Word "ROADS" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a partly sheltered anchorage

Crossword Clues for ROADS

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Clue Source Date
Lines on GPS displays LA Times Daily 18 Sep 2022
They all lead to Rome, it's said New York Times 06 Sep 2022
Highways Thomas Joseph 30 Aug 2022
Highways Eugene Sheffer 10 Aug 2022
Map lines Thomas Joseph 11 Jul 2022
Carrick ____ is a major anchorage in the Fal estuary The Times Specialist Sunday 19 Jun 2022
Courses for those finishing 9 down at school Irish Times Crosaire 09 Apr 2022
White stripes' sites The Washington Post Sunday 30 Jan 2022
Highways Thomas Joseph 03 Aug 2021
Two ways in a Frost poem Newsday 11 Jul 2021
See 29-Down New York Times 22 Jun 2021
Map lines Thomas Joseph 05 Apr 2021
Where forks may be found Newsday 18 Mar 2021
Avenues, e.g USA Today 01 Mar 2021
Places for medians USA Today 23 Feb 2021
Highways and byways Newsday 24 Jan 2021
Highways Eugene Sheffer 21 Jan 2021
You might pass on them New York Times 03 Jan 2021
Boulevards and avenues Newsday 30 Nov 2020
Lines on street maps Premier Sunday 30 Aug 2020
Lines in an atlas Universal 05 Jul 2020
''Where we're going we don't need __'' (''Back to the Future'' last line) Newsday 25 Jun 2020
Metaphor for life experience Newsday 09 May 2020
Ways out of Mediterranean Island State Irish Times Crosaire 28 Apr 2020
Streets and avenues Newsday 09 Mar 2020
Lines on a map USA Today 31 Dec 2019
'Take Me Home, Country __': John Denver hit The Washington Post 29 Dec 2019
Lines on some grids The Washington Post Sunday 15 Dec 2019
Highways Thomas Joseph 05 Nov 2019
Waze map lines USA Today 21 Oct 2019
Thoroughfares Irish Times Simplex 12 Sep 2019
All ___ lead to Rome Universal 04 Jun 2019
Highways and byways USA Today 19 Apr 2019
Courses for 15 across at school Irish Times Crosaire 06 Apr 2019
Freeways and parkways LA Times Daily 27 Mar 2019
Freeways and parkways The Washington Post 27 Mar 2019
Urban network LA Times Daily 03 Jan 2019
Urban network The Washington Post 03 Jan 2019
Waze map lines
Urban network
Freeways and parkways
Google Maps lines
All ___ lead to Rome
They're between shoulders New York Times 16 Dec 2018
They all lead to Rome, it's said USA Today 10 Oct 2018
Google Maps lines USA Today 02 Oct 2018
Highways and byways LA Times Daily 28 May 2018
Highways and byways The Washington Post 28 May 2018
Thoroughfares The Telegraph Quick 22 Apr 2018
Dora's unusual ways The Sun Two Speed 27 Feb 2018
Avenues The Sun Two Speed 27 Feb 2018
Some paths to take Universal 14 Jan 2018
Some paths to take
They all lead to Rome, it's said
They're between shoulders
Highways and byways
Arteries with shoulders Newsday 27 Oct 2017
Surfaced ways The Times Concise 03 Oct 2017
Google Maps display lines USA Today 28 Sep 2017
Some arteries Newsday 04 Aug 2017
Some infrastructure New York Times 09 Jul 2017
Street relatives Universal 13 May 2017
Open ways Irish Times Simplex 28 Mar 2017
MapQuest lines USA Today 02 Mar 2017
Garmin display lines USA Today 24 Feb 2017
Some infrastructure
MapQuest lines
Google Maps display lines
Garmin display lines
Street relatives
Bands of blacktop The Washington Post 28 Dec 2016
Cloverleaf parts Wall Street Journal 14 Dec 2016
Yellow Brick and Tobacco The Washington Post 10 Dec 2016
Highways The Telegraph Quick 27 Oct 2016
Ways to go USA Today 22 Oct 2016
Highways Canadiana 29 Aug 2016
Thoroughfares Canadiana 18 Jul 2016
Pathways Newsday 12 Jun 2016
Sounds like Greek island ways The Telegraph Cryptic 17 May 2016
Routes for vehicles The Times Concise 31 Mar 2016
They all lead to Rome, it's said New York Times 09 Feb 2016
All of them lead to Rome, in a saying New York Times 18 Jan 2016
All of them lead to Rome, in a saying
They all lead to Rome, it's said
Byways Thomas Joseph 31 Dec 2015
Places for forks Newsday 19 Sep 2015
Pothole sites Premier Sunday 24 May 2015
Byways New York Times 17 May 2015
Blacktops and such New York Times 23 Mar 2015
Fork settings Wall Street Journal 06 Feb 2015
Pothole sites
Fork settings
Blacktops and such
Arteries with shoulders
Map lines
Places for forks
Map lines
These could be "Yellow Brick" or "Copperhead"
Fork settings
Courses that may be graded
Places to find forks
They go places
Fork settings
Places to find forks
Cloverleaf parts
Abbey and Tobacco
They may have soft shoulders
Some warriors' ways
Abbey, Savile, et al.
They may have soft shoulders
They all lead to Rome, in a saying
Construction projects
Construction projects
Rome leaders?
Ones running shoulder to shoulder?
Highways and byways
Freeways, for instance
Things between shoulders
Some have forks
Diverging sylvan paths, in a Frost poem
Arteries with shoulders
Pothole sites
There are four hidden in this puzzle, which together suggest a familiar five-word saying (3,5,4,2,4)
Pikes, e.g.
Map lines
Pothole sites
They all lead to Rome, in a saying
See 12-Down
They support traffic
Map lines
Fork options
Some have medians
Highways and byways
Map lines
Many have shoulders
Some map lines
Bump sites
Wilderness encroachers
They can have forks
Ways to go
Some arteries
Where forks may be found
With 47-Down, crucial decision point
See 53-Across
Tobacco, Wilderness, et al.
Fork settings
Ways to go
Highways and byways
Speed trap sites
Denver's "Country ___"
They sometimes take their toll
Town connectors
Town connectors
Travel ways
MapQuest info
All of them lead to Rome, they say
City planner's concern
They may have forks
They all lead to Rome, it's said
Map lines
Wall Street and Madison Avenue
Transportation network
Automobile routes
Bands of blacktop
Ways to go
Automobile routes
Ways to go
Hampton ___
Highways and byways
Places for forks
Map entries
Hampton ___ VA
They all lead to Rome, they say
Map lines
Traffic arteries
Places for some coaches
They have shoulders
Highways and byways
Map lines
Tobacco and Boston Post
Burma and Tobacco
Ship anchorages
Tobacco et al.
Place to ride at anchor
A.A.A.'s concerns
Tobacco and Yellow Brick
Hampton ___
Camino, iter, etc.
They all go to Rome
Tobacco and Burma
Country ways
Anchorage areas
Burma and others
Railways: Colloq.
Safe anchorage for ships.
Beaten tracks.
Their rural mileage is 2,990,036.
Anchorage places.
Hampton ___, Va.
Hampton ___ in Chesapeake Bay.
Ship anchorages.
Hampton ___.
Hampton ___, Chesapeake Bay.
Word that goes in either blank in the classic movie quote "___? Where we're going we don't need ___"
Last word of the movie "Back to the Future"
They may have forks
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