Crossword Clues for RIGHTO

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Clue Source Date
Discovered seaside town's fine (6)
Brit's "Sure thing!" Newsday 14 Feb 2024
Okay! Half sights in South American city (6)
"Okay then!", Brit-style
Okay seaside resort, ignoring outskirts The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Nov 2023
Outskirts of resort wiped out? Fine! The Times Cryptic 08 Nov 2023
"Yes sirree!" Eugene Sheffer 01 Jul 2023
Expression of agreement The Guardian Quick 02 May 2023
"Sure thing, guv'nor!" Premier Sunday 09 Oct 2022
Resort barely okay The Telegraph Toughie 26 Jul 2022
Just got nothing for The Confirmation Irish Times Crosaire 08 Jan 2022
"Yes indeedy!" Thomas Joseph 20 Dec 2021
"OK," to a Brit Universal 03 Oct 2021
Okey-dokey The Times Concise 29 Aug 2021
OK The Times Concise 24 Jul 2021
Fine doctor for nursing hospital
"Yes indeedy!" Thomas Joseph 01 Jan 2021
Fine South coast resort neither opens nor closes
Informal expression of agreement The Times Concise 20 Jul 2020
Brit's assent Newsday 29 May 2020
Not quite in line with the latest ideas, okay?
Very good south coast resort out of bounds
Londoner's assent Newsday 07 Jul 2019
Okey-dokey The Times Concise 13 Jan 2019
Informal assent Newsday 21 Oct 2018
Just got nothing for The Confirmation Irish Times Crosaire 21 Sep 2018
Fine English seaside resort out of bounds
Fine south coast resort out of bounds?
'You betcha!' New York Times 18 Jan 2018
'You betcha!' Wall Street Journal 09 Jan 2018
"You betcha!"
Not wrong for nothing? Okay! Irish Times Crosaire 01 Dec 2017
Colloquial word signalling acquiescence The Telegraph General Knowledge 23 Jul 2017
Removing shell from Sussex beach is OK
Politically correct but pointless, OK?
Apart from the outskirts, south coast town is fine
Straight over? Yep! The Telegraph Toughie 27 Dec 2016
I agree The Times Concise 17 Jul 2016
Understood True Love
Sure seaside resort requires stripping
Roger, Sussex town member speaking The Telegraph Toughie 17 Jul 2015
One side getting nothing in agreement
'Yes indeedy!' Thomas Joseph 04 May 2015
"No problem"
"You betcha!"
Brit's 'Sure thing!'
"Gotcha, guv'nor"
Informal assent
Brit's confirmation
Brit's "Yes sirree!"
"Sure thing!"
"Sure thing"
"Sure thing"
"I getcha, mate!"
Brit's confirmation
"Sure thing!"
I got it, Jeeves!
"You bet!"
"Yes sirree!"
Brit's "Yes sirree!"
"I getcha, mate!"
"But of course!"
"Certainly, old boy!"
"Of course," in Coventry
Londoner's O.K.
Word of consent
O.K., to a Britisher
Very well!
Yes, in England.
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