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Crossword Clues for ROAMED

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Clue Source Date
Didn’t stay put Wall Street Journal 25 Jun 2021
Racked up cellphone charges, perhaps LA Times Daily 01 May 2021
Racked up cellphone charges, perhaps The Washington Post 01 May 2021
Incurred higher cellphone charges The Washington Post Sunday 25 Apr 2021
Wandered Thomas Joseph 24 Apr 2021
Moved about aimlessly Irish Times Simplex 27 Nov 2020
Wandered USA Today 25 Sep 2020
Didn't stay put New York Times 23 Jul 2020
Wandered about without any destination Irish Times Simplex 08 Apr 2020
Wandered around USA Today 19 Jan 2020
Wandered around Newsday 12 Nov 2019
Wandered about with no destination Irish Times Simplex 30 Aug 2019
Drifted from area in European city towards bad end Irish Times Crosaire 05 Aug 2019
Wandered The Telegraph Quick 31 Jul 2019
Meandered New York Times 18 Feb 2019
Batted around Newsday 08 Dec 2018
Went hither and yon USA Today 10 Jul 2018
Went hither and yon
Went here and there Newsday 03 Dec 2017
Gadded about Universal 22 Sep 2017
Meandered in capital city, round area close to fairground The Times Cryptic 15 Feb 2017
Gadded about
Wandered with me in street The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Aug 2016
Drifted about Premier Sunday 01 May 2016
Meandered The Telegraph Quick 07 Jun 2015
Didn't stay put LA Times Daily 04 Feb 2015
Didn't stay put
Didn't stay put
Called for extra charges, perhaps
Was a wanderer
Traveled aimlessly
Was vagarious
Wandered all over
Wandered around
Used a cell phone, in a way
Used a cell phone, in a way
Wandered about
Became itinerant
Went gallivanting
Gadded about
Was a wanderer
Went far afield
Went about.
Went hither and yon.
Gadded about.
Was footloose.
Traveled aimlessly.
Went far afield.
Ranged over.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.