Crossword Clues for RAVEN

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Clue Source Date
"Nevermore" sayer Thomas Joseph 11 Nov 2022
“Nevermore” sayer Wall Street Journal 31 Oct 2022
Poem that begins 'Once upon a midnight dreary,' with 'The' New York Times 04 Oct 2022
Black bird LA Times Daily 14 Sep 2022
'Nevermore' speaker, in poetry New York Times 07 Jun 2022
Bird, headless chicken? The Times Cryptic 03 Jun 2022
Large crow The Guardian Speedy 27 Mar 2022
Ominous bird Thomas Joseph 25 Feb 2022
Large crow The Guardian Quick 21 Feb 2022
John Harbaugh's favorite avian Family Time 06 Feb 2022
In Wagner’s Götterdämmerung, two ____s fly overhead just before Siegfried is killed The Times Specialist Sunday 23 Jan 2022
Black bird Thomas Joseph 11 Jan 2022
Bird in the crow family USA Today 02 Dec 2021
Black bird USA Today 15 Nov 2021
Poe's black bird Newsday 15 Sep 2021
Bird that 'quoth' in a Poe poem New York Times 17 Aug 2021
Actress ___-Symone USA Today 02 Jun 2021
Black bird Newsday 10 May 2021
Bird with yellow head hidden The Telegraph Toughie 21 Apr 2021
Poetic bird of one word The Washington Post 29 Mar 2021
Poetic bird of one word LA Times Daily 29 Mar 2021
Poe title talker Newsday 21 Mar 2021
"Nevermore" speaker Universal 09 Mar 2021
Large corvid The Telegraph Quick 07 Mar 2021
Bird heading away from chicken The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Jan 2021
Author Leilani USA Today 10 Nov 2020
Flyer feeding intravenously The Sun Two Speed 08 Oct 2020
Large crow The Sun Two Speed 08 Oct 2020
“Nevermore” speaker of poem Wall Street Journal 16 Sep 2020
Poe's 'ebony bird' The Washington Post 31 Aug 2020
Poe's "ebony bird" LA Times Daily 31 Aug 2020
Rapper with a one-word vocabulary? Wall Street Journal 20 Aug 2020
Bird; black The Telegraph Quick 06 Jul 2020
'Ebony bird' of poetry The Washington Post Sunday 05 Apr 2020
Baltimore NFL player Universal 28 Mar 2020
Baltimore N.F.L.'er New York Times 19 Feb 2020
Large black bird with a straight bill and a long wedge-shaped tail The Telegraph General Knowledge 27 Jan 2020
Baltimore NFLer The Washington Post 17 Dec 2019
Baltimore NFLer LA Times Daily 17 Dec 2019
'The --', poem by Edgar Allan Poe The Telegraph General Knowledge 16 Dec 2019
Wine variety turned bottles black The Telegraph Toughie 06 Nov 2019
Caught lacking, cowardly bird The Telegraph Toughie 01 Nov 2019
Large crow The Times Concise 12 Sep 2019
"Nevermore!" bird LA Times Daily 26 Aug 2019
'Nevermore!' bird The Washington Post 26 Aug 2019
Poe's talking bird USA Today 08 Aug 2019
Shade of black New York Times 13 Jul 2019
NFL mascot Poe, e.g USA Today 03 Jul 2019
Flyer in East of Eden after storm The Telegraph Cryptic 01 May 2019
Poe's one-word bird LA Times Daily 01 Apr 2019
Poe's one-word bird The Washington Post 01 Apr 2019
Black bird The Telegraph Quick 26 Mar 2019
Large black bird The Times Concise 25 Feb 2019
Bird that said 'Nevermore' USA Today 30 Jan 2019
Bird that said "Nevermore"
Poe's "ungainly fowl" Universal 01 Jan 2019
Shade of black
Poe's "ungainly fowl"
"Nevermore!" bird
Poe's one-word bird
NFL mascot Poe, e.g.
Poe's talking bird
Black bird The Times Concise 24 Dec 2018
Poe's 'ebony bird' USA Today 25 Nov 2018
Talking bird of poetry Newsday 22 Nov 2018
Poetic rapper of renown Newsday 10 Nov 2018
Name after wild party bird The Sun Two Speed 01 Oct 2018
Headless chicken or other bird The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Jul 2018
Baltimore pro Thomas Joseph 15 Jun 2018
Poe's black bird Newsday 18 Apr 2018
'Nevermore' speaker The Washington Post 05 Mar 2018
"Nevermore" speaker LA Times Daily 05 Mar 2018
Poe's 'ungainly fowl' The Washington Post Sunday 04 Mar 2018
Shiny black wax lyrical and new The Telegraph Toughie 23 Feb 2018
Bird, very close, turning around outside The Sun Two Speed 21 Feb 2018
Crow-like bird The Sun Two Speed 21 Feb 2018
Bird is headless chicken The Telegraph Toughie 02 Jan 2018
Poe's "ebony bird"
Poe poem subject
Poe poem that starts 'Once upon a midnight dreary,' with 'The' New York Times 04 Dec 2017
'Grim, ungainly, ghastly, gaunt and ominous bird of yore' Wall Street Journal 02 Dec 2017
One 'sitting lonely on the placid bust,' in a classic poem The Washington Post 13 Oct 2017
One "sitting lonely on the placid bust," in a classic poem LA Times Daily 13 Oct 2017
Letter carrier in 'Game of Thrones' Wall Street Journal 12 Sep 2017
"Ungainly fowl" of poetry LA Times Daily 09 Sep 2017
'Ungainly fowl' of poetry The Washington Post 09 Sep 2017
Poetic 'fowl whose fiery eyes now burned into my bosom's core' Wall Street Journal 07 Sep 2017
Large black bird The Telegraph Quick 18 Aug 2017
Black night's beginning after storm The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Aug 2017
Bird that said "Nevermore" Universal 04 Aug 2017
Poe's bird Eugene Sheffer 29 Jul 2017
Poe bird Premier Sunday 11 Jun 2017
22-Across's "ungainly fowl" USA Today 09 Jun 2017
Black bird Thomas Joseph 30 May 2017
Poe's bird Universal 25 May 2017
Terrell Suggs, for one Universal 19 May 2017
Flier seen as headless chicken The Telegraph Cryptic 03 May 2017
''Nevermore'' squawker Newsday 09 Apr 2017
Poetry's "ominous bird of yore" USA Today 02 Mar 2017
Jet flier The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Jan 2017
Joe Flacco at work Universal 15 Jan 2017
Bird that said "Nevermore"
Poetry's "ominous bird of yore"
Terrell Suggs, for one
One "sitting lonely on the placid bust," in a classic poem
"Ungainly fowl" of poetry
22-Across's "ungainly fowl"
Poe's bird
Poe poem that starts "Once upon a midnight dreary," with "The"
Joe Flacco at work
One was 'tapping, tapping at my chamber door' Wall Street Journal 16 Dec 2016
Poetic percher on a bust of Pallas The Washington Post 10 Dec 2016
Ominous bird Thomas Joseph 26 Nov 2016
Feathered 'Game of Thrones' message carrier The Washington Post 06 Nov 2016
''Hoarse'' bird in ''Macbeth'' Newsday 29 Sep 2016
First bird sent from Noah's Ark Wall Street Journal 13 Sep 2016
First bird off Noah's Ark, per Genesis The Chronicle of Higher Education 02 Sep 2016
"Nevermore" quoter USA Today 22 Aug 2016
Crow-like bird The Telegraph Quick 08 Aug 2016
Baltimore gridder Universal 24 Jul 2016
Baltimore player Thomas Joseph 23 Jul 2016
"Nevermore" sayer USA Today 17 Jul 2016
Lustrous black USA Today 16 May 2016
See 134-Across Premier Sunday 15 May 2016
Jay's cousin Newsday 14 May 2016
Bird in a Poe poem USA Today 18 Apr 2016
Ominous bird Premier Sunday 27 Mar 2016
Poe's bird Premier Sunday 06 Mar 2016
Poe crow USA Today 04 Feb 2016
Bird, headless chicken The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Jan 2016
Joe Flacco, notably The Washington Post 22 Jan 2016
"Quoth the ___, 'Nevermore'" USA Today 04 Jan 2016
Lustrous black
Poe crow
Baltimore gridder
"Nevermore" sayer
First bird off Noah's Ark, per Genesis
"Nevermore" quoter
"Nevermore" speaker
"Quoth the ___, 'Nevermore'"
Bird, chicken, not caught The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Nov 2015
Hair descriptor Canadiana 02 Nov 2015
"Nevermore" speaker USA Today 14 Oct 2015
Trickster in Tlingit mythology Wall Street Journal 27 Jul 2015
Eat voraciously, being a large bird The Times Cryptic 13 Jul 2015
Baltimore footballer New York Times 13 Jul 2015
Deep black Universal 26 Mar 2015
'Thing of evil,' per Poe Wall Street Journal 27 Feb 2015
Bird, yellow, heading off The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Feb 2015
Black bird Universal 02 Feb 2015
11-Across maker New York Times 08 Jan 2015
11-Across maker
Baltimore footballer
Bird "nesting" in the four longest Across answers
Deep black
Black bird
"Thing of evil," per Poe
"Nevermore" speaker
Literary percher on a bust of Pallas
"Nevermore" utterer
Poe bird that quoth "Nevermore"
Poe bird
Bird in a Poe classic
Poe bird
Bird in a Poe poem
Trickster of American Indian mythology
Black bird
Lustrous black
Poetic rapper
Baltimore pro
N.F.L. player with a black helmet
Rook relative
Lustrous black
Baltimore NFLer
Jet-black, as hair
Poe's "ebony bird"
Poe's one-word bird
Flacco or Rice, e.g.
Brilliant black
Talking bird of poetry
Poe's "ungainly fowl"
Magpie cousin
Poe's "ungainly fowl"
Black scavenger
Poe bird
Bird that often symbolizes death
Mystery writer's award
Ray Lewis, for one
Mail carrier in "Game of Thrones"
"Ungainly fowl" of verse
First bird off the Ark, in Genesis
Baltimore pro
Joe Flacco, for one
Poe bird
Black tress tone
First bird off the Ark, in Genesis
Baseball : Oriole :: football : ___
Poe's talking bird
Baltimore pro
Poe subject
Shade of black
Bird in an Edgar Allan Poe poem
Titular bird
Deep black
Poe's one-word bird
Ray Lewis is one
"Nevermore" bird of poetry
Baltimore footballer
"Nevermore" bird of poetry
Lustrous black
In a poem, it "perched upon a bust of Pallas just above my chamber door"
Poe's percher
Either of Odin's information gatherers
Baltimore player
First creature off the ark
Poe's "ungainly fowl"
Croaking flier
Poe called it "grim, ungainly, ghastly, gaunt, and ominous"
"Quoth the ___, 'Nevermore"'
Baltimore NFLer
"That's So __"
Grip, in Dickens's "Barnaby Rudge", e.g.
Jackdaw cousin
Bird seen on totem poles
Dark color
Rook relative
Poe's dark creature
Talking bird of poetry
Rook relative
Black scavenger
One-word bird?
One-word bird?
Baltimore athlete
Baltimore gridder
Croaking bird
Ray Lewis, e.g.
Black shade
Poe subject
Poe visitor
Baltimore player
Bird in an 1845 poem
NFL player with a black helmet
"Nevermore" speaker
See 109-Across, with "The"
Poe's corvine visitor
Poem that begins "Once upon a midnight dreary," with "The"
Eat greedily
Baltimore football player
Poe's corvine visitor
"Nevermore!" croaker
Mystery writer's award
Poem that begins "Once upon a midnight dreary," with "The"
Poe's talking bird
"Nevermore!" croaker
Baltimore pro
Black bird
Croaking bird
"Nevermore" speaker
Title animal in a famed poem
Super Bowl XXXV ring wearer
"Nevermore" speaker
Poe bird
Black and shiny
Poe's bird
Black bird
Subject of a Poe classic
Poe crow
Subject of a work by 56A
Talking bird of poetry
"Nevermore" quoter
Devour voraciously
Black bird
Member of the crow family
Poe's bird
Baltimore football player
Classic poem "The ___"
Poe poem, with "The"
Poe title talker
Poe bird
Portentous bird
Poe's black visitor
He came "in the bleak December"
Poe title bird
Bird in a Poe poem
Bird of verse
Titular bird
Loud black bird
Bird in an Edgar Allan Poe poem
Cawing avian
Shiny black
See 67 Across
Poe's omen
Lustrous black
Poe visitor
Baltimore footballer
Poe called it "grim, ungainly, ghastly, gaunt and ominous"
72 Across subject
Baltimore footballer
Poe's bird
Ark's first disembarker
Shiny and black
Deep black
Oft-quoted flier
Kin of a nutcracker
Quoth the ____ `Nevermore '
Classic poem by 26 Down with The
Bust of Pallas percher
Edgar's talking bird
Eat like a pig
Nevermore bird
"Nevermore" quoter
"Rapper" of verse
Bird "perched upon a bust of Pallas"
Black and lustrous
Poe's one-word bird
Large black bird
Fictional talking bird
Prowl after prey
Elijah's provider
Black bird
Prowl hungrily
"Nevermore" utterer
Bird of Odin
Like some locks
Poe's bird
"Nevermore" squawker
Glossy black
"Nevermore" sayer
Poe's "The ___"
Black croaker
E.A.P. subject
Crow's kin
"Nevermore" bird
One-word bird in a poem
Display edacity
Famous bird
Feed greedily
Poetic bird
Corvine bird
Crow's cousin
Famous poem, with "The"
Glossy black.
"Midnight dreary" visitor.
Lustrous black.
Black and lustrous.
Barnaby Rudge's pet.
Black and glossy.
Hair shade.
Black and shiny.
Omen for 23 Across.
Shiny black.
Of a certain color.
Large bird.
Poetic bird.
Bird of ill omen.
Repeater of a single fateful word.
Bird of poetry.
Symbol of ill omen.
Symbol of doom.
Poe's ill-omen.
Poe's croaker.
Symbol of darkness.
Poe's midnight visitor.
Avine character in Poe poem.
Poem about Lenore.
Feed greedily.
Poem published 1845 in N. Y. Mirror.
Devour prey.
"9. I wrote a paper in college on Poe's 'The ___' exclusively using just the footnotes!"
Kind of black
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