Word "REENTRY" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
the act of entering again

Crossword Clues for REENTRY

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Clue Source Date
When ascending, never attempt astronaut's manoeuvre The Times Cryptic 16 Mar 2022
Concerned with toffs missing grand arrival from stars? The Telegraph Toughie 26 Nov 2020
Return into Earth's atmosphere Universal 11 Jun 2020
Space-shot segment Family Time 07 Jun 2020
Likes of Apollo warmly received in such a corridor The Telegraph Toughie 12 May 2020
Hitting earth's atmosphere again The Times Concise 24 Aug 2019
Rocket's comeback Eugene Sheffer 22 May 2018
Tense time for an astronaut Wall Street Journal 17 Mar 2018
Shuttle's return Universal 29 Dec 2017
What a stamped hand allows Universal 04 Nov 2017
Shuttle flight phase The Washington Post 19 Jul 2017
Shuttle flight phase LA Times Daily 19 Jul 2017
Space shot finale Newsday 16 Jul 2017
Phase near the end of a space flight Newsday 07 Feb 2017
What a stamped hand allows
Shuttle's return
Shuttle flight phase
NASA mission phase Family Time 11 Dec 2016
Pre-landing period Universal 29 Feb 2016
Rocky phase of spaceflight Wall Street Journal 03 Feb 2016
Event near the end of a mission New York Times 10 Oct 2015
Pre-splashdown stage LA Times Daily 08 Oct 2015
Mission milestone Newsday 12 Sep 2015
Mission milestone
Pre-splashdown stage
Spacecraft's back-to-Earth phase
Event near the end of a mission
Space flight event
NASA activity
Homestretch for a certain shuttle
Orbital decay result
Pre-splashdown stage
Space capsule transition
It may end with a splashdown
Period of radio silence
NASA homecoming
Admission back in
Point in a space shuttle's trip
Shuttle-flight phase
Space shot segment
NASA homecoming
Shuttle flight return
Shuttle flight return
Part of a spaceflight
Point in a space shuttle's trip
Space shuttle challenge
Space shuttle challenge
NASA activity
Part of an Apollo mission
NASA splashdown
NASA mission phase
Pre-splashdown stage
Capsule return
Arrival in the atmosphere
Capsule return
Apollo event
NASA event
Return from space
Critical rocket maneuver
Rocket return
Space-shot segment
NASA concern
Rocket flight event
Spaceship's home stretch
Spaceman's finale
Part of an astronaut's flight
Part of an astronaut's trip
Astronaut's big moment.
Orbiter's critical stage.
Astronaut's problem.
An ace in the dummy, for instance.
Second ingoing.
Capsule ordeal
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