Word "RICOTTA" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
soft Italian cheese like cottage cheese

Crossword Clues for RICOTTA

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Clue Source Date
Italian dairy product with slice of apricot tart The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Sep 2022
Cheesy stuff from cabaret opener welcomed by revelry and cheers The Telegraph Toughie 18 Aug 2022
Italian cheese The Guardian Speedy 31 Jul 2022
Cheese in bed eaten by educated woman? The Times Cryptic 17 Jun 2022
Mild Italian cheese made from whey left over after making other cheeses The Times Specialist Sunday 20 Feb 2022
Cheese variety Eugene Sheffer 31 Jan 2022
Italian curd cheese The Guardian Quick 07 Jan 2022
Cheers after Charlie's appearance in extravagant production by Italians The Guardian Quiptic 01 Nov 2021
Cheese for cannoli LA Times Daily 02 Oct 2021
Cheese for cannoli The Washington Post 02 Oct 2021
Lasagna cheese Eugene Sheffer 05 Apr 2021
Some Muscat to circulate - knocking it back with cheese Irish Times Crosaire 03 Apr 2021
Soft cheese Thomas Joseph 24 Feb 2021
Cannoli ingredient New York Times 13 Dec 2020
Lasagna cheese Universal 12 Dec 2020
Actor, 'with it', could make something cheesy The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Nov 2020
Soft Italian cheese The Times Concise 14 Aug 2020
Lasagna cheese Wall Street Journal 30 May 2020
Soft cheese The Telegraph Quick 18 May 2020
Lasagna layer LA Times Daily 15 Mar 2020
Lasagna layer The Washington Post 15 Mar 2020
Cheese whiff rising, about caught too much! The Telegraph Toughie 13 Feb 2020
Soft Italian cheese The Telegraph Quick 06 Oct 2019
Cheese variety Eugene Sheffer 26 Oct 2018
Cheese in lasagna The Washington Post Sunday 16 Sep 2018
Cheese where tiny kipper is eaten by girl The Sun Two Speed 09 Apr 2018
Lasagne ingredient The Sun Two Speed 09 Apr 2018
Cannoli contents Wall Street Journal 29 Mar 2018
Cannoli filling base The Chronicle of Higher Education 16 Feb 2018
Cannoli filling base
Lasagna cheese
Cheese for girl holding something barred The Sun Two Speed 27 Dec 2017
Cheesecake cheese The Sun Two Speed 27 Dec 2017
Stuffing in stuffed shells The Washington Post 23 Nov 2017
Stuffing in stuffed shells LA Times Daily 23 Nov 2017
Stuffing in stuffed shells
It's often put into shells The Chronicle of Higher Education 16 Dec 2016
Cheese in bed, eaten by woman The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Jun 2016
Manicotti ingredient USA Today 06 Apr 2016
Lasagna cheese The Washington Post 31 Mar 2016
Soft Italian cheese USA Today 15 Feb 2016
Soft Italian cheese
It's often put into shells
Soft cheese actor spread with it The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Dec 2015
Cheese shop choice Wall Street Journal 19 Dec 2015
Dairy product is mostly full-flavoured, having too much fat in the middle The Telegraph Toughie 09 Oct 2015
Possible cheesecake ingredient Newsday 04 Sep 2015
Educated woman to host company, then finish off Merlot and cheese The Telegraph Toughie 01 Sep 2015
Mayo substitute in tuna salad Newsday 30 May 2015
One soft cheese and one firm in crumbly tart The Times Cryptic 12 May 2015
Lasagna ingredient Wall Street Journal 08 May 2015
Mathematical function — educated female brought round cheese The Times Cryptic 18 Feb 2015
Lasagna cheese Newsday 11 Feb 2015
Lasagna ingredient
Cheese shop choice
Lasagna layer, frequently
Lasagna cheese
Mayo substitute in tuna salad
Possible cheesecake ingredient
Italian cheesecake cheese
Lasagna filling
Cannoli cheese
Soft Italian cheese
Cheese stuffed in stuffed shells
Lasagna ingredient
Lasagna cheese
Lasagna cheese
Lasagna cheese
Common cheesecake ingredient
Cheese made from whey
Cheese used in lasagna
Cannoli filling
Filler of some shells
Ravioli filling
Cannoli filler
Lasagna cheese
Lasagna cheese
Cannoli ingredient
Cannoli fill
Cannoli fill
Italian whey cheese
Ravioli filling
Manicotti ingredient
Lasagne ingredient
Lasagna ingredient
Shells filler
Pasta-stuffing cheese
Stuffed shells filler
Manicotti filler
Cannoli filling
Italian cheese
Lasagna ingredient
Manicotti stuffing
Lasagna filling
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