Crossword Clues for RITUAL

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Clue Source Date
Everyday routine Premier Sunday 02 Oct 2022
Religious service affecting godli­ness? Not the first third of it The Guardian Cryptic 21 Sep 2022
Ceremony Eugene Sheffer 15 Jun 2022
Set routine The Guardian Quick 04 Jun 2022
Solemn ceremony The Times Concise 25 May 2022
Traditional procedure USA Today 06 May 2022
Religious ceremony Universal 13 Apr 2022
Ceremony Eugene Sheffer 13 Jan 2022
See leaving at leisure for ceremony Irish Times Crosaire 12 Jan 2022
Ceremony The Times Concise 31 Oct 2021
Ceremony The Telegraph Quick 27 Jul 2021
Time-honored ceremony Newsday 25 Feb 2021
Buffalo dance, e.g Wall Street Journal 28 Jan 2021
Ceremonial observance USA Today 14 Dec 2020
Elaborate performance The Telegraph Quick 03 Dec 2020
Customary routine Newsday 20 Sep 2020
Customary routine USA Today 09 Sep 2020
Solemn ceremony The Sun Two Speed 02 May 2020
Trade union in retreat reversed custom The Sun Two Speed 02 May 2020
Mass, e.g Wall Street Journal 07 Mar 2020
Ceremony Eugene Sheffer 30 Dec 2019
Formal procedure followed consistently The Times Specialist Sunday 03 Nov 2019
Brewing one's morning coffee, e.g New York Times 29 Sep 2019
Solemn ceremony Wall Street Journal 14 Sep 2019
Brewing one's morning coffee, e.g.
Solemn ceremony The Telegraph Quick 01 Jan 2019
Solemn ceremony
Solemn ceremony The Times Concise 15 Nov 2018
Habits The Telegraph Quick 07 Oct 2018
Regular practice for university consumed by new trial Irish Times Crosaire 13 Aug 2018
Morning tea, for many Wall Street Journal 30 May 2018
Customary observance or practice Irish Times Simplex 03 Feb 2018
Body or code of ceremonies The Telegraph General Knowledge 21 Jan 2018
Morning tea, for many
Ceremony The Telegraph Quick 05 Oct 2017
Ceremony Universal 27 Sep 2017
Digs up tunnel around Utah for the Church Irish Times Crosaire 13 May 2017
Habit The Telegraph Quick 05 Mar 2017
Rain dance, e.g USA Today 30 Jan 2017
Initiation, e.g New York Times 14 Jan 2017
Initiation, e.g.
Rain dance, e.g.
Mass, e.g New York Times 11 Dec 2016
Rite Family Time 30 Oct 2016
Religious ceremony The Washington Post 28 Oct 2016
Procedure regularly followed The Telegraph General Knowledge 16 Oct 2016
Ceremony The Guardian Speedy 08 Oct 2016
Custom, rite The Telegraph Quick 21 Sep 2016
Custom The Telegraph Quick 17 Jul 2016
Mass, e.g.
Regular practice LA Times Daily 10 Nov 2015
Procedure The Telegraph Quick 05 Nov 2015
Fraternity initiation, e.g New York Times 08 Oct 2015
Solemn ceremony Newsday 18 Aug 2015
Working group in retreat held up? It's often repeated The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Jul 2015
Established procedure Newsday 21 Jun 2015
Everyday routine New York Times 27 May 2015
Religious ceremony contributing to spirituality The Telegraph Cryptic 17 May 2015
Secret society's secret USA Today 29 Apr 2015
Ceremonial act Newsday 15 Mar 2015
Everyday routine
Established procedure
Solemn ceremony
Fraternity initiation, e.g.
Regular practice
Secret society's secret
Ceremonial act
Holy Communion, e.g.
Morning coffee, for many
Fraternity hazing, e.g.
Solemn practice
Ceremonial doings
Ceremonial act
Holy communion, e.g.
Ceremonial act
Church ceremony
Fraternity hazing, e.g.
Church ceremony
Church ceremony
Morning ___ (bathing, combing the hair, etc.)
Mass, for one
Rain dance, e.g.
Mass, for one
Customary observance
Mass, for one
Church ceremony
Frat-house ceremony
Way of doing things
Ceremonial doings
Initiation, for one
Marriage, for one
Inauguration, e.g.
Sacred observance
Ceremonial act
Religious ceremony
Confirmation, for one
Secret society's secret
Prescribed procedure
Ceremonial act
Fire dance, e.g.
Prescribed ceremony
A set ceremony.
Book for churchmen.
Sun dance, for one.
Form of ceremonies.
Code of ceremonies.
Initiation ceremony.
Formal procedure.
Form of worship.
Fraternity hazing, e.g.
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