Word "RECESS" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a small concavity
corner, niche, recession

Part of Speech:
a state of abeyance or suspended business

Part of Speech:
close at the end of a session
adjourn, break up

Crossword Clues for RECESS

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Clue Source Date
Break in the proceedings Newsday 18 Jun 2022
Schoolchild's playtime Universal 12 Jun 2022
Schoolyard playtime USA Today 12 Jun 2022
School break Thomas Joseph 07 Jun 2022
Classroom break LA Times Daily 31 May 2022
Apse concerned with church vessel The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Apr 2022
Break LA Times Daily 09 Apr 2022
Break The Washington Post 09 Apr 2022
Courtroom break Newsday 20 Mar 2022
Niche or alcove set in a wall Irish Times Simplex 17 Mar 2022
Short break The Guardian Speedy 13 Mar 2022
Reckless to ignore Malaysia's capital for a break The Guardian Cryptic 23 Feb 2022
Temporary suspension of business Irish Times Simplex 19 Feb 2022
Break for judges or kindergartners Universal 06 Feb 2022
Kindergartner's playtime USA Today 23 Jan 2022
Temporary suspension of business Irish Times Simplex 21 Jan 2022
Secluded spot for a break The Times Cryptic 17 Jan 2022
Alcove; break The Telegraph Quick 15 Dec 2021
Niche or alcove Irish Times Simplex 18 Nov 2021
Alcove The Telegraph Quick 11 Nov 2021
Hollow in a wall The Times Concise 11 Nov 2021
School break Thomas Joseph 06 Nov 2021
Break from proceedings The Guardian Quick 27 Oct 2021
Parliamentary break in depression? The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Aug 2021
Temporary suspension of business Irish Times Simplex 13 Aug 2021
Playtime in school USA Today 05 Jul 2021
Niche or alcove Irish Times Simplex 03 Jul 2021
House break? Wall Street Journal 29 Jun 2021
Students' play period The Washington Post 03 May 2021
School break Eugene Sheffer 03 May 2021
Students' play period LA Times Daily 03 May 2021
Temporary suspension of business Irish Times Simplex 24 Apr 2021
Break time Newsday 28 Feb 2021
Courtroom break Newsday 24 Feb 2021
Break The Telegraph Quick 20 Oct 2020
Court adjournment The Telegraph Quick 16 Oct 2020
Give us a break in relation to key for fair access Irish Times Crosaire 01 Sep 2020
Niche or alcove Irish Times Simplex 25 Jul 2020
Break USA Today 13 Jul 2020
Alcove The Telegraph Quick 25 Jun 2020
Intermission LA Times Daily 14 Jun 2020
Intermission The Washington Post 14 Jun 2020
Court break point The Washington Post 24 May 2020
Court break point LA Times Daily 24 May 2020
Breaktime The Telegraph Quick 24 May 2020
School break Thomas Joseph 26 Mar 2020
Niche; break The Telegraph Quick 18 Mar 2020
Elementary school break Universal 14 Mar 2020
School break USA Today 19 Jan 2020
School day interlude The Washington Post 12 Nov 2019
School day interlude LA Times Daily 12 Nov 2019
Alcove The Sun Two Speed 29 Oct 2019
Holiday brings depression The Sun Two Speed 29 Oct 2019
Tag time The Washington Post Sunday 22 Sep 2019
Vacation in secret place The Sun Two Speed 11 Sep 2019
Niche; temporary suspension The Times Concise 28 Aug 2019
Temporary break from work Irish Times Simplex 19 Aug 2019
Leave space The Telegraph Toughie 13 Aug 2019
What those with no class engage in? The Washington Post Sunday 11 Aug 2019
Class break Thomas Joseph 12 Jul 2019
Playground time at school LA Times Daily 01 Jul 2019
Playground time at school The Washington Post 01 Jul 2019
Trial separation? New York Times 15 May 2019
House break Wall Street Journal 27 Mar 2019
House break
Trial separation?
Playground time at school
Time out in secret place The Sun Two Speed 10 Dec 2018
Court suspension New York Times 30 Nov 2018
Niche The Guardian Speedy 27 Oct 2018
Inlet, for instance Newsday 20 Sep 2018
Niche, alcove The Times Concise 20 Aug 2018
Judge's announcement The Washington Post 15 Jul 2018
A legal or parliamentary holiday The Times Specialist Sunday 15 Jul 2018
Judge's announcement LA Times Daily 15 Jul 2018
Niche The Telegraph Quick 30 Jun 2018
Niche Canadiana 11 Jun 2018
Legislative break Newsday 24 May 2018
Swing time? New York Times 13 May 2018
Play period The Washington Post 28 Apr 2018
Play period LA Times Daily 28 Apr 2018
School break Newsday 28 Mar 2018
Intermission Premier Sunday 11 Feb 2018
Swing time?
Court suspension
Judge's announcement
Play period
Break or alcove The Telegraph Quick 10 Dec 2017
Playground time Wall Street Journal 23 Oct 2017
Grade-school playtime Universal 14 Oct 2017
Timeless secrets unfolded in break The Telegraph Toughie 27 Sep 2017
School break LA Times Daily 22 Aug 2017
School break The Washington Post 22 Aug 2017
School interlude LA Times Daily 20 Aug 2017
School interlude The Washington Post 20 Aug 2017
Economic slump, losing one third when Parliament�s not sitting The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Aug 2017
Playground time USA Today 15 Jul 2017
Schoolyard playtime The Washington Post 04 Jul 2017
Schoolyard playtime LA Times Daily 04 Jul 2017
Niche, hollow in a wall The Times Concise 30 Jun 2017
Energy shown by two sons after playground break The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Jun 2017
Court break Wall Street Journal 17 Jun 2017
Grade-school outside break Universal 12 May 2017
Niche The Times Concise 12 Apr 2017
Recalled moment amidst endless leisure or vacation The Times Cryptic 05 Apr 2017
Secluded spot in which those with seats can rest? The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Apr 2017
Popular period for pupils The Washington Post 21 Jan 2017
Grade-school playtime
School break
School interlude
Schoolyard playtime
Grade-school outside break
Playground time
Grade-school playtime Newsday 27 Sep 2016
Second-grader's time out? Universal 11 Jun 2016
School break Premier Sunday 24 Apr 2016
Time off in bay The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Apr 2016
Short break The Guardian Speedy 06 Mar 2016
Niche, inlet Irish Times Simplex 02 Mar 2016
Playtime LA Times Daily 21 Feb 2016
Temporary break The Washington Post 15 Feb 2016
Sporting chance? Wall Street Journal 12 Feb 2016
Give us a break in relation to key and fair access Irish Times Crosaire 01 Feb 2016
Nook Newsday 10 Jan 2016
Tag time
Second-grader's time out?
When Parliament's not working on tax The Telegraph Toughie 10 Dec 2015
Cove Family Time 07 Dec 2015
Time for a break Universal 05 Dec 2015
Adjournment The Sun Two Speed 16 Nov 2015
Niche for politicians' holiday The Sun Two Speed 16 Nov 2015
Break in the case? USA Today 05 Nov 2015
Grade-school break Newsday 26 Oct 2015
When kids get a break USA Today 20 Sep 2015
First-grade time out? Universal 25 Mar 2015
Holiday nook? The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Jan 2015
Niche Eugene Sheffer 23 Jan 2015
Time for a break
First-grade time out?
Grade-school break
Break in the case?
When kids get a break
Hawk Nelson song about courtroom time-out?
Favorite "subject" for many an elementary schooler
Courtroom break
Senate's time off
Temporary break
Courtroom or classroom break
Adjourn briefly
Courtroom break
Break at a 63 Across
Trial break
Classroom break
Muse song about courtroom break?
Time for dodgeball, maybe
Break in the case?
Break for young students
Schoolyard playtime
When kids get a break
When dodgeball may be played
Break in the proceedings
Time to hit the playground
Senate break
Playtime at school
One may be called in court
School break
Break for students
Pupil's break
Break between classes
School time when kids aren't studying
Judge's announcement
Trial separation?
Time to hit the playground
Grade schooler's break
Feature of a bay window
Break from classes
Time for kickball, maybe
Time out
Time for dodge ball, perhaps
School break
Playtime at school
Trial separation?
Grade school break
Judge's declaration
Suspend a sitting
Grade school break
Pupils' playtime
Judge's break
Playground period
Break for students
School kid's breather
When some dodge a ball
When to give a kid a break
Bay window feature
Day break?
Break for students
Day break?
Play time
Set back
Time out
Time out
Hole in the wall?
First grade time out?
Time for play
Break time
Time out
It's a relief
Time for a break
School break
Court break
Play time
Grade school break
Time for dodge ball, maybe
Favorite time at school?
Work break
Play period
School break
Set back
Playground time
Pupils' delight
Adjourn briefly
Classroom break
Grade-school period
Time out
Grade-schooler's break
Welcome break
Congressional pause
R & R for Junior
Capitol Hill interim
Congressman's home-going time
Time off for Congress
Popular school period
High point of pupil's day
Court adjournment.
Time out.
Suspend business.
Pupils' favorite.
Relative of a coffee break.
Hollow space.
Hollow place.
Congressional adjournment.
School break.
Time between sessions.
Secluded place.
Senators' vacation.
Adjourn for a short time.
Dance intermission.
Time off for Congress.
Congressional time-out.
Play period at school.
Congress not in session.
Congressional holiday.
Congressional layoff.
Withdrawal from activity.
Set back.
Period of relaxation.
Time out for Congress.
Short intermission.
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