Crossword Clues for REFITS

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Clue Source Date
Modernizes, as a ship
Modernizes the equipment of New York Times 23 Jul 2023
Provides new gear for Newsday 22 Jan 2023
Alters Wall Street Journal 30 Jun 2022
Complete updates, just the thing to stop whistle-blowers
Provides new gear for The Washington Post Sunday 16 May 2021
Adapts for new uses Newsday 01 Apr 2021
Upstanding practically formal Queen modernises The Telegraph Toughie 25 Mar 2021
Updates, as factory equipment Universal 28 Aug 2020
Upgrades, as a ship Wall Street Journal 13 Jul 2020
Makes alterations to Jonesin 09 Oct 2018
Modernizes, in a way Thomas Joseph 15 Feb 2018
Makes ready for use again in harder, heartless round
Gets new supplies for LA Times Daily 01 Feb 2016
Gets new supplies for
Readies for another voyage LA Times Daily 04 Feb 2015
Readies for another voyage
Equips afresh
Equips afresh
Modernizes, in a way
Upgrades, as factory equipment
Modernizes, maybe
Adjusts, as a pipe
Tailors anew
Fixes up, as a ship
Upgrades, as factory equipment
Modernizes a factory
Gets new gear for
Alters again
Makes alterations to
Makes new alterations to
Accouters anew
Does new tailoring
Makes ready for use again.
Overhauls, as a ship.
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