Crossword Clues for REIKI

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Clue Source Date
Alternative therapy which originated in Japan (5)
Arsenic taken occasionally with potassium iodide for alternative healing (5)
Healing by reputed channelling of life-force or chi through one's palms (5)
Central characters in crew like his healing technique (5)
Massaging text in wiki, error's brought about The Telegraph Toughie 13 Oct 2023
Japanese energy healing USA Today 31 Aug 2023
Japanese energy healing Universal 25 Aug 2023
Japanese "energy healing" Premier Sunday 16 Apr 2023
Japanese alternative to massage Premier Sunday 12 Mar 2023
Hands-on healing practice LA Times Daily 30 Nov 2022
Japanese energy healing Universal 05 Aug 2022
"Energy healing" technique Premier Sunday 13 Mar 2022
Energy-healing discipline New York Times 02 Mar 2022
Japanese 'energy healing' New York Times 21 Mar 2021
Current member of Ukip, very quiet going over healing process?
Free kick is regularly providing natural therapy
Japanese energy healing USA Today 27 Jan 2020
Energy-channeling healing technique Wall Street Journal 30 Nov 2019
International winter sportsman, topless, that's taken up manual therapy The Telegraph Toughie 20 Apr 2018
Japanese therapy involving the laying on of hands The Telegraph General Knowledge 04 Mar 2018
Healing technique The Times Concise 26 Jun 2017
Treatment partially helping Andrei Kirillovich The Times Cryptic 06 Feb 2017
Using more needles up, after rejecting special therapy
Healing technique involving touching kicks in regularly The Times Cryptic 12 Apr 2016
International winter sportsman perhaps heading off back for massage The Telegraph Toughie 17 Sep 2015
Japanese hands-on healing practice
Healing technique that's Japanese for "universal life energy"
Japanese alternative healing practice
Spiritual healing method
Form of therapeutic touch
Andrei Kirilenko has therapeutic touch (5)
Japanese therapeutic touch technique
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