Crossword Clues for RIGHT

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Clue Source Date
Correct Eugene Sheffer 24 Sep 2021
Privilege The Washington Post 22 Aug 2021
Privilege LA Times Daily 22 Aug 2021
Just Wall Street Journal 14 Aug 2021
Correct The Times Concise 13 Aug 2021
This way: ---> Universal 03 Aug 2021
Utter prerogative The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Jul 2021
Correct New York Times 22 Jun 2021
Constitutional conferral The Washington Post Sunday 28 Feb 2021
"Correct!" Universal 25 Feb 2021
Correct The Telegraph Quick 23 Feb 2021
Conservative is spot on The Sun Two Speed 24 Nov 2020
Entitlement The Sun Two Speed 24 Nov 2020
Authority, morally justified The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Oct 2020
Correct Universal 09 Aug 2020
'That's correct!' USA Today 22 Jul 2020
Correct Wall Street Journal 08 Jun 2020
Fit for all sides today Irish Times Crosaire 25 Apr 2020
Entitlement The Telegraph Quick 19 Apr 2020
Correct, proper Irish Times Simplex 14 Mar 2020
Entitlement Wall Street Journal 07 Mar 2020
Just offside? The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Feb 2020
''You're correct'' Newsday 22 Dec 2019
Morally correct Irish Times Simplex 19 Dec 2019
"Correctomundo!" LA Times Daily 11 Dec 2019
'Correctomundo!' The Washington Post 11 Dec 2019
See 24 Across Newsday 15 Nov 2019
Like triangles governed by the Pythagorean theorem New York Times 10 Nov 2019
'That's it!' The Washington Post Sunday 10 Nov 2019
Like triangles governed by the Pythagorean theorem
Fine political leaning The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Sep 2019
The Tory side The Telegraph Quick 07 Sep 2019
One way to turn Family Time 25 Aug 2019
Correct The Times Concise 13 Aug 2019
Accurate Newsday 02 Jul 2019
Directly LA Times Daily 09 Jun 2019
Directly The Washington Post 09 Jun 2019
Correct entitlement The Sun Two Speed 28 May 2019
Prerogative The Sun Two Speed 28 May 2019
Tory supporters correct The Sun Two Speed 06 May 2019
True blue, politically The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Apr 2019
'You got it!' New York Times 18 Apr 2019
Conservative may be fair, changing sides initially The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Apr 2019
On the button Wall Street Journal 16 Mar 2019
Fair or just The Telegraph Quick 13 Jan 2019
"You got it!"
On the button
Correct; appropriate The Times Concise 10 Aug 2018
"Amen" kin Universal 21 Jul 2018
Tory privilege The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Jun 2018
Just fine The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Jun 2018
Correct Thomas Joseph 30 Apr 2018
Tory supporters not wrong! The Sun Two Speed 25 Apr 2018
Conservatives, with "the" USA Today 01 Apr 2018
Correct custom, it's said The Sun Two Speed 14 Feb 2018
Appropriate The Sun Two Speed 14 Feb 2018
Correct; entitlement The Times Concise 26 Jan 2018
"Amen" kin
Conservatives, with "the"
''That's correct!'' Newsday 06 Dec 2017
It's just the opposite of what all sides will give you, for starters Irish Times Crosaire 14 Oct 2017
It's just on all sides today, for starters Irish Times Crosaire 07 Oct 2017
It's just what boxer has Irish Times Crosaire 04 Sep 2017
Complete shock when female is fired The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Aug 2017
Correct Eugene Sheffer 08 Aug 2017
Proper LA Times Daily 06 May 2017
Proper The Washington Post 06 May 2017
Tory authority, ethical The Times Cryptic 07 Apr 2017
Correct LA Times Daily 21 Nov 2016
Relatively easy turn Wall Street Journal 16 Sep 2016
Girth (anag) The Guardian Quick 02 Jan 2016
Legal claim
Just The Telegraph Quick 15 Dec 2015
Moral panic's not fine The Times Cryptic 18 Nov 2015
- LA Times Daily 15 Nov 2015
Starboard side Newsday 11 Nov 2015
A common turn Universal 10 Nov 2015
Factual The Telegraph Quick 25 Oct 2015
It's just what you deserve Wall Street Journal 09 Oct 2015
Appropriate ceremonial form in speech The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Oct 2015
Kind of punch, as opposed to port, on aeroplane The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Oct 2015
Type of turn Universal 02 Sep 2015
'Bingo!' New York Times 08 Aug 2015
One way to turn Universal 29 Jun 2015
Temperature taken by doctor, hard to get accurate The Times Cryptic 12 Jun 2015
'Of course!' New York Times 20 May 2015
Opener finally hit out over leg boundary to show authority The Telegraph Toughie 14 May 2015
Tory privilege The Times Cryptic 02 Apr 2015
Constitutional guarantee Canadiana 23 Mar 2015
It's just what you deserve
"Of course!"
"ikr" part
A common turn
One way to turn
Type of turn
Starboard side
Morally correct
Most convenient
"I know, ___?"
"Don't you agree?"
In order
On the button
Morally correct
Starboard side
Item in a bill
Synonym of 69 Down
Mr. ___ (perfect man)
Quarter of the circumference of a circle, with 30-Down
The slow lane's side
Legal privilege
"Yeah, ___"
On the money
On the money
Morally correct
Field position
Political wing?
Not at all liberal
The slow lane
Not wrong
Sarcast's word of disagreement
Kind of stuff, from a Wolfe novel
Boxer's punch or a tackle
Not at all liberal
Morally defensible
Like some angles
Constitutional guarantee
Not wrong
Conservatives, with "the"
Conservatives, with "the"
Conservatives, collectively, with "the"
2 Down's opposite
Assembly, notably
See 83-Down
"Yes indeed!"
The slow lane
"Oh, sure"
Like rain?
Limbaugh's wing?
Amendment subject
Making Mr. ____
You bet!
Divine _____
A political position
Mr. ___ (Prince Charming)
Conservative position
In order
___ on!
Political pole.
Just claim.
___ guard.
According to protocol.
Conservative side.
The Conservative side in politics.
Not wrong.
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