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Word "RIATA" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a long noosed rope used to catch animals
lariat, lasso, reata

Crossword Clues for RIATA

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Clue Source Date
Cowboy's lasso New York Times 06 Jan 2021
Rancher's rope Thomas Joseph 08 Dec 2020
Gaucho's rope The Washington Post 14 Jul 2020
Rodeo rope Wall Street Journal 12 Mar 2020
Herder's rope The Washington Post 10 Nov 2019
Calf roper's rope Jonesin 13 Aug 2019
Calf catcher The Washington Post 09 Jun 2019
Cow catcher Premier Sunday 02 Jun 2019
Vaquero's item New York Times 13 Mar 2019
Cattle catcher USA Today 07 Mar 2019
Cowboy's rope New York Times 10 Dec 2018
Gear for a gaucho The Washington Post 27 Jul 2018
Cowboy rope Premier Sunday 01 Jul 2018
Rodeo lasso The Washington Post 30 Apr 2018
Western prop The Washington Post 01 Mar 2018
Gaucho rope Premier Sunday 21 Jan 2018
Wild West show prop New York Times 16 Dec 2017
Ranchero's rope The Washington Post 23 Nov 2017
Lasso Canadiana 20 Nov 2017
Cowpoke's rope USA Today 08 Nov 2017
Wrangler's gear USA Today 03 Nov 2017
Stock-acquisition tool? Wall Street Journal 28 Sep 2017
One to wrangle with Newsday 10 Jun 2017
Steer catcher USA Today 31 May 2017
Ranch rope USA Today 20 Feb 2017
Cowgirl's rope Premier Sunday 06 Dec 2015
Range restraint LA Times Daily 14 Jun 2015
Rodeo catcher LA Times Daily 19 Apr 2015
Gaucho gear New York Times 14 Mar 2015
Steer snarer Premier Sunday 22 Feb 2015
See 54-Across Wall Street Journal 20 Feb 2015
Looped calf-catcher New York Times 26 Jan 2015
Vaquero's gear
Rope on the range
Bit of gaucho gear
Vacquero's lasso
Cowboy's option for bringing down a runner?
Wrangler's rope
Gaucho's cow catcher
Thing thrown at broncos
Vaquero's rope
Stampede rope
Calf-roping gear
Gaucho's lariat
Gaucho's lasso
Neck tie?
Loop taken on a drive?
Restraint at a rodeo
Gaucho's accessory
Cowboy's calf catcher
Whirler out West
Gaucho's gear
Rope used to catch horses
Rodeo prop
Dogie catcher
Western costume accessory
One thrown from a horse
Oater prop
Item of rodeo gear
Calf-catching rope
Lasso out West
Rope with a slipknot
Rope that's swung overhead
It's thrown from a horse
It's twirled in a rodeo
Gear for a cowpoke
Steer stopper
Ranchero's lariat
Gaucho's cow-catcher
Cowpoke's tool
Charro's rope
Roper's need
It may be in a loop
Catcher on the range
Roundup rope
Rodeo ring
Horse collarer
One thrown at a rodeo
It's twirled on a trail
Gaucho accessory
Neck ringer
It can be thrown from a horse
Noosed rope
Lassoer's implement
Catcher of a sort
Roper's tool
Range rope
Hacienda lasso
Gaucho's need
Dogie snare
Looped rope
New Laredo lasso
'Rawhide' rope
Vaquero's tool
'Rawhide' prop
Mustang catcher
Cowpoke's gear
Gaucho's rope (variant spelling)
Stock holder?
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