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Word "ROAN" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a horse having a brownish coat thickly sprinkled with white or gray

Part of Speech:
a soft sheepskin leather that is colored and finished to resemble morocco; used in bookbinding

Part of Speech:
(used of especially horses) having a brownish coat thickly sprinkled with white or grey
a roan horse

Crossword Clues for ROAN

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Clue Source Date
Reddish horse Eugene Sheffer 01 Apr 2021
Horse color pattern Premier Sunday 28 Mar 2021
Speckled horse New York Times 23 Feb 2021
Speckled, say New York Times 12 Feb 2021
Horse with a speckled coat Premier Sunday 24 Jan 2021
Horse hue Canadiana 28 Dec 2020
Dappled horse New York Times 13 Dec 2020
Horse coat color USA Today 30 Nov 2020
Alternative to a chestnut horse Family Time 16 Nov 2020
Showing a bit of gray hair, say New York Times 07 Nov 2020
Grizzled Canadiana 02 Nov 2020
Equine shade Family Time 25 Oct 2020
Reddish-brown, among horses Family Time 21 Sep 2020
Mottled mare Newsday 20 Sep 2020
Speckled equine The Washington Post Sunday 06 Sep 2020
Horse with brownish coat speckled with white Irish Times Simplex 06 Aug 2020
Equine hue The Washington Post 27 Jul 2020
Horse color LA Times Daily 26 Jul 2020
Horse colour Canadiana 08 Jun 2020
Heads from road over Arran northward into bay The Telegraph Toughie 04 Jun 2020
Bicolor horse Premier Sunday 26 Apr 2020
Speckled stallion Wall Street Journal 11 Apr 2020
Reddish-brown horse LA Times Daily 06 Apr 2020
Mottled horse The Washington Post Sunday 29 Mar 2020
Horse with a reddish-brown coat Family Time 15 Dec 2019
Multicolored horse Universal 06 Nov 2019
Equine color Premier Sunday 27 Oct 2019
Stallion with speckles Newsday 27 Sep 2019
Speckle-coated horse Newsday 21 Aug 2019
Horse with a flecked coat USA Today 11 Jul 2019
Two-color horse USA Today 05 Apr 2019
Pony pattern Premier Sunday 17 Feb 2019
Speckly steed Wall Street Journal 05 Jan 2019
Bay tree not wide The Telegraph Toughie 02 Jan 2019
Reddish-brown, as a horse Family Time 24 Dec 2018
Horse with mottled coloring Jonesin 27 Nov 2018
Reddish hair with streaks of white and grey Canadiana 19 Nov 2018
Chestnut relative Wall Street Journal 14 Nov 2018
Red-coloured horse The Telegraph Quick 05 Nov 2018
Chestnut-colored horse Newsday 27 Sep 2018
Flecked horse Wall Street Journal 12 Sep 2018
Stabling mottling Newsday 18 Aug 2018
Horse with some white hairs USA Today 18 Aug 2018
Chestnut horse Newsday 12 Jul 2018
Brown horse Universal 30 May 2018
Parti-colored horse USA Today 26 Apr 2018
Horse sprinkled with white Family Time 22 Apr 2018
Fencing blades The Chronicle of Higher Education 23 Feb 2018
Speckled steed Wall Street Journal 30 Jan 2018
Grizzled steed Canadiana 29 Jan 2018
Chestnut red horse Universal 07 Jan 2018
Horse of a certain color New York Times 01 Jan 2018
Equine owner of a multi-shaded coat
Soft sheepskin leather Universal 16 Oct 2017
"Strawberry" horse USA Today 14 Oct 2017
Horse coat pattern Premier Sunday 08 Oct 2017
Brownish horse color Family Time 02 Oct 2017
Reddish-coloured horse The Telegraph Quick 07 Aug 2017
Coat color New York Times 23 Jun 2017
Leather often treated to look like morocco New York Times 29 Mar 2017
Horse with coat speckled with white or grey Irish Times Simplex 16 Feb 2017
Managed to shelter old horse The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Feb 2017
Horse whose coat is sprinkled with white hairs New York Times 13 Feb 2017
Varicolored mount The Chronicle of Higher Education 02 Dec 2016
Chestnut tree's centre hollowed out The Times Cryptic 27 Oct 2016
Horse of mixed colour The Times Concise 19 Oct 2016
Chestnut ___ (horse color) USA Today 11 Oct 2016
Equine coloring USA Today 23 Sep 2016
Bookbinding leather Universal 16 Sep 2016
Shade similar to oxblood Newsday 10 Sep 2016
Horse — leather The Guardian Quick 26 Aug 2016
Horse coloring Family Time 18 Jul 2016
Chestnut horse, perhaps The Washington Post 04 Jun 2016
Horse making painful sound, not good The Telegraph Cryptic 27 May 2016
Actress Patricia and others New York Times 08 May 2016
Horse galloped round ring The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Apr 2016
Colorful equine Universal 24 Apr 2016
Horse leads in race over at Newmarket The Telegraph Toughie 30 Mar 2016
Colorful horse Newsday 13 Mar 2016
Bay in the stable Universal 21 Jan 2016
Sorrel-colored horse Universal 10 Jan 2016
Horse hurried round the ring The Sun Two Speed 28 Dec 2015
Stable color New York Times 25 Dec 2015
Word repeated at the start of every 'Star Wars' film New York Times 17 Dec 2015
Chestnut-red horse USA Today 14 Nov 2015
Color of a sprinkled coat USA Today 09 Nov 2015
Horse raced around middle of croft The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Oct 2015
Equine tone USA Today 20 Oct 2015
Color similar to chestnut New York Times 22 Sep 2015
Reddish equine LA Times Daily 13 Jul 2015
Romany loses my horse The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Feb 2015
Multihued horse
Horse shade
Bay with gray
Bookbinding material
Speckled reddish-brown
Kind of horse or leather
Horse sprinkled with gray or white
Book manufacturer's leather
Brown-and-white horse, e.g.
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