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Crossword Clues for RICED

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Clue Source Date
Reduced to grain-size pieces, in the kitchen The Washington Post Sunday 09 May 2021
Reduced to grain-sized bits Universal 25 Mar 2021
Made grain-sized Premier Sunday 29 Nov 2020
Chopped finely, as food New York Times 10 Nov 2020
Put through a sieve, as potatoes Eugene Sheffer 20 May 2020
Pressed through a sieve LA Times Daily 12 Apr 2020
Put through a sieve Newsday 26 Dec 2019
Used a potato gizmo Universal 19 Dec 2019
Finely chopped Thomas Joseph 07 Oct 2019
Like some potatoes The Washington Post Sunday 08 Sep 2019
Like potatoes for hash browns USA Today 10 Mar 2019
Like not-quite-mashed potatoes New York Times 18 Jun 2018
Cut to bits The Washington Post 15 Jun 2018
Pushed through a sieve Universal 06 May 2018
Sliced to bits, as a potato Premier Sunday 28 Jan 2018
Reduced to bits, as potatoes USA Today 22 Jul 2017
Prepped for mashing, in a way The Chronicle of Higher Education 26 May 2017
Prepared potatoes, as for hash browns USA Today 28 Apr 2017
Reduced to grains USA Today 03 Apr 2017
Made into strings, in the kitchen Universal 02 Dec 2016
In small bits, as potatoes USA Today 20 May 2016
Performed a cooking chore Universal 09 Nov 2015
Mashed, in a way USA Today 02 Feb 2015
Reduced to granules Wall Street Journal 20 Jan 2015
Not quite mashed
Prepared hashbrowns, say
Pressed into orzo-like bits, as a potato
Prepared potatoes
Like small potatoes?
Prepared potatoes, in a way
Made stringed potatoes
In small pieces, as potatoes
Reduced to bits
Put through small openings, as potatoes
Sieved food to a certain consistency
Finely chopped, as potatoes
Used a kitchen utensil
Sent through a sieve
Put the potatoes through a kitchen gadget
Harvested water oats
Prepared some vegetables
Fixed spuds, in a way
Used a kitchen gadget
Pressed potatoes through small holes
Like some hot potatoes
Prepared vegetables
Fixed potatoes
Prepared, as potatoes
Style of potatoes.
Did a cook's chore.
Used a kitchen untensil.
___ potatoes.
Put through a kitchen device.
Put through a kitchen utensil.
Put through a colander.
Prepared (potatoes) in a certain way.
Prepared a certain way, as potatoes.
One way to serve potatoes.
Made into grains.
Pressed through a vegetable squeezer.
Prepared, as potatoes for ... what exactly? Baby food?
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