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Word "REALITY" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
all of your experiences that determine how things appear to you
for them demons were as much a part of reality as trees were

Part of Speech:
the state of being actual or real
realism, realness
the reality of his situation slowly dawned on him

Part of Speech:
the quality possessed by something that is real

Crossword Clues for REALITY

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Clue Source Date
Airy let (anag.) The Telegraph Quick 27 Feb 2021
"Survivor" genre LA Times Daily 26 Feb 2021
'Survivor' genre The Washington Post 26 Feb 2021
Fact The Telegraph Quick 06 Nov 2020
The world as it is The Times Concise 09 Oct 2020
Actuality The Telegraph Quick 22 Apr 2020
I try ale brewed with such quality The Telegraph Toughie 19 Mar 2020
Truth, actuality The Times Concise 29 Nov 2019
Truth about Italy possibly The Sun Two Speed 28 Nov 2019
'The Bachelor' genre USA Today 23 Oct 2019
TV genre Eugene Sheffer 01 Oct 2019
Genre for 'Survivor' and 'Chopped' Wall Street Journal 03 Jun 2019
Truth The Times Concise 02 Jun 2019
__ Competition (Emmy category) Newsday 10 Mar 2019
Genre for "Survivor" and "Chopped"
"The Bachelor" genre
Actual existence The Telegraph Quick 07 May 2018
Verity, irately shaking The Sun Two Speed 26 Mar 2018
True life The Sun Two Speed 26 Mar 2018
Irately? (anag) The Guardian Speedy 18 Feb 2018
Christmas should be an escape from this kind of TV show The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Dec 2017
Settled in Rye -- awful truth The Telegraph Toughie 08 Sep 2017
I must occupy immovable property in fact The Times Cryptic 01 Oct 2015
__ check
Unscripted TV genre
Type of TV show
Much-maligned TV genre
The way it is
"The Apprentice" genre
Type of TV
Increasingly popular TV genre
Kind of TV
"The Apprentice" TV genre
What is
Kind of check
Virtual ____
See 20 Across
Platonism subject
That that is
Actual state of affairs
Accomplished fact.
True state of affairs.
Fidelity to nature.
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