2017
Attorney dismisses one that's irritable Irish Times Crosaire 05 Sep 2017
Like shabby old clothes The Washington Post 21 Jul 2017
Mole's friend is irritable The Telegraph Cryptic 20 May 2017
Torn, unkempt and tattered Universal 11 May 2017
Bad-tempered teetotaller covered in fish The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Jan 2017
Far from stylish Newsday 05 Nov 2016
Irritable with pests The Telegraph Toughie 30 Aug 2016
In very bad condition New York Times 29 Aug 2016
Flea-bitten USA Today 17 Jul 2016
Like a sweater that's full of holes The Washington Post 14 Jun 2016
Dog-eared New York Times 02 Feb 2016
Irritable sailor returned empty trolley The Times Cryptic 18 Jan 2016
Ramshackle Jonesin 24 Nov 2015
Short boy goes around on the wagon The Times Cryptic 16 Nov 2015
Character in children's book displaying a temper The Times Cryptic 09 Oct 2015
Like a rodent-infested building Universal 05 Sep 2015
Irritable Republican lawyer getting short The Telegraph Toughie 09 Apr 2015
The worse for wear USA Today 15 Feb 2015
Disheveled Eugene Sheffer 23 Jan 2015
Overrun with vermin
Dirty and unkempt
Like an infested warehouse
Like an rodent-infested warehouse
Full of holes
Worn and tattered
Worn and torn
The worse for wear, e.g.
Falling apart at the seams
Overly worn
Shabby; scruffy
In bad shape
Like Hamelin
Like a flophouse
Unkempt: Slang.
Shabby: Slang.
Dilapidated: Slang.
Small, mean and treacherous.
What Hamelin town was.
Somewhat rundown
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.