Word "REBORN" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
spiritually reborn or converted

Part of Speech:
restored to new life and vigor
revitalised, revitalized
Berlin has been reborn after probably the most intense period of construction since the post-war period.

Crossword Clues for REBORN

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Clue Source Date
Having undergone spiritual regeneration
Graduation robe rides up somewhat, as new?
Like the newly evangelical, maybe
Energized anew LA Times Daily 19 Nov 2023
Energized anew
Converted, in a way LA Times Daily 09 Apr 2023
Brought back in a new form USA Today 12 Feb 2022
Brought back to life The Washington Post Sunday 06 Feb 2022
Brought back to life The Times Concise 07 Oct 2021
Transformed dress given a going over, in service
Having a new spiritual vigor Universal 02 May 2021
Newly invigorated Newsday 12 Apr 2021
Newly invigorated USA Today 26 Feb 2021
Having a new life New York Times 02 Nov 2020
Given a second chance Eugene Sheffer 15 Oct 2020
Spiritually invigorated Newsday 21 Jun 2020
Like an evangelical Christian
Spiritually awakened LA Times Daily 16 Oct 2019
Spiritually awakened The Washington Post 16 Oct 2019
Like the mythical phoenix Universal 11 Jul 2019
Given a new life USA Today 06 Jun 2019
Resurrected revolutionary costume in navy
Given a new life
Like the mythical phoenix
Spiritually awakened
Like an evangelical Christian New York Times 19 Dec 2018
Newly invigorated
Alive again, like a phoenix
Given new life, spiritually Universal 18 Nov 2016
Having new energy New York Times 27 Apr 2016
Given new life, spiritually
Energized anew
Back again
Given new life
Invigorated anew
Having new energy
Alive again
Spiritually revived
With new life
With new life
Newly invigorated
Having new vigor
Like a phoenix
Awakened spiritually
Like many evangelicals
Having a new vigor
Starting anew spiritually
Spiritually converted
Emotionally brought back, in a way
Having new life
Like a transmigrated soul
Like a transmigrated soul
Like a phoenix
Back again
Alive once more
Like the phoenix
Converted, in a way
Converted, in a way
Given new life
Spiritually regenerated
Like some Christians
Starting a new life
Having new faith
Like some pious people
Revived by a revivalist
Having a new perspective
Experiencing a new life
Having a new existence
Existing afresh
Given a new start
Having new spirit.
Given a new lease on life.
Spiritually renewed.
Given new life.
Experiencing a new life.
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